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Rol Nombre
Artwork By Emily Johnson
Banjo Dennis Caplinger
Baritone Saxophone Terry Harrington
Bass Arni Egilsson
Bass Chuck Berghofer
Bass Dominic Genova
Bass Ken Wild
Bass Neil Stubenhaus
Bass Richard Shaw
Cello Andrew Shulman
Cello Jerome Kessler
Cello Jodi Burnett
Cello Jody Johnson
Cello Larry Corbett
Cello Michael Mathews
Cello Raphael Kramer
Cello Ray Kelley
Cello Tim Landauer
Concertmaster Murray Adler
Concertmaster Peter Kent (2)
Contractor Meyer "Mike" Rubin
Contractor Murray Adler
Design [Cover Design] Samuels Advertising
Edited By [Dialogue] Bobby Mackston
Edited By [Dialogue] Norm MacLeod
Edited By [Music] Bob Beecher
Effects [Sound Effects] Travis Powers
Executive Producer Derek Dressler
Executive Producer Robert L. Emmer
French Horn Brad Warnaar
French Horn David Duke
French Horn Douglas Lyons
French Horn Gale Robinson (2)
French Horn Jim Atkinson
French Horn Joe Meyer
French Horn Richard Todd
French Horn Vincent DeRosa
Guitar Dean Parks
Guitar George Doering
Guitar John Goux
Guitar Tim May
Harp Gayle Levant
Harp Katie Kirkpatrick
Keyboards Mike Lang
Keyboards Mike Watts (2)
Keyboards Ralph Grierson
Keyboards Randy Waldman
Keyboards Richard Ruttenberg
Keyboards Scotty Clausen
Keyboards Stu Goldberg
Keyboards Tom Ranier
Mastered By Mark Chalecki
Orchestrated By Alf Clausen
Orchestrated By Ardell Hake
Orchestrated By Brad Dechter
Orchestrated By Gregory Prechel
Orchestrated By Scotty Clausen
Percussion Alan Vavrin
Percussion Bernie Dresel
Percussion Bob Leatherbarrow
Percussion Bob Zimmitti
Percussion Dale Anderson (2)
Percussion Jules Greenberg
Percussion Ralph Humphrey
Producer Jeff Palo
Producer [Associate], Edited By [Supervising Music Editor] Chris Ledesma
Recorded By [Original Recordings], Compilation Producer, Conductor Alf Clausen
Recorded By, Mixed By, Edited By Rick Riccio
Technician [Sound Consultant] Ardell Hake
Technician [Sound Consultant] Gregory Prechel
Trombone Alan Kaplan
Trombone Bill Reichenbach (2)
Trombone Bob McChesney
Trombone Ira Nepus
Trombone John Van Houten
Trombone Lew McCreary
Trombone Morris Repass
Trombone Robert Payne
Trumpet Bob Summers (3)
Trumpet Carl Saunders
Trumpet Charles Davis
Trumpet Dennis Farias
Trumpet Gary Grant
Trumpet Jerry Hey
Trumpet Jon Lewis
Trumpet Larry Hall
Trumpet Warren Luening
Tuba Tommy Johnson (2)
Viola Archie Levin
Viola Brian Dembow
Viola Carole Mukogawa
Viola Danny Seidenberg
Viola Harry Shirinian
Viola Janet Lakatos
Viola Jorge Moraga
Viola Karolina Naziemiec
Viola Marilyn Baker
Viola Mihail Zinovyev
Viola Myra Kestenbaum
Viola Pamela Goldsmith
Viola Ray Tischer
Viola Steve Gordon (5)
Violin Armen Garabedian
Violin Assa Drori
Violin Berj Garabedian
Violin Bernard Kundell
Violin Bobby Bruce
Violin Calabria McChesney
Violin Charlie Bisharat
Violin Claudia Parducci
Violin David Frisina
Violin Donald Palmer
Violin Dorothy Wade
Violin Endre Granat
Violin Francine Walsh
Violin Gordon Marron
Violin Harold Dicterow
Violin Harris Goldman
Violin Isabelle Daskoff
Violin J. Dianne Rammon
Violin Jackie Brand
Violin Joel Derouin
Violin John Wittenberg
Violin Michael Markman
Violin Michele Nardone
Violin Niki Magee
Violin Ovsep Ketendjian
Violin Pam Gates
Violin Songa Lee-Kitto
Violin Tibor Zelig
Violin Victoria Lanier
Vocals [Studio Singer] Aaron Page
Vocals [Studio Singer] Alex Brown
Vocals [Studio Singer] Alf Clausen
Vocals [Studio Singer] Alvin Chea
Vocals [Studio Singer] Amick Byram
Vocals [Studio Singer] Ann White
Vocals [Studio Singer] Bob Joyce
Vocals [Studio Singer] Carmen Twillie
Vocals [Studio Singer] Chelsea Di Blasi
Vocals [Studio Singer] Chris Thompson
Vocals [Studio Singer] Clydene Jackson
Vocals [Studio Singer] Darryl Phinnessee
Vocals [Studio Singer] Dawn Halloran Charouhas
Vocals [Studio Singer] Donna Davidson
Vocals [Studio Singer] Edie Lehmann Boddicker
Vocals [Studio Singer] Eloise Kelsey
Vocals [Studio Singer] Emily Charouhas
Vocals [Studio Singer] Gene Merlino
Vocals [Studio Singer] Gene Morford
Vocals [Studio Singer] Jerry Whitman
Vocals [Studio Singer] Jim Gilstrap
Vocals [Studio Singer] John West (2)
Vocals [Studio Singer] Julia Waters
Vocals [Studio Singer] Mark Campbell (2)
Vocals [Studio Singer] Maxine Waters
Vocals [Studio Singer] Nicholas Harper
Vocals [Studio Singer] Oren Waters
Vocals [Studio Singer] Randy Crenshaw
Vocals [Studio Singer] Rick Logan
Vocals [Studio Singer] Ricky Lucchesse
Vocals [Studio Singer] Roger Freeland
Vocals [Studio Singer] Sally Stevens
Vocals [Studio Singer] Susie Stevens-Logan
Voice [Various Characters] Adam Byram
Voice [Various Characters] Amick Byram
Voice [Various Characters] Bob Joyce
Voice [Various Characters] Dan Castellaneta
Voice [Various Characters] Edie Lehmann Boddicker
Voice [Various Characters] Gene Merlino
Voice [Various Characters] Hank Azaria
Voice [Various Characters] Harry Shearer
Voice [Various Characters] Jim Gilstrap
Voice [Various Characters] Julie Kavner
Voice [Various Characters] Marcia Wallace
Voice [Various Characters] Mark Campbell (2)
Voice [Various Characters] Nancy Cartwright
Voice [Various Characters] Oren Waters
Voice [Various Characters] Randy Crenshaw
Voice [Various Characters] Rick Logan
Voice [Various Characters] Ricky Gervais
Voice [Various Characters] Russi Taylor
Voice [Various Characters] Sally Stevens
Voice [Various Characters] Susie Stevens-Logan
Voice [Various Characters] Tress MacNeille
Voice [Various Characters] Yeardley Smith
Woodwind Beverly Dahlke-Smith
Woodwind Bob Carr
Woodwind Bob Tricarico
Woodwind Charles Boito
Woodwind Dan Higgins
Woodwind Dave Riddles
Woodwind Gary Foster
Woodwind Gary Gray (5)
Woodwind Gary Herbig
Woodwind Joel Peskin
Woodwind Joel Timm
Woodwind John Mitchell (4)
Woodwind John Yoakum
Woodwind Jon Clarke
Woodwind Lee Callet
Woodwind Louise Di Tullio
Woodwind Roger Neumann
Woodwind Sal Lozano
Woodwind Steve Kujala
Woodwind Susan Greenberg
Woodwind Terry Harrington
Woodwind Tom Boyd
CD, Compilation
Stage & Screen
A Whole Lot More Original Music From The Television Series. Printed in the E.U. This compilation ℗ & © 2007 Shout Factory LLC under exclusive licence to EMI Records Limited
Play Posición Título Duración
1 "The Simpsons" Main Title Theme 1:23
2 Testify 1:42
3 The Very Reason That I Live 2:29
4 He's The Man 2:02
5 Stretch Dude And Clobber Girl 0:46
6 "The Simpsons" End Credits Theme 0:42
7 Ode To Branson 2:01
8 Sold Seperately 0:47
9 Island Of Sirens 0:53
10 They'll Never Stop The Simpsons 1:17
11 You're A Bunch Of Stuff 1:51
12 What Do I Think Of The Pie? 0:39
13 Baby Stink Breath 0:31
14 Tastes Like Liberty 1:14
15 Jellyfish 1:41
16 Homer & Marge 1:49
17 "Everybody Hates Ned Flanders" Medley 4:11
18 I Love To Walk 1:27
19 Marjorie 2:19
20 "The President Wore Pearls" Medley 6:02
21 Glove Slap 1:24
22 O Pruny Night 0:47
23 America (I Love This Country) 1:07
24 America Rules 1:25
25 Welcome To Moe's 1:17
26 We Are The Jockeys 1:37
27 Song Of Shelbyville 1:11
28 "A Star Is Torn" Medley 4:31
29 Who Wants A Haircut? 1:08
30 "My Fair Laddy" Medley 6:25
31 Springfield Blows 0:36
32 "King Of Cats" Itchy & Scratchy Medley 3:41
33 Lady 1:36
34 You Make Me Laugh 0:27
35 Lady Riff 0:36
36 Poppa, Can You Hear Me? 0:50
37 "Yokel Chords" Medley 3:55
Previously Unaired Bonus Tracks
38 Hullaba Lula 0:53
39 Song Of The Wild Beasts 0:52
40 Dancing Workers' Song 1:16
41 Oldies And Nudies 1:12
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Barcode 5 099950 574025
Label Code LC 0542