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The Chronicles Of Riddick (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) | Graeme Revell |

Rol Nombre
Bassoon Andy Radford (2)
Bassoon Peter Mandell
Cello Alexander Zhiroff
Cello Daniel Smith (4)
Cello Kevan Torfeh
Cello Larry Corbett
Cello Matthew Cooker
Cello Richard Naill
Cello Stefanie Fife
Cello Steve Richards
Cello Suzie Katayama
Cello Victor Lawrence
Clarinet John Mitchell (4)
Clarinet Michael Vaccaro
Composed By, Producer, Music By Graeme Revell
Copyist [Music Preparation] Dominic Hauser
Copyist [Music Preparation] Gregg Nestor
Double Bass Charles Nenneker
Double Bass Dave Stone (2)
Double Bass Donald V. Ferrone
Double Bass Karl Vincent
Double Bass Nico Abondolo
Double Bass Norman Ludwin
Double Bass Peter Doubrovsky
Double Bass Tim Barr
Edited By [Music Editors] Ashley Revell
Edited By [Music Editors] Josh Winget
Executive Producer Robert Townson
Flute Don Markese
Flute Robert Shulgold
Horn David Duke
Horn Diane Muller
Horn Joe Meyer
Horn Kurt Snyder
Horn Mark L. Adams
Horn Richard Todd
Horn Steven Durnin
Horn Yvonne S. Moriarty
Mastered By Erick Labson
Mixed By [Music Mixer] Mark Curry (3)
Oboe John Yoakum
Oboe Joseph Stone
Orchestrated By, Conductor Tim Simonec
Other [Music Contractor] Debbi Datz-Pyle
Percussion Alan Estes
Percussion Bob Zimmitti
Percussion M.B. Gordy
Performer Hollywood Studio Symphony, The
Programmed By [Music] David Russo
Trombone Alex Iles
Trombone Dick Nash
Trombone Ken Kugler
Trumpet Larry Hall
Trumpet Paul Salvo (2)
Trumpet Rick Baptist
Tuba John Van Houten
Viola Andrew Picken
Viola Darrin McCann
Viola David Stenske
Viola Denyse Buffum
Viola Jorge Moraga
Viola Karie Prescott
Viola Keith Greene
Viola Marda Todd
Viola Maria Newman
Viola Mimi Granat
Viola Pamela Goldsmith
Viola Ray Tischer
Violin Armen Garabedian
Violin Berj Garabedian
Violin Cameron Patrick
Violin Charles Everett
Violin Charlie Bisharat
Violin Clayton Haslop
Violin Debra Price
Violin Ezra Kliger
Violin Galina Golovin
Violin Gina Kronstadt
Violin Harris Goldman
Violin Jean Sudbury
Violin John Wittenberg
Violin Julian Hallmark
Violin Juliann French
Violin Kenneth Yerke
Violin Mark Robertson (3)
Violin Miriam Mayer
Violin Norman Hughes
Violin Olivia Tsui
Violin Rafael Rishik
Violin Rebecca Bunnell
Violin Robert Brosseau
Violin Robert Matsuda
Violin Ron Clark
Violin Shari Zippert
Violin Songa Lee-Kitto
Violin Terry Glenny
Violin Tibor Zelig
Violin Vladimir Polimatidi
Stage & Screen
Modern Classical
Play Posición Título Duración
1 The Chronicles Of Riddick
2 Hunt For Riddick
3 Vaako Conspiracy
4 One Speed
5 The Sweet Spot
6 The Animal Side
7 Arrival At Helion
8 Save My Family
9 Kyra's Theme
10 Helion Attack Pt. 2
11 Imam's Death
12 Necromongers
13 Show You The Way
14 Hellhounds
15 Pops A Cork
16 The Slam
17 Furyan Energy
18 The Purifiers End
19 Aereon Fortells
20 Final Betrayals
21 Keep What You Kill
22 End Credit - Final Chronicle