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Letras de This Time de Donna Missal

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Say hi to farewell
Give her my best
You have the rest, you know it
Laugh it all up to me
So I dress to impress
Seek it and hide it, you found it and you know it
I had to stay

Use my space and take two places
This time you wanna try

Walking on eggshells, count my blessings
It's harder than you notice
Looking up
Every time I paint, it washes out
Before I see the end

Cover my face and take me places
This time I wanna drive
Burn my eyes and turn to ashes
You, you saved my life

Now, we're walking back
And we're walking back
And we're walking back
And we're running back

Change my name and leave these places
This time I'm not fooling around
This time I, this time I, this time
This time

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