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Presents Michael Hartman Todd A. Carter And Brent Gutzeit As TV Pow | TV Pow |

Rol Nombre
Design [Graphic] Al Brandtner
Engineer [Assistant], Management [Southport Promotions & Marketing] Hillary Bryan
Engineer [Mixing] Brent Gutzeit
Engineer [Recording] Bradley Parker-Sparrow
Engineer [Recording], Recording Supervisor [Final Edition], Engineer [Mixing], Engineer [Mastering] Todd Carter
Liner Notes Bradley Parker-Sparrow
Mixed By Brent Gutzeit
Mixed By Todd Carter
Other [Webmaster] Dennis Errichiello
Other [Webmaster] Pete Jacobs "Petey"
Other [Webmaster] WorryFree Webs
Photography By Junko Okada (2)
Producer TV Pow
Producer [Project] Joanie Pallatto
Producer [Project], Engineer [Recording] Bradley Parker-Sparrow
Technician [Piano] Charles Terr
CD, Album
Total time 53:14 Recorded live at the Spareroom October 2003, Chicago Final edition Todd A. Carter 28 May 2005 The recording piano at SSD is the Baldwin SD-10 Concert Grand. The recording at Sparrow Sound Design was made exclusively with vintage Neumann and AKG tube microphones, maintained and modified by Bill Bradley. The reverb is the EMT 140-S plate, with a Lexicon PCM-41 as pre-delay and Pultec EQP 1-A E.Q. Other outboard gear includes Pultec tube eq, LA-2A tube compression, Urei 1176 LN limiters, RNC compression and Ashley compression. CD mastering was done on a custom PC, created by James Line, "The Lan Man", with SoundForge, CD Architect and Gina Software systems. Studio equipment is maintained and modified by Mike DelValle, Deltronics, Chicago. From liner notes: POW why does the word laptop seem like sex? i could drop a laptop in your face, do girls like laptops? or lapbottoms, as they expose their tummies and backsides in O5 ...nice chrysler tatoos on her butt varese the french composer would like laptops, for his belief was in "organized sound" (or navels) ...he would work with the remains of so called classical music, and use electronic tape as an instrument, plus he had hair like that cat in eraser head. the opening chord in track one brigade feels like brahms, do you know that before he died he experimented with "negro ragtime" ...makes sense since his left hand was a mother fucker, like lennie tristano. i want to kill anyone who dj's, cause they put working musicians out of work, and they smell. does new music come from "the land of the living dead" ... it seems scary.. What is TV Pow? who are they? do their computer sound chords tangle like umbilical cords in the alien vs. the predator? are they mastering records beneath the sex of r. kelly or the thighs of beyonce? 3. i'm working on it right now 4:34 did some one in the band open a can of beer with a thumb piano? proof that the writer did listen to da cd..... when blonde/black women like and dig this type of music, condoleezza rice will swear an oath to john coltrane. - sparrow REAL JAZZ MADE IN CHICAGO
Sellos Discográficos:
Principal: Southport Records
Rol Nombre
Recorded At Sparrow Sound Design
Manufactured By Disc Makers
Play Posición Título Duración
1 The International Brigade 9:21
2 Maybe It's The Alternator 7:45
3 I'm Working On It Right Now 4:34
4 Chicago Underground Laptop Trio 4:25
5 Sweating Just Sitting Here 27:05
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Barcode 7 00797 01162 2
Matrix / Runout MQB4557 [DISC MAKERS] logo