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Rol Nombre
Arranged By Giorgio Moroder
Arranged By Greg Mathieson
Arranged By Harold Faltermeyer
Arranged By Thor Baldursson
Arranged By [Electronic Arrangements By] Giorgio Moroder
Arranged By [String Arrangements] Thor Baldursson
Arranged By [Vocal Arrangement], Arranged By [Rhythm Arrangement] Rod Temperton
Arranged By, Backing Vocals [Back-up Vocals], Keyboards, Percussion Bob Esty
Art Direction Michael Bays
Backing Vocals Bill Champlin
Backing Vocals Carmen Grillo
Backing Vocals Dee Lewis
Backing Vocals Mae McKenna
Backing Vocals Mike Stock
Backing Vocals Tom Kelly
Backing Vocals [Back-up Vocals] Edo Zanki
Backing Vocals [Back-up Vocals] Gitta Walther
Backing Vocals [Back-up Vocals] Jerry Rix
Backing Vocals [Back-up Vocals] Judy Cheeks
Backing Vocals [Back-up Vocals] Lucy O'Neale
Backing Vocals [Background Vocalist] Julia Tillman Waters
Backing Vocals [Background Vocalist] Maxine Willard Waters
Backing Vocals [Background Vocalist] Stephanie Spruill
Backing Vocals [Background Vocals] Brooklyn Dreams
Backing Vocals [Background Vocals] Bruce Sudano
Backing Vocals [Background Vocals] Carolyn Dennis
Backing Vocals [Background Vocals] Chris Bennett
Backing Vocals [Background Vocals] Cydney Davis
Backing Vocals [Background Vocals] Dani McCormick
Backing Vocals [Background Vocals] Dara Bernard
Backing Vocals [Background Vocals] Donna Fein
Backing Vocals [Background Vocals] Gene Van Buren
Backing Vocals [Background Vocals] James Ingram
Backing Vocals [Background Vocals] Khaliq Glover
Backing Vocals [Background Vocals] Kin Vassy
Backing Vocals [Background Vocals] Marti McCall
Backing Vocals [Background Vocals] Mary Bernard
Backing Vocals [Background Vocals] Matthew Ward (2)
Backing Vocals [Background Vocals] Pattie Brooks
Backing Vocals [Background Vocals] Petsye Powell
Backing Vocals [Background Vocals] Portia Griffin
Backing Vocals [Background Vocals] Roberta Kelly
Backing Vocals [Background Vocals] Siedah Garrett
Backing Vocals [Background Vocals] Susannah
Backing Vocals [Background Vocals] Terry Williams (4)
Bass Bob Glaub
Bass John Pierce
Bass Leland Sklar
Bass Les Hurdle
Bass Mike Porcaro
Bass Nathan East
Bass Scott Edwards (2)
Bass [Moog Bass], Synthesizer [Moog], Keyboards Thor Baldursson
Bass, Electric Piano [Rhodes], Keyboards [D6] Harold Faltermeyer
Brass Benny Gebauer
Brass Bill Reichenbach (2)
Brass David Luell
Brass Dick Hyde
Brass Dino Solera
Brass Etienne Cap
Brass Gary Grant
Brass Gary Herbig
Brass Hanus Berka
Brass Hermann Breuer
Brass Jack Redmond
Brass Jef Coolen
Brass Jerry Hey
Brass Jon Kip
Brass Lee Harper
Brass Rick Blane
Brass Steve Madaio
Choir Madeline Bell
Choir Sue Glover
Choir Sunny Leslie
Compilation Producer Bas Hartong
Compilation Producer Bill Levenson
Compilation Producer [Compilation Produced In Association With] Donna Summer
Concertmaster Assa Drori
Concertmaster [Strings, Concert Master] Sidney Sharp
Conductor [Conducted By] Greg Mathieson
Congas Lenny Castro
Contractor Trevor Veitch
Contractor [Musical Contractor] Trevor Veitch
Coordinator [Project Coordination By] Terri Tierney
Design [Package Design By] Giulio Turturro
Drum Programming [Simmons Drum Programming] John Gilston
Drums A. Linn
Drums Keith Forsey
Drums Leon Ndugu Chancler
Drums Mike Baird
Engineer Brian Reeves
Engineer Erik Zobler
Engineer Hans Menzel
Engineer Harold Faltermeyer
Engineer John Guess
Engineer Jürgen Koppers
Engineer Karen Hewitt
Engineer Mack (2)
Engineer Steve Smith (19)
Engineer Yoyo
Engineer [Assistant Engineer] Carolyn Tapp
Engineer [Assistant Engineer] Larry Ferguson
Engineer [Assistant Engineer] Ross Pallone
Engineer [Assistant], Technician [Technical Director] Matt Forger
Engineer [Assisted By] Erik Zobler
Engineer [Assisted By] Matt Forger
Engineer [Mix Engineer] Giorgio Moroder
Engineer [Mixing Engineer], Engineer [Recording Engineer] Jürgen Koppers
Engineer [Recording Engineer] Steven D. Smith
Engineer, Mixed By George Karras
Guitar Al Perkins
Guitar Ben Benay
Guitar Geoff Bastow
Guitar Jay Graydon
Guitar Jeff Baxter
Guitar Joe Taylor
Guitar Marty Walsh
Guitar Mats Björklund
Guitar Paul Jackson Jr.
Guitar Steve Lukather
Guitar Tim May
Guitar, Guitar [Guitar Solos], Soloist [Guitar] Michael Landau
Horns Charles Loper
Horns Chuck Findley
Horns Dick Hyde
Horns Gary Grant
Horns Jerry Hey
Horns [Horn Section] Bill Reichenbach (2)
Horns [Horn Section] Jerry Hey
Keyboards Alan Hawkshaw
Keyboards Don Gregorio
Keyboards George De Angelis
Keyboards Greg Mathieson
Keyboards Harold Faltermeyer
Keyboards Mike Stock
Keyboards Sylvester Levay
Keyboards, Guitar Matt Aitken
Keyboards, Percussion, Drums [Additional Drums] Michael Omartian
Liner Notes [Edited By] Harry Weinger
Liner Notes [Essay By] Alan Light
Mastered By Joseph M. Palmaccio
Mixed By Giorgio Moroder
Mixed By Harold Faltermeyer
Mixed By John Guess
Mixed By Jürgen Koppers
Mixed By Pete Bellotte
Mixed By Pete Hammond
Musician [Munich Machine] Frank Diez
Musician [Munich Machine] Gary Unwin
Musician [Munich Machine] Keith Forsey
Musician [Munich Machine] Martin Harrison (2)
Musician [Munich Machine] Molly Moll
Musician [The Brooklyn Dreams] Bruce Sudano
Musician [The Brooklyn Dreams] Eddie Hokenson
Musician [The Brooklyn Dreams] Joe Esposito
Other [Project Assistance By] Catherine Ladis
Percussion Bob Conti
Percussion Joseph Spector
Percussion Keith Forsey
Percussion Paulinho Da Costa
Percussion Pete Bellotte
Performer [Accompanied By] Munich Machine
Performer [Munich Machine] Thor Baldursson
Photography By [Booklet Cover Photography By, Booklet Photography By] Francesco Scavullo
Photography By [Booklet Photography By] David Alexander (5)
Photography By [Booklet Photography By] Lawrence Lawry
Photography By [Booklet Photography By] Neal Preston
Photography By [Booklet Photography By] Tony Viramontes
Photography By [Slipcase Cover Photography By, Booklet Photography By] Harry Langdon
Piano Harold Faltermeyer
Piano Jai Winding
Piano, Synthesizer, Electronic Drums [Simmons Drums] Michael Omartian
Producer Giorgio Moroder
Producer Pete Bellotte
Producer Stock, Aitken & Waterman
Producer, Arranged By Michael Omartian
Producer, Arranged By [Vocal Arrangement], Arranged By [Rhythm Arrangement] Quincy Jones
Producer, Mixed By, Arranged By, Keyboards Keith Diamond
Programmed By [Moog Programmer] Dan Wyman
Programmed By [Synthesizer Programming] Michael Boddicker
Programmed By [Synthesizer Programs On The Yamaha Dx-1 And Dx-7 Systems By] Erich Bulling
Recorded By John Guess
Recorded By, Mixed By Bruce Swedien
Remix Giorgio Moroder
Research [Additional Research] William Meisinger
Saxophone [Sax Solo] Gary Herbig
Saxophone [Sax] Gary Herbig
Strings Sid Sharp Strings, The
Supervised By [Project Direction By] Richard Bauer
Synthesizer Greg Phillinganes
Synthesizer Harold Faltermeyer
Synthesizer Sylvester Levay
Synthesizer [Moog] Giorgio Moroder
Synthesizer [Moog] Robert Wedel
Tenor Saxophone [Featured On Tenor Solo] Ernie Watts
Written By Bellotte/Faltermeyer/Forsey
Written By Moroder/Summer
Written By Summer/Moroder/Bellotte
Written By Summer/Omartian
Written-By Anthony Smith (3)
Written-By Bruce Sudano
Written-By Donna Summer
Written-By Eddie Hokenson
Written-By Eve Nelson
Written-By Giorgio Moroder
Written-By Greg Mathieson
Written-By Harold Faltermeyer
Written-By Joe Esposito
Written-By Keith Diamond
Written-By Keith Forsey
Written-By Larry Henley
Written-By Marietta Waters
Written-By Michael Omartian
Written-By Paul Jabara
Written-By Pete Bellotte
Written-By Stock, Aitken & Waterman
Written-By Vanessa Smith
CD, Compilation
Funk / Soul
This differs from [url=]another similar release[/url] in that this release lacks "MADE IN FRANCE BY PMDC" on the labels, and the final page of the booklet of this release has a black background with white text (which is reversed on the other release). Features a 24-page full colour booklet with photos and essays. Booklet: Track 1-1: Produced for Say Yes Productions Recorded at Musicland Studios, Munich From the album LOVE TO LOVE YOU BABY (1975) Tracks 1-2, 1-3: A Say Yes Production Recorded at Musicland Studios, Munich From the album A LOVE TRILOGY (1976) Track 1-4: Recorded at Musicland Studios, Munich From the album FOUR SEASONS OF LOVE (1976) Tracks 1-5, 1-6: Recorded at Musicland Studios, Munich and Arco Studios, Munich From the album I REMEMBER YESTERDAY (1977) Tracks 1-7 to 1-9: Recorded at Musicland Studios, Munich From the album ONCE UPON A TIME... (1977) Track 1-10: From the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY (1978) Tracks 1-11, 1-12: Recorded and mixed at Westlake Studios, Los Angeles and Rusk Sound Studios, Los Angeles From the album LIVE AND MORE (1978) and THE DANCE COLLECTION (1987) Tracks 1-13 to 1-16: Recorded and Mixed at Rusk Sound Studios, Los Angeles From the album BAD GIRLS (1979) Track 2-1: Recorded at Village Recorders and Rusk Sound Studios, Los Angeles From the album ON THE RADIO (1979) Track 2-2: Recorded at Rusk Sound Studios, Burbank Studios, Westlake Audio, Allen Zentz Recording, and the Record Plant, New York From the album ON THE RADIO (1979) Tracks 2-3, 2-4: Recorded and mixed at Westlake Audio, Los Angeles From the album THE WANDERER (1980) Tracks 2-5, 2-6 Remixed June 1993 From the unreleased album I'M A RAINBOW (1981) Tracks 2-7, 2-8: Recorded and mixed at Westlake Audio, Los Angeles From the album DONNA SUMMER (1982) Tracks 2-9, 2-10: Recorded and Mixed at Lion Share Studios, Los Angeles, Hollywood Sound Recorders, Hollywood, Rhema Studios, Beverly Hills From the album SHE WORKS HARD FOR THE MONEY (1983) Tracks 2-11, 2-12: Recorded at Lion Share Studios, Los Angeles, United Western Studios, Hollywood, and Rhema Studios, Los Angeles From the album CATS WITHOUT CLAWS (1984) Track 2-13: Recorded at Oasis Studio and Union Studio (Munich) From the album ALL SYSTEMS GO (1987) Tracks 2-14, 2-15: Recorded at PWL, London From the album ANOTHER PLACE AND TIME (1989) Licensed courtesy of Atlantic Recording Corporation Tracks 2-16, 2-17: From the album MISTAKEN IDENTITY (1991) Licensed courtesy of Atlantic Recording Corporation Track 2-18: From the album FOREVER DANCING (1992) Licensed courtesy of Giorgio Moroder © 1993 PolyGram Records, Inc. Tray insert: ℗ 1993 PolyGram Records, Inc. © 1993 PolyGram Records, Inc. Labels: THIS COMPILATION ℗ © 1993 POLYGRAM RECORDS, INC.
Sellos Discográficos:
Principal: Casablanca Records
Principal: Chronicles
Principal: Casablanca Records
Principal: Chronicles
Rol Nombre
Phonographic Copyright (p) PolyGram Records, Inc.
Copyright (c) PolyGram Records, Inc.
Recorded At Musicland Studios
Recorded At Arco Studios
Recorded At Westlake Studios
Mixed At Westlake Studios
Recorded At Rusk Sound Studios
Mixed At Rusk Sound Studios
Recorded At The Village Recorder
Recorded At The Burbank Studios
Recorded At Allen Zentz Recording
Recorded At Record Plant, N.Y.C.
Recorded At Lion Share Recording Studios
Mixed At Lion Share Recording Studios
Recorded At Hollywood Sound Recorders
Mixed At Hollywood Sound Recorders
Recorded At Rhema Studios
Mixed At Rhema Studios
Recorded At United Western Studios
Recorded At Oasis Studios
Recorded At Union Studios, Munich
Recorded At PWL Studios
Play Posición Título Duración
1-1 Love To Love You Baby (Single Version) 3:21
1-2 Could It Be Magic (Single Version) 3:54
1-3 Try Me, I Know We Can Make It (Single Version) 4:46
1-4 Spring Affair (Single Version) 4:02
1-5 Love's Unkind 4:26
1-6 I Feel Love 5:51
1-7 Once Upon A Time 4:00
1-8 Rumour Has It 4:54
1-9 I Love You 4:41
1-10 Last Dance 4:57
1-11 MacArthur Park (Promotional Single Version) 6:25
1-12 Heaven Knows (Single Version) 3:52
1-13 Hot Stuff (12" Version) 6:46
1-14 Bad Girls (12" Version) 4:56
1-15 Dim All The Lights 4:23
1-16 Sunset People 6:24
2-1 No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) 4:41
2-2 On The Radio 5:50
2-3 The Wanderer 3:45
2-4 Cold Love 3:38
2-5 I'm A Rainbow 4:04
2-6 Don't Cry For Me Argentina 4:20
2-7 Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger) 4:19
2-8 State Of Independence 5:49
2-9 She Works Hard For The Money 5:18
2-10 Unconditional Love 4:41
2-11 There Goes My Baby 4:06
2-12 Supernatural Love 3:34
2-13 All Systems Go 4:10
2-14 This Time I Know It's For Real 3:36
2-15 I Don't Wanna Get Hurt 3:26
2-16 When Love Cries 5:14
2-17 Friends Unknown 3:44
2-18 Carry On 3:41
Descripción Tipo Código
Text On Tray Insert Barcode 7 31451 81442 6
Distribution Code On Tray Insert Other PG 892
On Tray Insert Label Code LC 3272
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Disc 1 Label Other 518 145-2
Disc 2 Label Other 518 146-2
Disc 1 Matrix / Runout 518 145-2 01 >
Disc 2 Matrix / Runout 518 146-2 01 /
SID Code Disc 1 Innermost Ring Around Hole Other IFPI 01T1
SID Code Disc 2 Innermost Ring Around Hole Other IFPI 01T2
Disc 1 Innermost Ring Around Hole Other MADE IN GERMANY BY PMDC N
Disc 2 Innermost Ring Around Hole Other MADE IN GERMANY M