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Rol Nombre
Acoustic Guitar, Guitar [Rhythm], Marimba, Violin [Attempted], Triangle Adam Ant
Arranged By [Brass] Adam Ant
Arranged By [Brass] Marco Pirroni
Arranged By [Brass] Rutger Gunnarsson
Arranged By [Strings] Rutger Gunnarsson
Artwork By [Vive Le Rock - Sleeve Concept] Rob O'Connor
Artwork [Friend Or Foe - Cover Design] Adam Ant
Artwork [Friend Or Foe - Graphic Design] Julian Balme
Artwork [Friend Or Foe, Strip, Vive Le Rock - Reissue Art Direction & Design] Mark Alleyne
Artwork [Redux - Art Direction & Design] Mark Alleyne
Artwork [Strip - Cover] Adam Ant
Artwork [Strip - Cover] Julian Balme
Artwork [Strip - Logo] Adam Ant
Artwork [Strip - Logo] Danny Kleinman
Artwork [Vive Le Rock - Graphic Design] Rob O'Connor
Artwork [Vive Le Rock - Hand Colouring] Tanzy Spinks
Artwork [Vive Le Rock - Sleeve Concept] Adam Ant
Bass Adam Ant
Bass Chris De Niro
Bass Marco Pirroni
Castanets Marco Pirroni
Compiled By Andrew Vaughan
Compiled By Marco Pirroni
Compiled By [Additional Tracks] Andrew Vaughan
Compiled By [Additional Tracks] Marco Pirroni
Composed By Adam Ant
Composed By Marco Pirroni
Drums Bogdan Wiczling
Drums Chris Hughes
Drums Count Wiczling
Engineer Alan Douglas (2)
Engineer Hugh Padgham
Engineer Paris
Engineer Tony Visconti
Engineer [Assistant] Sven Taits
Guitar Marco Pirroni
Mastered By Andy Pearce
Mastered By [Digitally Remastered] Ray Staff
Mixed By Michael B. Tretow
Other [All Cds - Project Manager] Luke Southern
Other [All Cds - Project Researcher] Andrew Vaughan
Other [Friend Or Foe - Guitars, Equipment] Stuart Monks
Other [Redux - Liner Notes - London, Spring 2005] Adam Ant
Other [Redux - Liner Notes - London, Spring 2005] Marco Pirroni
Other [Vive Le Rock - Grooming] Anne Matthews
Other [Vive Le Rock - Grooming] Jalle
Other [Vive Le Rock - Grooming] Karen Landau
Other [Vive Le Rock - Grooming] William Faulkner
Other [Vive Le Rock - Major Domo] Charles David Whiteing
Other [Vive Le Rock - Styled By] Jordan
Percussion Adam Ant
Percussion Count Wiczling
Percussion Marco Pirroni
Percussion [Sticks] Adam Ant
Percussion [Sticks] Bogdan Wiczling
Photography By [Friend Or Foe, Strip - Cover, Reissue] Allan Ballard
Photography By [Redux] Allan Ballard
Photography By [Vive Le Rock - Original] Nick Knight
Photography By [Vive Le Rock - Reissue] Cheryl Newman
Photography By [Vive Le Rock - Reissue] Marc Lebon
Photography By [Vive Le Rock - Reissue] Nick Knight
Piano Adam Ant
Piano Marco Pirroni
Producer Adam Ant
Producer Hugh Padgham
Producer Marco Pirroni
Producer Phil Collins
Producer Richard James Burgess
Producer Tony Visconti
Producer [Assistant] Anders Andersson
Producer [Assistant] Jean-Luc Fauvel
Producer [Assistant] Mark Freeburg
Producer [Assistant] Radu Wouk
Producer [Project] Marco Pirroni
Programmed By Marco Pirroni
Saxophone Jeff Daly
Technician [Tape Operator] Gavin Mackillop
Technician [Tape Operator] George Chambers
Trumpet, Flugelhorn Martin Drover
Vocals Adam Ant
Vocals Chris De Niro
Vocals [Additional] Jude Kelly
Vocals [Additional] Sam Brown
Vocals [Additional] Sonia Jones
Vocals [Additional] Vicki Brown
Written-By Adam Ant
Written-By Marco Pirroni
CD, Album
CD, Remastered
CD, Compilation
CD, Limited Edition
New Wave
Pop Rock
This is a red box set that comes with 3 remastered CD albums with bonus tracks: 'Friend Or Foe', 'Strip' and 'Viva Le Rock'. Plus it comes with an exclusive bonus CD called 'Redux' which contains unreleased demos. This box set also has enough room so that you can fit the 1st three 'Adam & The Ants' remastered CD albums: 'Dirk Wears White Sox', 'Kings Of The Wild Frontier' and 'Prince Charming' into it. Each CD comes in a digipak gatefold sleeve with a color booklet except for 'Redux' which comes without a booklet. All the CDs that fit into this box set were also sold separately, except for 'Redux' which is exclusive only to this box set. 'Friend Or Foe' Recorded at Townhouse Studios, London, June 1982. Digitally remastered at Alchemy Soho. All tracks published by BMG Music Publishing Limited except track 1.6 published by Rondor Music [London] Limited. Tracks 1.1 to 1.12: Original October 1982 Album Release. Track 1.14: Original Album Outtake. Tracks 1.15 to 1.23: Previously Unreleased Demo Recordings. Track 1.24: Previously Unreleased Track. 'Strip' Digitally recorded and mixed at Polar Studios, Stockholm Sweden. Digitally remastered at Alchemy Studio. All tracks published by BMG Music Publishing. Tracks 2.1 to 2.10: Original October 1983 album release. Tracks 2.11 to 2.15: Previously unreleased demo recordings. Tracks 2.16 & 2.17: Previously unreleased rehearsal recordings, Compass Point Studios Bahamas. Track 2.18: Previously unreleased live studio version, Polar Studios Stockholm Sweden. 'Vive Le Rock' Recorded at Good Earth Studios, Soho, London, Jan - Mar 1985. Digitally remastered at Alchemy Soho. All tracks published by BMG Music Publishing. Tracks 3.1 to 3.10: Original September 1985 album release. Track 3.12: Original album outtake. Track 3.13: Unreleased mix. Tracks 3.15 to 3.18: Previously unreleased demo recordings. Track 3.20: Unreleased mix. 'Redux' Mastered at Masterpiece. All tracks published by BMG Music Publishing Limited except track 4.15 published by Wizard (Bahamas) Limited. Tracks 4.1 to 4.14: Previously unreleased demos. Track 4.15: Previously unreleased track.
Sellos Discográficos:
Principal: Columbia
Principal: Columbia
Principal: Columbia
Principal: Columbia
Principal: Columbia
Rol Nombre
Phonographic Copyright (p) Sony BMG Music Entertainment
Copyright (c) Sony BMG Music Entertainment
Play Posición Título Duración
Friend Or Foe
1.1 Friend Or Foe 3:23
1.2 Something Girls 3:52
1.3 Place In The Country 2:50
1.4 Desperate But Not Serious 4:15
1.5 Here Comes The Grump 3:37
1.6 Hello I Love You 2:39
1.7 Goody Two Shoes 3:29
1.8 Crackpot History And The Right To Lie 2:45
1.9 Made Of Money 3:31
1.10 Cajun Twisters 2:58
1.11 Try This For Sighs 3:04
1.12 Man Called Marco 3:30
1.13 Goody Two Shoes (Chris Hughes Single Mix) 3:21
1.14 Coup D'Etat (Outtake) 3:11
1.15 Goody Two Shoes (Demo) 3:12
1.16 Here Comes The Grump (Demo) 2:27
1.17 Little Italy (Demo) 2:19
1.18 Made Of Money (Demo) 2:50
1.19 Place In The Country (Demo) 3:01
1.20 And So You Shall (Demo) 3:40
1.21 Yellowbeard (Demo) 2:26
1.22 I Know They Know (Demo) 3:50
1.23 Gargoyles Are Go (Demo) 2:23
1.24 Good Sex Rumples The Clothing (Unreleased) 3:01
2.1 Strip 3:48
2.2 Baby, Let Me Scream At You 4:06
2.3 Libertine 4:19
2.4 Spanish Games 3:00
2.5 Vanity 4:08
2.6 Puss 'N Boots 3:52
2.7 Playboy 3:50
2.8 Montreal 4:22
2.9 Navel To Neck 3:41
2.10 Amazon 3:54
2.11 Strip (Demo) 3:00
2.12 Dirty Harry (Demo) 3:56
2.13 Horse You Rode In On (Demo) 2:45
2.14 She Wins Zulus (Demo) 3:07
2.15 Puss 'N Boots (Demo) 4:09
2.16 Playboy (Rehearsal) 6:07
2.17 Navel To Neck (Rehearsal) 3:56
2.18 Strip (Live Studio Version) 4:30
Vive Le Rock
3.1 Vive Le Rock 3:40
3.2 Miss Thing 3:08
3.3 Razor Keen 3:52
3.4 Rip Down 3:23
3.5 Scorpio Rising 4:06
3.6 Apollo 9 3:22
3.7 Hell's Eight Acres 3:52
3.8 Mohair Lockeroom Pin-Up Boys 3:14
3.9 No Zap 3:15
3.10 P.O.E. 3:25
3.11 Apollo 9 (A Cappella Reprise) 1:30
3.12 Human Bondage Den (Outtake) 3:07
3.13 Vive Le Rock (Unreleased Rico Conning 12" Mix) 7:28
3.14 Apollo 9 (Francois Kervorkian 7" Mix) 3:41
3.15 Doggy Style (Demo) 3:48
3.16 Night They Vietcong (Demo) 3:06
3.17 Big Big Man (Razor Keen) (Demo) 3:28
3.18 Rip Down (Demo) 3:15
3.19 Apollo 9 (Francois Kervorkian 'Splashdown' 12" Mix) 6:46
3.20 Vive Le Rock (Unreleased Steve Thompson 12" Mix) 3:49
4.1 Prick Up Your Ears (Demo) 3:19
4.2 Jolly Roger (Demo) 3:07
4.3 Making History (Demo) 3:51
4.4 Don't Be Square Be There (Demo) 4:23
4.5 Mowhok (Demo) 3:54
4.6 That Voodoo (Demo) 4:00
4.7 Five Guns West (Demo) 3:44
4.8 Ups And Downs (Demo) 3:46
4.9 Friend Or Foe (Demo) 2:59
4.10 Seven Up (Demo) 3:06
4.11 Desperate But Not Serious / Manzanera (Demo) 3:26
4.12 Saigon (Demo) 3:41
4.13 Scorpio Rising (Demo) 3:43
4.14 Mohair Lockeroom Pin-Up Boys (Demo) 3:50
4.15 Dandy In The Underworld (Unreleased) 4:14
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Barcode 5099751973126