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Jonathan Livingston Seagull (Original Motion Picture Sound Track) | Neil Diamond |

Rol Nombre
Adapted By [For Orchestra], Conductor Lee Holdridge
Art Direction David Larkham
Art Direction Ed Caraeff
Art Direction Michael Ross (3)
Art Direction [Executive Art Director] Ron Coro
Design [Package Design] David Larkham
Design [Package Design] Michael Ross (3)
Engineer Armin Steiner
Leader [Bob Mitchell's Singing Boys] Bob Mitchell (6)
Lyrics By, Music By Neil Diamond
Mixed By [Orchestra] Doc Siegel
Performer [Musician] Abe Luboff
Performer [Musician] Allan Harshman
Performer [Musician] Andra Willis
Performer [Musician] Anthony Terran
Performer [Musician] Arnold Belnick
Performer [Musician] Art Maebe
Performer [Musician] Arthur C. Smith
Performer [Musician] Arthur Hoberman
Performer [Musician] Assa Drori
Performer [Musician] Bernard Kundell
Performer [Musician] Bill Peterson
Performer [Musician] Caesar Giovannini
Performer [Musician] Carl LaMagna
Performer [Musician] Chase Craig
Performer [Musician] Claire Hodgkins
Performer [Musician] Clark Spangler
Performer [Musician] David B. Roberts
Performer [Musician] David Cohen
Performer [Musician] David Duke
Performer [Musician] David Schwartz
Performer [Musician] Diana Lee
Performer [Musician] Dixie Blackstone
Performer [Musician] Don Christlieb
Performer [Musician] Emory Gordy, Jr.
Performer [Musician] Gary Coleman
Performer [Musician] Gayle Levant
Performer [Musician] Gene Cipriano
Performer [Musician] Gene Estes
Performer [Musician] George Kast
Performer [Musician] Gordon Schoneberg
Performer [Musician] Hal Blaine
Performer [Musician] Harris Goldman
Performer [Musician] Harry Bluestone
Performer [Musician] Harry Hyams
Performer [Musician] Henry Ferber
Performer [Musician] Henry Sigismonti
Performer [Musician] Hoyt Bohannon
Performer [Musician] Hugo Raimondi
Performer [Musician] Ida Sue McCune
Performer [Musician] Isabelle Daskoff
Performer [Musician] Israel Baker
Performer [Musician] Jack Marsh
Performer [Musician] Jackie Ward
Performer [Musician] Jacob Krachmalnick
Performer [Musician] James Getzoff
Performer [Musician] Jerome Kessler
Performer [Musician] Jesse Ehrlich
Performer [Musician] Joe Mondragon
Performer [Musician] Joe Osborn
Performer [Musician] John De Voogdt
Performer [Musician] John Ellis (3)
Performer [Musician] John Rotella
Performer [Musician] Joseph Ditullio
Performer [Musician] Joseph Reilich
Performer [Musician] Jules Jacob
Performer [Musician] Julian Spear
Performer [Musician] Larry Carlton
Performer [Musician] Lee Holdridge
Performer [Musician] Leonard Malarsky
Performer [Musician] Lew McCreary
Performer [Musician] Lou Klass
Performer [Musician] Lou Singer
Performer [Musician] Louis Kievman
Performer [Musician] Luella Howard
Performer [Musician] Marilyn Baker
Performer [Musician] Marvin Limonick
Performer [Musician] Michael Omartian
Performer [Musician] Mike Lang
Performer [Musician] Milton E. Nadel
Performer [Musician] Myer Bello
Performer [Musician] Nathan Ross
Performer [Musician] Norm Forrest
Performer [Musician] Owen Wilson Brady
Performer [Musician] Paul Beaver
Performer [Musician] Paulo Alencar
Performer [Musician] Pearl Kaufman
Performer [Musician] Peter Mercurio
Performer [Musician] Phil Azelton
Performer [Musician] Philip Goldberg
Performer [Musician] Ralph Grierson
Performer [Musician] Ralph Schaeffer
Performer [Musician] Raphael Kramer
Performer [Musician] Ray Kelley
Performer [Musician] Ray Siegel
Performer [Musician] Richard Bennett
Performer [Musician] Richard Kaufman
Performer [Musician] Robert Dubow
Performer [Musician] Robert Konrad
Performer [Musician] Robert Ostrowsky
Performer [Musician] Robert Stone (2)
Performer [Musician] Rollice Dale
Performer [Musician] Ronald Folsom
Performer [Musician] Sally Stevens
Performer [Musician] Samuel Boghossian
Performer [Musician] Selene Hurford
Performer [Musician] Sheldon Sanov
Performer [Musician] Sidney Sharp
Performer [Musician] Stan Sheldone
Performer [Musician] Sven Reher
Performer [Musician] Thomas Shepard
Performer [Musician] Tibor Zelig
Performer [Musician] Tom Hensley
Performer [Musician] Tommy Johnson (2)
Performer [Musician] Victor Feldman
Performer [Musician] Vincent DeRosa
Performer [Musician] Wilbert Nuttycombe
Performer [Musician] William Criss
Performer [Musician] William Henderson (2)
Performer [Musician] William Kurasch
Performer [Musician] Yukiko Kamei
Photography Ed Caraeff
Photography [Inside Cover Portrait Photo] Tom Burke
Producer, Directed By [Musical Director] Tom Catalano
Recorded By [Orchestra] Andy Macdonald (2)
Recorded By [Orchestra] Bill Gernand
Vocals Bob Mitchell's Singing Boys
Vocals Bradford S. Ralston
Vocals Brian Tatsuo Okamoto
Vocals Bruce Douglas MacLeod
Vocals Christopher J. Cartwright
Vocals Clement Shuji Hanami
Vocals Dale A. Cohen
Vocals Eric M. Williams
Vocals Erik Stanton Simmons
Vocals Jaime Rodriguez
Vocals Jeffrey M. Kennedy
Vocals John Robert Coniglio
Vocals Kirk E Alley
Vocals Mark Albert
Vocals Martin Shunji Nomura
Vocals Mathew James Leum
Vocals Michael DeWayne Clark
Vocals Michael Richard Leum
Vocals Paul Watson Wims, Jr.
Vocals Ronald Trimby Young
Vocals Sean Patrick English
Vocals Sherman A. Williams III
Vocals Timothy J. Schmidt
Vocals Timothy John Butala
Vocals Tracy L. Thielen
Vinyl, LP
Vinyl, Album
Stage & Screen
Pop Rock
Play Posición Título Duración
A1 Prologue 3:19
A2 Be 6:28
A3 Flight Of The Gull 2:23
A4 Dear Father 5:12
A5 Skybird 1:12
A6 Lonely Looking Sky 3:12
The Odyssey 9:28
B1.1 Be 1:06
B1.2 Lonely Looking Sky 2:32
B1.3 Dear Father 5:50
B2 Anthem 3:03
B3 Be 1:06
B4 Skybird 2:18
B5 Dear Father 1:14
B6 Be 3:26