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Music Inspired By Star Wars And Other Galactic Funk | Meco Monardo |

Rol Nombre
Arranged By Harold Wheeler
Art Direction, Design Gribbitt!
Art Direction, Design Stephen Lumel
Artwork By [Illustration] Robert Rodriguez
Autoharp Atten Lessik
Autoharp Gene Bianco
Autoharp Ynned Lessik
Bass Neil Jason
Bass Obb Sretlaw
Bass Will Lee
Cello Jesse Levy
Cello Richard Locker
Cello Yhtac Truax
Drums Allan Schwartzberg
Drums Dor McBrene
Drums Jimmy Young
Effects [Special Sound Effects], Synthesizer [Electronic Music Effects Made On A Buchla] Suzanne Ciani
Effects [Special Studio Tape Effects] Tony Bongiovi
Engineer [Recording] Harvey Hoffman
Engineer [Remix] Tony Bongiovi
French Horn Bill Brown (6)
French Horn Fred Griffin
French Horn Jim Buffington
French Horn John Clark (2)
French Horn Nitac Palkan
Guitar Cliff Morris
Guitar David Spinozza
Guitar John Tropea
Guitar Lamer Murnhab
Guitar Lance Quinn
Guitar Simm Tenaj
Guitar Tony Bongiovi
Keyboards Drasan Thims
Keyboards Harold Wheeler
Keyboards Pat Rebillot
Mastered By John Golden
Other [Earth Rep] Tony Blacca
Other [Music Preparation] Betty Rowland
Percussion Anthony Eversley
Percussion David Carey
Percussion John Purcell (3)
Percussion Kendall Turner
Percussion Kirk Parson
Percussion Nor Thornaring
Percussion Retsim Ocem
Percussion Rubens Bassini
Percussion Solomon Smith
Percussion Thomas Simons
Percussion Timothy Thompson (2)
Percussion Vincent Lilly
Producer Harold Wheeler
Producer Meco Monardo
Producer Tony Bongiovi
Reeds Dave Tofani
Reeds Eddie Daniels
Reeds George Marge
Reeds George Young (2)
Reeds Lew Delgatto
Reeds Morris Mamorsky
Reeds Thatie Notwsin
Trombone David Taylor
Trombone Meco Monardo
Trombone Raryl Scoumb
Trombone Sonny Russo
Trombone Wayne Andre
Trumpet Alan Rubin
Trumpet Aynot Tinto
Trumpet Jon Faddis
Trumpet Lew Soloff
Trumpet Randy Brecker
Viola Lamar Alsop
Viola Richard Maximoff
Viola Sec Nurf
Viola Yug Aimul
Violin Aniad Chacen
Violin Arianne Bronne
Violin Brab Ferrag
Violin Charles LiBove
Violin Derf Odranom
Violin Gene Orloff
Violin Gerald Tarack
Violin Harold Kohon
Violin Lamer Murnhab
Violin Naje Spua
Violin Nam Elohass
Violin Nomeg Oirepim
Violin Paul Gershman
Violin Paul Winter
Violin Sanford Allen
Written-By Harold Wheeler
Written-By John Williams (4)
Written-By Solomon Smith
Vinyl, LP
Vinyl, Album
Funk / Soul
Play Posición Título Duración
Star Wars 15:47
A1.1 Title Theme
A1.2 Imperial Attack
A1.3 The Desert And The Robot Auction
A1.4 The Princess Appears
A1.5 The Land Of The Sand People
A1.6 Princess Leia's Theme
A1.7 Cantina Band
A1.8 The Last Battle
A1.9 The Throne Room And End Title
Other Galactic Funk
B1.1 Other 4:07
B1.2 Galactic 5:02
B1.3 Funk 3:21