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Lasso From El Paso | Kinky Friedman |

Rol Nombre
Artwork John Kehe
Artwork Tommy Steele (2)
Backing Vocals Jim Atkinson (4)
Backing Vocals Levon Helm
Backing Vocals Rick Danko
Backing Vocals Ronnie Hawkins
Backing Vocals Roscoe West
Backing Vocals Teddy Jack Eddy
Backing Vocals Terry Danko
Backing Vocals Tracey Balin
Banjo Roger McGuinn
Bass Brian Clarke (5)
Bass Ira Wilkes
Bass Rick Danko
Bass Rob Stoner
Bass Terry Danko
Drums Dahrell Norris
Drums Gary Burke
Drums Howard Wyeth
Drums Levon Helm
Drums Major Boles
Drums Richard Manuel
Drums Teddy Jack Eddy
Engineer Alex Kazanegras
Engineer Ed Anderson (2)
Engineer Ed Lever
Engineer Larold Rebhun
Engineer Neil Atkinson
Engineer Rob Fraboni
Engineer Uncle Mickey Moody
Executive-Producer Steve Popovich
Fiddle Al Garth
Fiddle Fiddlin' Frenchie Burke
Guitar Bill Harn
Guitar Jim Atkinson (4)
Guitar Kinky Friedman
Guitar Levon Helm
Guitar Mick Ronson
Guitar Ron Wood
Guitar Steven Soles
Guitar T-Bone Burnett
Guitar Tom Culpepper
Horns Snakebite Jacobs
Keyboards Dr. John
Keyboards Jewford Shelby
Keyboards Ken Lauber
Keyboards Red Young
Keyboards Richard Manuel
Keyboards T-Bone Burnett
Mandolin Mike De Temple
Organ Dr. John
Piano Dr. John
Producer Huey P. Meaux
Producer Kinky Friedman
Resonator Guitar Eric Clapton
Steel Guitar David Mansfield
Steel Guitar Rusty Young
Voice Bob Neuwirth
Voice Jewford Shelby
Voice Ringo Starr
Vinyl, LP
Vinyl, Album
Vinyl, Promo
Folk, World, & Country
Country Rock
White label promo version with sticker on front cover "Attention Radio Station Programmers! - Contains some provocative material which may be objectionable". Timing strip on back cover "Demonstration Not For Sale" along with gold stamp "Demonstration Not For Sale" Labels also state "Demonstration Not For Sale" Should be noted track A1 is recorded at Ft. Collins, Colorado as part of Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue. Also, should be noted original LPs list the following, "Sold American recorded live with Boy Dylan and The Rolling Thunder Revue at Ft. Collins, Colorado." Other recording sessions took place at the following, Sugar Hill Studios, Houston, TX, Shangri-La Studios, Malibu, CA, and Haji Sound, Hollywood, CA. Of further note, this release was meant to capitalize on Friedman's appearance on the Rolling Thunder Revue therefore, virtually every member of the tour is credited on the LP jacket, however, it is unlikely that all artists listed are actual players on the album itself. Nevertheless, they are listed as they appear on the LP liner notes.
Play Posición Título Duración
A1 Sold American 3:36
A2 Twinkle 3:21
A3 Ahab The Arab 3:31
A4 Dear Abbie 3:12
A5 Kinky 2:57
A6 Lady Yesterday 3:47
B1 Catfish 3:01
B2 Men's Room, L.A. 2:10
B3 Bananas And Cream 2:41
B4 Ol' Ben Lucas 1:39
B5 The Ballad Of Ira Hayes 5:10
B6 Waitret, Please, Waitret 2:25