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Rol Nombre
Alto Saxophone Don Myrick
Arco Bass Buell Neidlinger
Arranged By [Horn, Strings] Erich Bulling
Arranged By [Horn, Strings] Tom Tom 84
Arranged By [Horn] Jerry Hey
Arranged By [Strings] David Foster
Arranged By [Strings] James Newton Howard
Arranged By [Strings] Jerry Peters
Art Direction Roger Carpenter (2)
Baritone Saxophone Don Myrick
Bass Verdine White
Bells [Orchestra Bells] Gary Coleman
Cello Albert Gill
Cello Buell Neidlinger
Cello Dennis Karmazyn
Cello Earl Madison
Cello Frederick Seykora
Cello Jacqueline Lustgarten
Cello Larry Corbett
Cello Marston Smith
Cello Mary Louise Zeyen
Cello Miguel Martinez (2)
Cello Nils Oliver
Cello Nina Deveritch
Cello Ray Kelley
Cello Ronald Cooper
Concertmaster Assa Drori
Concertmaster Harris Goldman
Concertmaster Janice Gower
Congas Philip Bailey
Drums Fred White
Drums Maurice White
Engineer Ernie Sheesley
Engineer Franklin Allen
Engineer Geoff Irons
Engineer George Morgan
Engineer John Silcott
Engineer Mark Touchy
Engineer Ray Gonzales
Engineer Reuben (2)
Engineer Robert Wolstein
Engineer Ron Pendragon
Engineer Steve Jackson (2)
Engineer Tchad Thompson
Engineer Wally Heider
Flugelhorn Rahmlee Michael Davis
French Horn Alan Robinson
French Horn Art Maebe
French Horn George Price
French Horn Marilyn Robinson
French Horn Vincent DeRosa
Guitar Johnny Graham
Guitar Marlo Henderson
Guitar Steve Lukather
Harp Dorothy Ashby
Illustration [Photo-light Illustration] Kevin Lyman (2)
Kalimba Maurice White
Keyboards David Foster
Keyboards Garry Glenn
Keyboards Jerry Peters
Mixed By George Massenburg
Organ Jerry Peters
Percussion Fred White
Percussion Paulinho Da Costa
Percussion Philip Bailey
Percussion Ralph Johnson
Piano Larry Dunn
Producer Maurice White
Producer [Associate] Michal L. Bednarek
Recorded By George Massenburg
Recorded By Ken Fowler
Reissue Producer Wayne A. Dickson
Remastered By [Digital Remaster] Alan Wilson
Saxophone Fred Jackson
Saxophone Larry Williams
Saxophone [Uncredited] Jeff Clayton (3)
Synthesizer Larry Dunn
Tenor Saxophone Andrew Woolfolk
Tenor Saxophone Don Myrick
Trombone Bill Reichenbach (2)
Trombone Fred Wesley
Trombone George Bohanon
Trombone Louis Satterfield
Trumpet Bobby Bryant
Trumpet Chuck Findley
Trumpet Gary Grant
Trumpet Jerry Hey
Trumpet Michael Harris
Trumpet Nolan Smith
Trumpet Oscar Brashear
Trumpet Rahmlee Michael Davis
Trumpet Steve Madaio
Tuba Tommy Johnson (2)
Viola Allan Harshman
Viola Barbara Thomason
Viola Brenton Banks
Viola Bryana Sherman
Viola David Schwartz
Viola Gareth Nuttycombe
Viola Harry Hyams
Viola Herschel Wise
Viola Jimbo Ross
Viola Laury Woods
Viola Leanna Sherman
Viola Marilyn Baker
Viola Patricia Matthews
Viola Renita Koven
Viola Roland Kato
Viola Rollice Dale
Viola Ron Strauss
Violin Arkady Shindelman
Violin Barry Socher
Violin Bernard Kundell
Violin Donald Palmer
Violin Endre Granat
Violin Gina Kronstadt
Violin Glenn Dicterow
Violin Haim Shtrum
Violin Harold Dicterow
Violin Henry Ferber
Violin Henry Roth
Violin Irving Geller
Violin Isabelle Daskoff
Violin Jack Gootkin
Violin Janet Lakatos
Violin Jerome Reisler
Violin Jerome Webster
Violin John Wittenberg
Violin Joseph Goodman
Violin Joseph Shoenbrun
Violin Joy Lyle
Violin Karen Jones (2)
Violin Mari Tsumura
Violin Mark Cargill
Violin Marvin Limonick
Violin Mary Lundquist
Violin Michael Markman
Violin Mike Nowack
Violin Norman Carr
Violin Pavel Farkas
Violin Reginald Hill
Violin Robert Dubow
Violin Robert Jung (2)
Violin Robert Lipsett
Violin Ron Clark
Violin Ronald Folsom
Violin Shari Zippert
Violin Sheldon Sanov
Violin Sid Page
Violin Sidney Sharp
Violin Vicky Sylvester
Violin William Henderson (2)
Violin William Kurasch
Vocals Maurice White
Vocals Philip Bailey
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CD, Remastered
Funk / Soul
℗ 1980. This compilation. ℗ & © 2010 Big Break Records. All tracks licensed from Sony Music Entertainment UK Ltd. Marketed and distributed by Cherry Red Records.
Play Posición Título Duración
1 Let Me Talk 4:08
2 Turn It Into Something Good 4:11
3 Pride 4:12
4 You 5:09
5 Sparkle 3:49
6 Back On The Road 3:34
7 Song In My Heart 4:18
8 You Went Away 4:27
9 And Love Goes On 4:05
10 Sailaway 4:03
11 Take It To The Sky 4:20
12 Win Or Lose 3:53
13 Share Your Love 3:16
14 In Time 3:44
15 Faces 8:30
Bonus Tracks
16 Let Me Talk (12" Long Version) 6:46
17 You (Alternative Mix) 3:47
18 And Love Goes On (7" Remix) 3:38
Descripción Tipo Código
Barcode 5013929031425