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Death Row - Greatest Hits | Various |

Rol Nombre
Art Direction George Pryce
Co-producer DF Master Tee
Co-producer DeVante Swing
Co-producer Moses (3)
Co-producer Sam Sneed
Compiled By [Project Co-ordinator] Roy Tesfay
Design Unleashed (2)
Engineer Dave Aron
Engineer Keston Wright
Engineer Lance Pierre
Engineer Patrick Shevelin
Engineer Tommy D. Daugherty
Engineer Tony Pizarro
Engineer [Mixing] Jay Lean
Engineer [Mixing] Paul Arnold
Engineer [Mixing] Soulshock
Executive-producer Suge Knight
Illustration [Front Cover Illustration] Ronald Brent (2)
Illustration [Inlay Illustration] T.J. Johnson
Mastered By Brian Gardner
Mixed By Dave Aron
Mixed By Dr. Dre
Mixed By Kevyn Lewis
Mixed By Norman Whitfield Jr.
Mixed By Rick Clifford
Photography [Portraiture] Ken Nahoum/Edge Films
Producer 2Pac
Producer Barney Rubble (3)
Producer DJ Daryl
Producer DJ Jam
Producer DJ Quik
Producer Damon Thomas
Producer Dat Nigga Daz
Producer Dr. Dre
Producer J-Flex
Producer Johnny J
Producer Julio G
Producer Kevyn Lewis
Producer Kurt Curthon
Producer Reggie Lamb
Producer Sir Jinx
Producer Soulshock & Karlin
Producer Tommy D. Daugherty
Producer Tony G
Producer Tony Pizarro
Supervised By Norris Anderson
Written-By Allen Williams
Written-By Angela Brown (4)
Written-By Aretha Franklin
Written-By Bacharach And David
Written-By Bernie Worrell
Written-By Big Pimpin Delemond
Written-By Billy Nichols
Written-By Bootsy Collins
Written-By Cheryl Cook
Written-By D.O.C., The
Written-By DJ Quik
Written-By Damon Thomas
Written-By Danny Boy
Written-By Daryl Anderson
Written-By Dat Nigga Daz
Written-By David Spradley
Written-By DeVante Swing
Written-By Dennis Lambert
Written-By Douglas E. Davis
Written-By Dr. Dre
Written-By Duane Hitchings
Written-By Edward Howard
Written-By Ei Rokusuke
Written-By Franne Golde
Written-By Garry Shider
Written-By George Clinton
Written-By Gwendolyn Chisolm
Written-By Hachidai Nakamura
Written-By Harry Wayne Casey & Richard Finch
Written-By Ice Cube
Written-By J-Flex
Written-By Jewell Caples
Written-By Jodeci
Written-By Joe Sample
Written-By K-Ci
Written-By Kurupt
Written-By Lady Of Rage, The
Written-By Larry Troutman
Written-By Leon Haywood
Written-By Leon Ware
Written-By Minnie Riperton
Written-By Money B (2)
Written-By Mr. Dalvin
Written-By Nate Dogg
Written-By RBX
Written-By Richard 'Dimples' Fields
Written-By Richard Rudolph
Written-By Ricky Walters
Written-By Roger Troutman
Written-By Sam Sneed
Written-By Scarface (3)
Written-By Sean "Barney" Thomas
Written-By Shirley Murdock
Written-By Shock G
Written-By Sir Jinx
Written-By Snoop Dogg
Written-By Soulshock & Karlin
Written-By Stan Vincent
Written-By Sylvia Robinson
Written-By Tupac Shakur
Written-By Warren G
CD, Compilation
CD, Reissue
CD, Remastered
CD, Enhanced
Hip Hop
Tracks 1-01, 1-11, 1-14, 2-01, 2-05 & 2-07 taken from "The Chronic". Tracks 1-02, 1-05, 1-08, 1-12, 1-13, 1-15, 2-02 & 2-04 taken from "Doggystyle". Tracks 1-03 & 2-11 taken from "Above The Rim" The Soundtrack. Track 1-04, 1-10, 2-12, 2-13, 2-14 taken from "Murder Was The Case" The Soundtrack. Track 1-06 taken from the "Friday" Soundtrack. Tracks 1-09 & 2-06 taken from "Strictly 4 My Niggaz". Tracks 1-16 & 1-17 taken from "Me Against The World". Track 1-01 contains a sample from "I Want'a Do Something Freaky To You" as recorded by Leon Haywood, and an interpolation from "Uphill Peace Of Mind". Track 1-02 contains an interpolation of "Watching You", and a sample from "I Get Lifted" as recorded by George McCrae. Track 1-03 contains a sample from "Love That Will Not Die" as recorded by Johnny "Guitar" Watson. Track 1-05 contains an interpolation of "Atomic Dog". Track 1-06 contains an interpolation from "Funk You Up". Track 1-07 contains a sample from "Dazz" as recorded by Brick. Track 1-08 contains an interpolation from "If It Ain't One Thing, It's Another". Track 1-09 contains a sample from "Be Alright", as record by Roger, and an interpolation from "Ooh Child". Tracks 1-11 & 2-07 contains a sample from "Little Getto Boy" as recorded by Donny Hathaway. Track 1-13 contains interpolations from "La Di Da Di" and "Sukiyaki". Track 1-14 contains a sample from "Do Your Thang" as recorded by Isaac Hayes; and "If It Don't Turn You On" as recorded by B.T. Express. Track 1-16 contains a sample from "In My Wildest Dreams" as recorded by Joe Sample; and an interpolation of "Sadie". Track 1-17 contains samples from "Walk On By" as recorded by Isaac Hayes; and "Inside My Love" as recorded by Minnie Riperton. Track 2-06 contains a sample from "Computer Love" as recorded by Zapp. Track 2-08 contains an interpolation from "Don't Look Any Further". Track 2-09 contains a sample of "Forget Me Nots" as recorded by Patrice Rushen. Track 2-11 contains a sample from "Cry Together" as recorded by The O'Jays. Track 2-14 contains a sample from "Let Me Love You" as recorded by Ray Parker, Jr. Mastered at Bernie Grundman Mastering.
Play Posición Título Duración
1-01 Nuthin' But A G Thang 3:37
1-02 Gin & Juice 3:34
1-03 Afro Puffs 4:49
1-04 Natural Born Killaz 4:50
1-05 Who Am I (What's My Name?) 4:06
1-06 Keep Their Heads Ringin' 4:13
1-07 No Vaseline 4:04
1-08 Doggy Dogg World 4:39
1-09 Keep Ya Head Up 4:22
1-10 Murder Was The Case 4:19
1-11 Lil' Ghetto Boy 4:24
1-12 Ain't No Fun 4:06
1-13 Lodi Dodi 4:27
1-14 Stranded On Death Row 4:49
1-15 The Shiznit 4:14
1-16 Dear Mama 4:56
1-17 Me Against The World 4:40
2-01 Let Me Ride (Rmx) 5:53
2-02 Gin & Juice (Rmx) 5:07
2-03 Daydreaming 4:53
2-04 Who Am I (What's My Name?) (Rmx) 4:11
2-05 Nuthin' But A G Thang (Rmx) 4:35
2-06 I Get Around (Rmx) 4:04
2-07 Lil' Ghetto Boy (Rmx) 4:55
2-08 Hit 'Em Up 5:19
2-09 Who Been There, Who Done That? 4:34
2-10 F--- Wit Dre Day (Rmx) 4:43
2-11 Pour Out A Little Liquor 3:39
2-12 What Would You Do 5:08
2-13 Come Up To My Room 4:37
2-14 Come When I Call 4:55
2-15 Me In Your World 3:46
2-16 Smile For Me Now 4:47