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You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 6 | Frank Zappa |

Rol Nombre
Bass Arthur Barrow
Bass Jeff Simmons
Bass Jim Pons
Bass Patrick O'Hearn
Bass Roy Estrada
Bass Scott Thunes
Clarinet [Contrabass] Kurt McGettrick
Conductor Frank Zappa
Drums Aynsley Dunbar
Drums Chad Wackerman
Drums Terry Bozzio
Drums Vinnie Colaiuta
Flugelhorn Bruce Lambourne Fowler
Flugelhorn Walt Fowler
Guitar Frank Zappa
Guitar Ike Willis
Guitar Ray White
Guitar Warren Cuccurullo
Guitar [Lead], Vocals Frank Zappa
Guitar [Rhythm], Vocals Ike Willis
Guitar [Rhythm], Vocals Mike Keneally
Guitar [Stunt] Steve Vai
Guitar, Vocals Adrian Belew
Guitar, Vocals Frank Zappa
Guitar, Vocals Ike Willis
Guitar, Vocals Ray White
Keyboards Allan Zavod
Keyboards Andre Lewis
Keyboards Bob Harris (9)
Keyboards Eddie Jobson
Keyboards George Duke
Keyboards Ian Underwood
Keyboards Peter Wolf (3)
Keyboards Tommy Mars
Keyboards, Electronics Don Preston
Keyboards, Vocals Bob Harris
Keyboards, Vocals Bobby Martin (2)
Keyboards, Vocals Lady Bianca (2)
Keyboards, Vocals Tommy Mars
Marimba Ed Mann
Percussion Ed Mann
Percussion Ruth Underwood
Percussion [Electronic] Chad Wackerman
Percussion [Electronic] Ed Mann
Saxophone Bobby Martin (2)
Saxophone Napoleon M. Brock
Saxophone [Alto] Ian Underwood
Saxophone [Alto] Lou Marini
Saxophone [Alto] Paul Carman
Saxophone [Baritone] Kurt McGettrick
Saxophone [Baritone] Paul Carman
Saxophone [Baritone] Ronnie Cuber
Saxophone [Bass] Kurt McGettrick
Saxophone [Soprano] Paul Carman
Saxophone [Tenor] Albert Wing
Saxophone [Tenor] Michael Brecker
Slide Guitar, Vocals Denny Walley
Synthesizer Mike Keneally
Synthesizer Walt Fowler
Synthesizer [Computer-synth] Frank Zappa
Synthesizer [Mini Moog] Scott Thunes
Trombone Bruce Lambourne Fowler
Trombone Tom Malone
Trumpet Randy Brecker
Trumpet Walt Fowler
Vibraphone Ed Mann
Violin [Electric] Shankar
Vocals Howard Kaylan
Vocals Jim Pons
Vocals Jimmy Carl Black
Vocals Mark Volman
Vocals Napoleon M. Brock
Vocals Patrick O'Hearn
Vocals Terry Bozzio
Written-By Patrick O'Hearn
Written-By Vinnie Colaiuta
Written-By, Composed By, Producer, Edited By Frank Zappa
Written-By, Sitar Shankar
Written-By, Soprano Vocals Lisa Popeil
CD, Album
Math Rock
Rock & Roll
Prog Rock
Marketed and distributed by 'Music For Nations' under exlusive lisence from Barking Pumpkin Records.
Play Posición Título Duración
1-01 The M.O.I. Anti-Smut Loyalty Oath 3:01
1-02 The Poodle Lecture 5:02
1-03 Dirty Love 2:40
1-04 Magic Fingers 2:21
1-05 The Madison Panty-Sniffing Festival 2:44
1-06 Honey, Don't You Want A Man Like Me? 4:02
1-07 Farther O'Blivion 2:22
1-08 Is That Guy Kidding Or What? 4:03
1-09 I'm So Cute 1:39
1-10 White Person 2:07
1-11 Lonely Person Devices 3:14
1-12 Ms. Pinky 2:00
1-13 Shove It Right In 6:46
1-14 Wind Up Working In A Gas Station 2:32
1-15 Make A Sex Noise 3:09
1-16 Tracy Is A Snob 3:54
1-17 I Have Been In You 5:05
1-18 Emperor Of Ohio 1:32
1-19 Dinah-Moe Humm 3:16
1-20 He's So Gay 2:34
1-21 Camarillo Brillo 3:10
1-22 Muffin Man 2:25
2-01 NYC Halloween Audience 0:46
2-02 The Illinois Enema Bandit 8:05
2-03 Thirteen 6:09
2-04 Lobster Girl 2:21
2-05 Black Napkins 5:22
2-06 We're Turning Again 4:57
2-07 Alien Orifice 4:16
2-08 Catholic Girls 4:04
2-09 Crew Slut 5:34
2-10 Tryin' To Grow A Chin 3:33
2-11 Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance 3:47
2-12 Lisa's Life Story 3:06
2-13 Lonesome Cowboy Nando 5:15
2-14 200 Motels Finale 3:43
2-15 Strictly Genteel 7:08
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Barcode 5 016583 604721