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DJ's Take Control - The Collection | Various |

Rol Nombre
DJ Mix Deep Dish
DJ Mix Junior Vasquez
DJ Mix Tony Humphries
CD, Compilation
CD, Mixed
Deep House
Garage House
Note that the box set only contains the second disc of [url=]Deep Dish's mix[/url], which has two discs when bought separately.
Play Posición Título Duración
1-01 Bring It Back To Love (Underground London Mix)
1-02 I Know A Place
1-03 Philadelphia
1-04 Alright
1-05 I'm Your Brother (Club Version)
1-06 Never Leave You Lonely (Stonebridge Mix)
1-07 My Love (Masters At Work Underground Network Mix)
1-08 Never Gonna Be The Same (JNG Vocal Mix)
1-09 Good Time (Masters At Work Mix)
1-10 Sailaway (Derek's KJ Club Mix)
1-11 Good Luv (Good Club Remix)
1-12 I Want It, I Need It (Real Love) (MK Dub)
1-13 Soul Roots
1-14 Feeling
1-15 Let Me Show You Love (Sensory Dub)
1-16 Hideaway (Blaze Mix)
1-17 House Is A Feeling
1-18 Release It
2-01 Elevate Your Mind
2-02 Welcome To The Factory
2-03 The Conga Trip
2-04 Kick It In (Wicked Mix)
2-05 Slumberland (Lex Loofah's Phat Phunk Mix)
2-06 Radikal Bitch (Farley & Heller's Bitch Mix)
2-07 Didn't I Know? (Divas To The Dancefloor...Please) (Sound Factory Mix)
2-08 The Way (Climacz Mix)
2-09 Censored (Kamasutra Express)
2-10 Your Loving Arms (Sound Factory Mix)
2-11 Don't Leave Me This Way (Vannelli & Vasquez Mixes)
2-12 Let's Start Over (Underground Anthem Dub)
2-13 Drop A House (Sound Factory Mix)
2-14 Get Your Hands Off My Man
2-15 Love Me Tonight (Sound Factory Mix)
2-16 As I Am (Bootleg Sound Factory Mix)
2-17 Keep In Touch (Body To Body) (La Factoria Mix)
2-18 May I Have The Mayonnaise
3-01 Be Free
3-02 I'm So Grateful (Roc-n-Kato's Master Mix)
3-03 Let It All Out
3-04 Satori (New Skool Sonic Mix)
3-05 Sex On My Mind (DJ Pierre Mix)
3-06 Heaven Knows (Sound Factory Mix)
3-07 Hideaway (Ali Needs To Score Mix)
3-08 The Search (Dobre & Jamez Mix)
3-09 Until We Meet Again (Hani's Heavenly Mix)
3-10 Reach Out To Me (Paper Boys Early Morning Mix)
3-11 Philadelphia (David Morales Def Mix)
3-12 Nada Mas
3-13 Fly To The Moon (Mood II Swing Mix)
3-14 Give Me Love