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Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) | Thomas Newman |

Rol Nombre
Bassoon Charles Coker
Bassoon Michael O'Donovan (2)
Bassoon Rose Corrigan
Cello Anne Karam
Cello Armen Ksajikian
Cello Christina Soule
Cello Daniel Smith (4)
Cello David Speltz
Cello Dennis Karmazyn
Cello Earl Madison
Cello Erika Duke-Kirkpatrick
Cello Larry Corbett
Cello Richard Treat
Cello Steve Erdody
Cello Steve Richards
Cello Suzie Katayama
Cello Vage Ayrikyan
Clarinet Gary Gray (5)
Clarinet Lea Steffens
Clarinet Ralph Williams (4)
Composed By, Conductor Thomas Newman
Concertmaster Joel Derouin
Concertmaster Sid Page
Contractor [Music] Leslie Morris
Contractor [Vocal] Bobbi Page
Copyist [Music Preparation] Julian Bratolyubov
Double Bass [Bass] Ann Atkinson
Double Bass [Bass] Bruce Morgenthaler
Double Bass [Bass] Christian Kollgaard
Double Bass [Bass] Dave Stone (2)
Double Bass [Bass] Drew Dembowski
Double Bass [Bass] Frances Liu Wu
Double Bass [Bass] Nico Abondolo
Double Bass [Bass] Norman Ludwin
Double Bass [Bass] Richard Feves
Double Bass [Bass] Susan Ranney
Double Bass [Bass] Tim Eckert
Edited By [Assistant Music Editor] Mike Zainer
Edited By [Music Editor] Bill Bernstein
Engineer [Assistant] Jason Wormer
Engineer [Assistant] John Rodd
Engineer [Assistant] Tom Hardisty
Engineer [Assistant] Wade Childers
Flute Diane Alancraig
Flute Heather Clark
Flute Steve Kujala
French Horn Brian O'Connor (2)
French Horn Carol Drake
French Horn David Duke
French Horn Joe Meyer
French Horn John A. Reynolds
French Horn Jon Titmus
French Horn Mark L. Adams
French Horn Steve Becknell
Harp Gayle Levant
Mastered By Joe Gastwirt
Oboe Barbara Northcutt
Oboe Leanne Becknell
Oboe Leslie Reed
Orchestrated By Thomas Pasatieri
Other [Soundtrack Album Coordinator] George Doering
Percussion Daniel Greco
Percussion Michael Fisher
Producer Bill Bernstein
Producer Thomas Newman
Recorded By [Orchestra] Armin Steiner
Recorded By, Mixed By Tommy Vicari
Soloist [Instrumental], Accordion Frank Marocco
Soloist [Instrumental], Clarinet, Flute [Alto], Brass [Randomized], Electronic Wind Instrument, Effects [Tonescapes], Performer [American D.j.] Steve Tavaglione
Soloist [Instrumental], Electric Guitar [Bowed], Synthesizer [Kp2], Electronics [Mo-fx] Rick Cox
Soloist [Instrumental], Flute, Flute [Alto], Piccolo Flute, Shawm Steve Kujala
Soloist [Instrumental], Guitar, Ukulele Bill Bernstein
Soloist [Instrumental], Marimba [Slate And Glass], Drums [Scottish Snare Drum], Percussion [Khol], Percussion [Tubaphone], Taiko [Shime Daiko], Bass Drum [Djun-djun], Drums [Wave Drum], Dhol [Bhangra Michael Fisher
Soloist [Instrumental], Strings [Tumbi], Dulcimer [Bowed & Hammered], Mandolin [Mandocello], Harp [Aeolian Wind Harp], Zither [Epinette Des Vosges], Kantele, Viol [1 String Stroh Viol] George Doering
Soloist [Instrumental], Tuba James Self
Soloist [Instrumental], Violin [1/4 Violin], Piano Thomas Newman
Soloist [Instrumental], Violin [5-string] Oliver Schroer
Technician [Digital Audio] Jesse Voccia
Trombone Bill Reichenbach (2)
Trombone Charles Loper
Trombone Ken Kugler
Trombone William Booth
Trumpet Malcolm McNab
Trumpet Marissa Benedict
Trumpet Rick Baptist
Trumpet Walt Fowler
Tuba Tommy Johnson (2)
Viola Brian Dembow
Viola Carole Mukogawa
Viola Carrie Holzman Little
Viola Dan Neufeld
Viola Danny Seidenberg
Viola Denyse Buffum
Viola Donald McInnes
Viola Harry Shirinian
Viola Janet Lakatos
Viola John Hayhurst
Viola John Scanlon
Viola Karie Prescott
Viola Linda Lipsett
Viola Marilyn Baker
Viola Matt Funes
Viola Rick Gerding
Viola Robert Becker
Viola Simon Oswell
Viola Vicki Miskolczy
Violin Alan Grunfeld
Violin Anatoly Rosinsky
Violin Armen Garabedian
Violin Barbra Porter
Violin Berj Garabedian
Violin Carolyn Osborn
Violin Charles Everett
Violin Daniel Shindaryov
Violin Darius Campo
Violin Debra Price
Violin Dimitrie Leivici
Violin Franklyn D'Antonio
Violin Gary Kuo
Violin Gil Romero
Violin Guido Lamell
Violin Haim Shtrum
Violin Harris Goldman
Violin Horia Moroaica
Violin Irma Neumann
Violin Joel Derouin
Violin Josefina Vergara
Violin Kenneth Yerke
Violin Kimiyo Takeya
Violin Lily Ho Chen
Violin Margaret Wooten
Violin Mari Tsumura
Violin Mario Deleon
Violin Michael Markman
Violin Michele Richards
Violin Miwako Watanabe
Violin Natalie Leggett
Violin Pat Johnson (2)
Violin Razdan Kuyumjian
Violin Robert Matsuda
Violin Roger Wilkie
Violin Ronald Folsom
Violin Sid Page
Violin Yun Tang
Stage & Screen
© 2004 Sony BMG Music Entertainment / ℗ 2004 Sony BMG Music Entertainment / Motion Picture Artwork, Photos, Copyright © 2004 Paramount Pictures Corporation and DreamWorks, LLC. "SONY CLASSICAL" and (Sony Classical logo) Reg. U.S. Pat. & Tm. Off. Marca Registrada. / Manufactured by Sony BMG Music Entertainment / 550 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10022-3211. Distribution: Sony BMG Music Entertainment Recorded and Mixed at Signet Sound Studios Orchestra Recorded at the Fox Newman Scoring Stage and Todd AO Scoring Stage Album Mastered at Joe Gastwirt Mastering Published by Ensign Music Corporation (BMI)
Play Posición Título Duración
1 The Bad Beginning 3:20
2 Chez Olaf 3:12
3 The Baudelaire Orphans 2:32
4 In Loco Parentis 1:27
5 Resilience 2:31
6 The Reptile Room 1:36
7 An Unpleasant Incident Involving A Train 4:52
8 Curdled Cave 2:04
9 Puttanesca 2:41
10 Curious Feeling Of Falling 1:46
11 Regarding The Incredibly Deadly Viper 2:34
12 The Marvelous Marriage 0:53
13 Lachrymose Ferry 0:38
14 Concerning Aunt Josephine 2:09
15 VFD 1:12
16 The Wide Window 1:12
17 Cold As Ike 2:45
18 Hurricane Herman 2:18
19 Snaky Message 2:32
20 The Regrettable Episode Of The Leeches 2:45
21 Interlude With Sailboat 1:04
22 Verisimilitude 2:17
23 Loverly Spring 1:51
24 A Woeful Wedding 3:21
25 Attack Of The Hook-Handed Man 2:23
26 Taken By Supreeze 2:03
27 One Last Look 1:41
28 The Letter That Never Came 4:14
29 Drive Away (End Title) 5:05
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Barcode 8 2796-93576-2 0
Matrix / Runout DIDP-117619 1
Mastering SID Code Other IFPI L329
Mould SID Code Other IFPI 72OP