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The Matrix Revolutions: Music From The Motion Picture | Various |

Rol Nombre
Choir Hollywood Film Chorale
Concertmaster Clayton Haslop
Contractor [Hollywood Film Chorale Contracted By] Sally Stevens
Contractor [Orchestra Contracted By] David Sherr
Crew [Scoring Crew] Damon Tedesco
Crew [Scoring Crew] Tom Steel
Design [Package Design] Flem, The
Engineer [Technical] Bill Talbott
Executive-Producer [Album] Andy Wachowski
Executive-Producer [Album] Guy Oseary
Executive-Producer [Album] Larry Wachowski
Executive-Producer [For Wmg Soundtracks] Danny Bramson
Liner Notes [Sanskrit Translation], Other [Coaching] Andrew Glass
Liner Notes [Translation] Mascaro (2)
Management [Executives In Charge Of Music For Warner Bros. Pictures] Doug Frank
Management [Executives In Charge Of Music For Warner Bros. Pictures] Gary LeMel
Management [Music Administration For Warner Bros. Pictures] Debi Streeter
Mixed By [Music Scoring Mixer] Armin Steiner
Mixed By [Synthesizers] Larry Mah
Orchestrated By Conrad Pope
Orchestrated By Don Davis (4)
Orchestrated By Erik Lundborg
Other [Album Business Affairs] Dan Butler
Other [Album Business Affairs] Keith Zajic
Other [Album Business Affairs] Ronnie Dashev
Performer [Orchestra] Alan Estes
Performer [Orchestra] Alan Grunfeld
Performer [Orchestra] Alexander Shlifer
Performer [Orchestra] Alvin Veeh
Performer [Orchestra] Amy Hershberger
Performer [Orchestra] Amy Wilkins
Performer [Orchestra] Anatoly Rosinsky
Performer [Orchestra] Armen Garabedian
Performer [Orchestra] Berj Garabedian
Performer [Orchestra] Bette Byers
Performer [Orchestra] Brad Warnaar
Performer [Orchestra] Brian Dembow
Performer [Orchestra] Brian O'Connor (2)
Performer [Orchestra] Bruce Dukov
Performer [Orchestra] Bruce Morgenthaler
Performer [Orchestra] Bryan Pezzone
Performer [Orchestra] Carole Castillo
Performer [Orchestra] Carrie Holzman Little
Performer [Orchestra] Cecilia Tsan
Performer [Orchestra] Chet Swiatkowski
Performer [Orchestra] Christian Kollgaard
Performer [Orchestra] Christina Soule
Performer [Orchestra] Claudia Parducci
Performer [Orchestra] Clayton Haslop
Performer [Orchestra] Dan Neufeld
Performer [Orchestra] Darius Campo
Performer [Orchestra] Dave Riddles
Performer [Orchestra] David Duke
Performer [Orchestra] David Johnson (6)
Performer [Orchestra] David Shamban
Performer [Orchestra] David Speltz
Performer [Orchestra] David Walther
Performer [Orchestra] Dennis Karmazyn
Performer [Orchestra] Denyse Buffum
Performer [Orchestra] Diane Muller
Performer [Orchestra] Don Williams (5)
Performer [Orchestra] Donald E. Green
Performer [Orchestra] Doug Tornquist
Performer [Orchestra] Douglas Davis
Performer [Orchestra] Drew Dembowski
Performer [Orchestra] Earl Dumler
Performer [Orchestra] Edith Markman
Performer [Orchestra] Edward Meares
Performer [Orchestra] Emily Bernstein
Performer [Orchestra] Endre Granat
Performer [Orchestra] Erik Lundborg
Performer [Orchestra] Evan Wilson
Performer [Orchestra] Frances Senger
Performer [Orchestra] Franklyn D'Antonio
Performer [Orchestra] Galina Golovin
Performer [Orchestra] Gary Bovyer
Performer [Orchestra] Gary Gray (5)
Performer [Orchestra] Gary Woodward
Performer [Orchestra] George Burnette Dillon
Performer [Orchestra] George Thatcher
Performer [Orchestra] Gloria Cheng
Performer [Orchestra] Gloria Lum
Performer [Orchestra] Grant Gershon
Performer [Orchestra] Greg Goodall
Performer [Orchestra] Haim Shtrum
Performer [Orchestra] Harvey Newmark
Performer [Orchestra] Herbert Ausman
Performer [Orchestra] Horia Moroaica
Performer [Orchestra] Irma Neumann
Performer [Orchestra] Jackie Brand
Performer [Orchestra] James Self
Performer [Orchestra] Janet Lakatos
Performer [Orchestra] Jim Atkinson
Performer [Orchestra] Jim Kanter
Performer [Orchestra] Jim Sawyer
Performer [Orchestra] Joan Elardo
Performer [Orchestra] Jodi Burnett
Performer [Orchestra] Joe Meyer
Performer [Orchestra] John A. Reynolds
Performer [Orchestra] John Steinmetz
Performer [Orchestra] John Van Houten
Performer [Orchestra] John Walz
Performer [Orchestra] John Wittenberg
Performer [Orchestra] Jon Lewis
Performer [Orchestra] Julie Feves
Performer [Orchestra] Julie Gigante
Performer [Orchestra] Karen Jones (2)
Performer [Orchestra] Katia Popov
Performer [Orchestra] Kazi Pitelka
Performer [Orchestra] Keith Greene
Performer [Orchestra] Kenneth Yerke
Performer [Orchestra] Kerry Walsh
Performer [Orchestra] Kimaree Gilad
Performer [Orchestra] Larry Bunker
Performer [Orchestra] Leslie Lashinsky
Performer [Orchestra] Leslie Reed
Performer [Orchestra] Lily Ho Chen
Performer [Orchestra] Loren Marsteller
Performer [Orchestra] Lyndon Taylor
Performer [Orchestra] Lynn Angebranndt
Performer [Orchestra] Malcolm McNab
Performer [Orchestra] Marcia Dickstein
Performer [Orchestra] Mari Tsumura
Performer [Orchestra] Maria Newman
Performer [Orchestra] Mark Baranov
Performer [Orchestra] Mark L. Adams
Performer [Orchestra] Mark Robertson (3)
Performer [Orchestra] Mark Zimoski
Performer [Orchestra] Marlow Fisher
Performer [Orchestra] Matt Funes
Performer [Orchestra] Meredith A. Snow
Performer [Orchestra] Michael Fisher
Performer [Orchestra] Michael Hoffman (6)
Performer [Orchestra] Michael Markman
Performer [Orchestra] Michael Nowak
Performer [Orchestra] Miran Kojian
Performer [Orchestra] Miwako Watanabe
Performer [Orchestra] Nancy Stein-Ross
Performer [Orchestra] Nico Abondolo
Performer [Orchestra] Norda Mullen
Performer [Orchestra] Pat Johnson (2)
Performer [Orchestra] Paul Cohen (2)
Performer [Orchestra] Paula Hochhalter
Performer [Orchestra] Peter Limonick
Performer [Orchestra] Polly Sweeney
Performer [Orchestra] Rachel Purkin
Performer [Orchestra] Rafael Rishik
Performer [Orchestra] Ralph Sauer
Performer [Orchestra] Ralph Williams (4)
Performer [Orchestra] Raymond Burkhart
Performer [Orchestra] Rebecca Bunnell
Performer [Orchestra] Richard Altenbach
Performer [Orchestra] Richard Feves
Performer [Orchestra] Richard Rintoul
Performer [Orchestra] Richard Todd
Performer [Orchestra] Robert Becker
Performer [Orchestra] Robin Olson
Performer [Orchestra] Roger Lebow
Performer [Orchestra] Roger Wilkie
Performer [Orchestra] Rose Corrigan
Performer [Orchestra] Rowena Hammill
Performer [Orchestra] Samatha K. Lee
Performer [Orchestra] Sara Schoenbeck
Performer [Orchestra] Scott Higgins
Performer [Orchestra] Shari Zippert
Performer [Orchestra] Simon Oswell
Performer [Orchestra] Steve Erdody
Performer [Orchestra] Steve Kujala
Performer [Orchestra] Steve LaFever
Performer [Orchestra] Sungil Lee
Performer [Orchestra] Susan Ranney
Performer [Orchestra] Suzanna Giordano
Performer [Orchestra] Tamara Hatwan
Performer [Orchestra] Tiffany Yi Hu
Performer [Orchestra] Tim Barr
Performer [Orchestra] Tim Landauer
Performer [Orchestra] Tim Morrison (2)
Performer [Orchestra] Tom Boyd
Performer [Orchestra] Tommy Johnson (2)
Performer [Orchestra] Vicki Miskolczy
Performer [Orchestra] Vicki Ray
Performer [Orchestra] William Booth
Performer [Orchestra] Yvonne S. Moriarty
Recorded By [Recordist] John Rodd
Score Editor [Assistant Music Editors] Brenda Heins
Score Editor [Assistant Music Editors] Julie Pearce
Score Editor [Music Editors] Barbara McDermott
Score Editor [Music Editors] Joe E. Rand
Score Editor [Music Editors] Steve Galloway (3)
Soprano Vocals, Soloist [Boy Soprano Soloist] Zachary Biggs
Supervised By [Music Supervisor] Jason Bentley
Voice [Men's Voices] Amick Byram
Voice [Men's Voices] Bob Joyce
Voice [Men's Voices] Craig Copeland
Voice [Men's Voices] David Joyce
Voice [Men's Voices] Dick Bolks
Voice [Men's Voices] Dick Wells
Voice [Men's Voices] Dick Williams (7)
Voice [Men's Voices] Dwayne Condon
Voice [Men's Voices] Ed Zajac
Voice [Men's Voices] Gary Stockdale
Voice [Men's Voices] Gene Merlino
Voice [Men's Voices] George Stern
Voice [Men's Voices] Gerald White
Voice [Men's Voices] Gregory Geiger
Voice [Men's Voices] Guy Maeda
Voice [Men's Voices] Ian Freebairn-Smith
Voice [Men's Voices] Jerry Whitman
Voice [Men's Voices] Jim Gilstrap
Voice [Men's Voices] Jody Golightly
Voice [Men's Voices] John Beeney
Voice [Men's Voices] John Duykers
Voice [Men's Voices] Jon Joyce
Voice [Men's Voices] Jonathan Mack
Voice [Men's Voices] Kenneth Knight
Voice [Men's Voices] Kerry Katz
Voice [Men's Voices] Michael Geiger
Voice [Men's Voices] Michael Mishaw
Voice [Men's Voices] Mitchel Moore
Voice [Men's Voices] Oren Waters
Voice [Men's Voices] Randy Crenshaw
Voice [Men's Voices] Reid Bruton
Voice [Men's Voices] Rick Logan
Voice [Men's Voices] Roger Freeland
Voice [Men's Voices] Sean McDermott
Voice [Men's Voices] Stan Farber
Voice [Men's Voices] Stephen Grimm
Voice [Men's Voices] Steve Amerson
Voice [Men's Voices] Steven Dunham
Voice [Men's Voices] William Edwards
Voice [Women's Voices] Andrea Robinson
Voice [Women's Voices] Angie Jaree
Voice [Women's Voices] Ann White
Voice [Women's Voices] Bobbi Page
Voice [Women's Voices] Carmen Twillie
Voice [Women's Voices] Carol Lombard
Voice [Women's Voices] Christie Lawrence
Voice [Women's Voices] Cindy Bourquin
Voice [Women's Voices] Clydene Jackson
Voice [Women's Voices] Darlene Koldenhoven
Voice [Women's Voices] Debbie Hall
Voice [Women's Voices] Deborah Dietrich
Voice [Women's Voices] Diane Freiman Reynolds
Voice [Women's Voices] Donna Medine
Voice [Women's Voices] Edie Lehmann Boddicker
Voice [Women's Voices] Elin Carlson
Voice [Women's Voices] Jeannine Wagner
Voice [Women's Voices] Joan Beal
Voice [Women's Voices] Karen Harper
Voice [Women's Voices] Kerry Walsh
Voice [Women's Voices] Laura Bohn
Voice [Women's Voices] Leanna Brand
Voice [Women's Voices] Linda Harmon
Voice [Women's Voices] Luana Jackman
Voice [Women's Voices] Mary Hylan
Voice [Women's Voices] Maurita Thornburg
Voice [Women's Voices] Melissa Mackay
Voice [Women's Voices] Morgan Ames
Voice [Women's Voices] Myrna Matthews
Voice [Women's Voices] Patricia Ann Walsh
Voice [Women's Voices] Sally Stevens
Voice [Women's Voices] Samela Beasom
Voice [Women's Voices] Sandie Hall
Voice [Women's Voices] Scottie Haskell
Voice [Women's Voices] Sheri Izzard
Voice [Women's Voices] Susan Boyd
Voice [Women's Voices] Susie Stevens-Logan
Voice [Women's Voices] Teri Koide
Voice [Women's Voices] Terry Harriton
Voice [Women's Voices] Virenia Lind
Written-By Ben Watkins
Written-By, Composed By, Conductor Don Davis (4)
CD, Enhanced
Stage & Screen
Modern Classical
Maverick Recording Company, 9348 Civic Center Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210-3606; 75 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10019-6908. Manufactured and distributed by Warner Bros. Records Inc. Warner Music Group, an AOL Time Warner Company. Motion picture artwork and photography © 2003 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. for the U.S., Canada, Bahamas and Bermuda. ©2003 Village Roadshow Films (BVI) Limited for the rest of the world. ©℗2003 Maverick Recording Company. Made in U.S.A. Maverick logo is a trademark of Maverick Recording Company. Enhanced section contains: - "The Matrix Revolutions" trailer - "The Matrix" comic book preview - "The Matrix Revolutions - Tunnel Recon" Video Game Orchestra and choir recorded at The Newman Scoring Stage, 20th Century-Fox Studios Synthesizers mixed at Hacienda Studio Music preparation: Sheldon Music Service All track durations are different from those printed on the release. Track durations from the CD itself have been listed here. "Keith Grunfeld" is credited in the orchestra section, but this is most likely a mix-up of the names "Keith Greene" and "Alan Grunfeld".
Play Posición Título Duración
1 The Matrix Revolutions Main Title 1:22
2 The Trainman Cometh 2:43
3 Tetsujin 3:21
4 In My Head 3:47
5 The Road To Sourceville 1:25
6 Men In Metal 2:18
7 Niobe's Run 2:49
8 Woman Can Drive 2:42
9 Moribund Mifune 3:48
10 Kidfried 4:50
11 Saw Bitch Workhorse 3:59
12 Trinity Definitely 4:15
13 Neodämmerung 6:00
14 Why, Mr. Anderson? 6:11
15 Spirit Of The Universe 4:51
16 Navras 9:09
Descripción Tipo Código
Barcode 0 9362-48412-2 7
Matrix / Runout Z20135 1 48412 ECD01 M1S5
Mastering SID Code Other IFPI L909
Mould SID Code Other IFPI 2U7D