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Rocky IV (Original Motion Picture Score) | Vince DiCola |

Rol Nombre
Arranged By [Orchestrations], Conductor Jeremy Lubbock
Arranged By [Score], Producer [Score] Ed Frugé
Arranged By [Score], Producer [Score] Vince DiCola
Art Direction [Cd] Joe Sikoryak
Bass Bruce Morgenthaler
Bass Buell Neidlinger
Bass John Clayton
Bass Margaret Storer
Bass Steve LaFever
Bass Susan Ranney
Bass [Small Ensemble] Paul Merar
Cello David Speltz
Cello Dennis Karmazyn
Cello Ernie Ehrhardt
Cello Frederick Seykora
Cello Larry Corbett
Cello Marie Fera
Cello Raymond Keeley
Cello Ronald Cooper
Composed By [Original Themes From Rocky] Bill Conti
Composed By, Music By Vince DiCola
Contractor, Other [Sound Conusltant] Jules Chaikin
Copyist Rob Skinnell
Copyist Stuart Balcomb
Copyist Terence Bonnell
Copyist, Other [Librarian] Suzie Katayama
Drums [Small Ensemble] George Perilli
Drums, Percussion Don Williams (5)
Drums, Percussion Jerry Williams
Drums, Percussion Robert Pavlon
Drums, Percussion Steve Forman
Drums, Percussion Terry Mahady
Drums, Percussion Victor Feldman
Edited By [Cd], Mastered By Douglass Fake
Ensemble [Small] Dale Sterling
Ensemble [Small] David Sylvester
Ensemble [Small] Don Marchand
Ensemble [Small] Ed Frugé
Ensemble [Small] Eric Daniels (2)
Ensemble [Small] Jessica Shaver
Ensemble [Small] John Weaver (3)
Ensemble [Small] Marc Dickman
Ensemble [Small] Mike Junkroski
Ensemble [Small] Mike McGurk
Ensemble [Small] Mike Wald
Ensemble [Small] Morris Fuselier
Ensemble [Small] Nick Brown (2)
Ensemble [Small] Randy Sanchez
Ensemble [Small] Richard Bourk
Ensemble [Small] Susan K. Smith
Ensemble [Small] Terryl Wayne
Ensemble [Small] Thomas Hager
Executive Producer [Cd] Roger Fiegelson
Guitar [Small Ensemble] Michael Sembello
Guitar [Small Ensemble] Scott Shelly
Horn Brad Warnaar
Horn Calvin Smith
Horn Richard Todd
Horn Vincent DeRosa
Keyboards [Small Ensemble] Vince DiCola
Keyboards [Small Ensemble], Guitar [Small Ensemble] Duane Hitchings
Liner Notes Daniel Schweiger
Liner Notes Vince DiCola
Orchestrated By [Additional] Terry Mahady
Percussion [Small Ensemble] Lenny Castro
Producer [Assistant] Regina Fake
Producer [Cd] Douglass Fake
Producer [Cd] Vince DiCola
Programmed By [Small Ensemble] Casey Young
Trombone Alan Kaplan
Trombone Charles C. Reichenbach
Trombone Charles Loper
Trombone Don Waldrop
Trombone Lester Benedict
Trombone Lew McCreary
Trombone Roy Main
Trumpet Bob Findley
Trumpet Charles Davis
Trumpet Chuck Findley
Trumpet Gary Grant
Trumpet Jerry Hey
Trumpet Nelson Hatt
Trumpet [Small Ensemble], Cornet [Small Ensemble] Christina Erickson
Tuba James Self
Tuba Tommy Johnson (2)
Viola David Schwartz
Viola Herschel Wise
Viola Kenneth Burward-Hoy
Viola Margot MacLaine
Viola Marilyn Baker
Viola Michael Nowak
Viola Myra Kestenbaum
Viola Peter Hatch
Violin Alexander Horvath
Violin Arthur Zadinsky
Violin Assa Drori
Violin Bill Hybel
Violin Brian Leonard
Violin Bruce Dukov
Violin Clayton Haslop
Violin Dixie Blackstone
Violin Donald Palmer
Violin Ed Green (2)
Violin Gerald Vinci
Violin Gordon Marron
Violin Harold Wolf
Violin Henry Ferber
Violin Irving Geller
Violin Isabelle Daskoff
Violin Jackie Brand
Violin Mari Tsumura
Violin Ralph Morrison
Violin Reginald Hill
Violin Robert Sushel
Violin Shari Zippert
Violin Sheldon Sanov
Violin Thomas Buffum
Woodwind Dave Riddles
Woodwind David Shostac
Woodwind Dominick Fera
Woodwind Earl Dumler
Woodwind Gary Gray (5)
Woodwind Geraldine Rotella
Woodwind Jim Kanter
Woodwind Jim Walker (3)
Woodwind Joseph Nazzaretta
Woodwind Ken Munday
Woodwind Ronald Jannelli
Woodwind Susan Greenberg
Woodwind Tom Boyd
CD, Album
Stage & Screen
Total Time: 32:38 Orchestra recorded Oct. 8 & 17, 1985 at Evergreen Studios, Burbank CA. Small ensemble sessions recorded at Scotti Bros. Studios, Santa Monica, CA. CD Edited and Mastered at Intrada, Oakland, California. CD Art Direction: designWELL, Berkeley, California. Motion Picture Title, Artwork & Photography TM ©1985 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. ©2010 Intrada Inc. / Originally recorded 1985. Manufactured by Sony Music Entertainment.
Sellos Discográficos:
Principal: Intrada
Principal: Sony Music Custom Marketing Group
Rol Nombre
Recorded At Evergreen Studios
Mastered At Intrada
Manufactured By Sony Music Entertainment
Copyright (c) Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.
Copyright (c) Intrada
Play Posición Título Duración
1 Theme From Rocky 2:58
2 Gym 2:06
3 Paulie's Robot 0:42
4 Anniversary 1:42
5 Drago Suite 2:15
6 Apollo's Death And Funeral 2:58
7 Stairs 0:59
8 Rocky And Son 2:01
9 Training Montage 5:10
10 Up The Mountain 1:51
11 Pre-Fight 2:06
12 Drago's Entrance 1:02
13 War 4:39
14 Knockout 0:34
15 Victory 0:53
Descripción Tipo Código
Barcode 7 20258 71092 5
Matrix / Runout DIDX-256801 / 2
Mastering SID Code IFPI L327
Mould SID Code IFPI 50A6