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Not If But When is the 2006 debut album by Richard Riley, a guitarist, singer songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist from Bath UK. Playing in various bands and with various singers since 1981, this first album was entirely self financed and employed musicians mainly from the open mic community in Bath and Bristol at the time. Recorded using lo-fi technology (Akai DPS16 and ADAT) the album garnered critical acclaim ('Richard Riley is rather good' Sound On Sound) and although sales were low at the time the album has continued to gather new listeners. Bravely producing a vinyl pressing at the time Richard Riley called the album "a commitment to song writing and the art of recording, at a time when it seemed that anyone with a laptop was calling themselves a record producer". The album was recorded in a number of locations including recording studios, schools and halls. Most of the production was done in his basement studio. Richard drew on a number of influences for the album, referencing classic tracks and productions at various stages in the recording and providing numerous aural clues and links in the musical text. His past experiences as a guitar player for a number of electronic and experimental artists is evident. The album is a vehicle for his guitar performance as much as his song writing although he carefully avoids self indulgence. Also apparent is a love for electronica, tracks such as 'Not If But When' reference almost personally the 'Synth Britannia ' bands of the North East of the UK. Christian Pattemore is gifted a production credit as is Matthew Rus. Both were key figures in the recording of various tracks. For the cover image Richard hired a spacesuit for a shoot on Salisbury plain where they attracted the attention of local squaddies (credited on the vinyl cover) . The typeface used is 'Cooper Black' and the colours used are orange and white - both directly lifted from 'Pet Sounds' while the vinyl label is very similar to the Atlantic label. The name on the space suit is 'Kane' , a reference to the film 'Alien'.
Play Posición Título Duración
A1 Evie
A2 Nothing (To Write Home About)
A3 Sharpie Tattoo
A4 Kissing Doesn't Count
A5 1973
B1 Mr X
B2 Not If But When
B3 On The Wrong Side Of The Road
B4 (We Can) Ride
B5 And The Stars (Are Looking Back)