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Miller's cavebobby barewritten by jack h. clementpeaked at #33 in 1964way down in the state of georgiaamongst the swamps and evergladesthere's a hole in tiger mountaingod help the man who gets lost in miller's cavei had me a girl in waycross, georgiabut she had unfaithful waysshe made me feel i was unwantedlike the bats and the bears in miller's cavei caught her out one sunday mornin'with some guy they called big davemeanest man in waycross, georgiai'd rather fight a mountain lion in miller's cave<spoken> so i said "you're gonna pay, both you and david, cause i'm gonna see you in your grave." and they laughed at me... and then i shot 'em. and then i dragged their cheatin', schemin' bones to miller's cavei couldn't stand the way she did mewell i guess i showed her i was bravemost wanted man in the state of georgiathey're never gonna fine me cause i'm lost...in miller's cave

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