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Come Into Our World | Emotions, The |

Rol Nombre
Bass Charles Hosch
Bass Keni Burke
Bass Verdine White
Cello Barbara Badgley
Cello Daniel Rothmuller
Cello Edgar Lustgarten (2)
Cello Harry Shlutz
Cello Jacqueline Lustgarten
Cello Julianna Buffum
Cello Larry Corbett
Cello Miguel Martinez (2)
Cello Ray Kramer
Cello Robert L. Adcock
Cello Ronald Cooper
Drums Fred White
Drums Ricky Lawson
Drums Steve Ferrone
Drums [Syndrums] Leon Ndugu Chancler
Engineer Tom Perry
Engineer [Assistant] Craig Widby
Flute Don Myrick
Flute Fred Jackson
Flute Jerome Richardson
Flute William Green
French Horn Alan Robinson
French Horn Marilyn Robinson
Guitar Marlo Henderson
Guitar Roland Bautista
Harp Dorothy Ashby
Keyboards David Foster
Keyboards David Paich
Keyboards Gary Glenn
Keyboards Tennyson Stevens
Keyboards Wayne Vaughn
Management Joe Hutchinson
Other [Fashions] Calvin Klein
Other [Hair] Andre Douglas (2)
Other [Make-Up] Way Bandy
Other [Stylist] Sean M. Byrnes
Percussion Paulinho da Costa
Producer Maurice White
Saxophone Don Myrick
Saxophone Fred Jackson
Saxophone Jerome Richardson
Saxophone William Green
Trombone Garnett Brown
Trombone Lew McCreary
Trombone Louis Satterfield
Trombone Maurice Spears
Trumpet Bobby Bryant
Trumpet Elmer Brown
Trumpet Nolan Smith
Trumpet Rahmlee Michael Davis
Trumpet Steve Madaio
Viola Allan Harshman
Viola David Schwartz
Viola Gareth Nuttycombe
Viola Herschel Wise
Viola Jan Hlinka
Viola Jimbo Ross
Viola Linda Lipsett
Viola Marilyn Baker
Viola Myron Sandler
Viola Patrick Morgan
Viola Virginia Majewski
Viola William Hymanson
Violin Bernard Kundell
Violin Carl LaMagna
Violin David Frisina
Violin David Montagu
Violin Donald Palmer
Violin Endre Granat
Violin Erno Neufeld
Violin Frank Foster (2)
Violin Gina Kronstadt
Violin Haim Shtrum
Violin Harris Goldman
Violin Harry Bluestone
Violin Henry Ferber
Violin Henry Roth
Violin Ilkka Talvi
Violin Israel Baker
Violin Jack Gootkin
Violin Janice Gower
Violin Jerome Reisler
Violin Jerome Webster
Violin Joseph Goodman
Violin Joy Lyle
Violin Karen Jones (2)
Violin Lya Stern
Violin Marcy Dicterow Vaj
Violin Mari Tsumura
Violin Mark Cargill
Violin Marshall Sosson
Violin Marvin Limonick
Violin Nathan Ross
Violin Norman Carr
Violin Pam Gates
Violin Paul Shure
Violin Pavel Farkas
Violin Robert Lipsett
Violin Ron Clark
Violin Ronald Folsom
Violin Tibor Zelig
Violin William Henderson (2)
Vinyl, LP
Vinyl, Album
Funk / Soul
Liner notes: Special thanks to the Kalimba Family: Leonard Smith, Geri and Monte White. A very special thanks to Beverly Johnson for the cover concept. Exclusive Booking: Associated Booking Corp., New York. Exclusive Management by Joe Hutchinson in association with BAM. Blackfoot Artist Management Corp., Danny Sims and Steve Palladino, New York, New York. Paulinho da Costa appears courtesy of Pablo Records. Leon "Ndugu" Chandler appears courtesy of Drumsong Productions-Epic Records. Steve Ferrone appears courtesy of RCA Records. David Foster appears courtesy of RCA Records. "When you enter our world - riding high on the wings of love, there are no words to describe what you feel inside. All the clouds that you see have a silver lining, paradise at its best, it's our fortress of happiness, when you enter our world." By: Wanda Hutchinson & Wayne Vaughn.
Sellos Discográficos:
Principal: CBS
Rol Nombre
Recorded At Hollywood Sound Recorders
Recorded At Davlen Sound Studios
Recorded At Sound City Studios
Play Posición Título Duración
A1 What's The Name Of Your Love? 3:44
A2 Cause I Love You 3:40
A3 Come Into My World 4:40
A4 On & On 4:02
B1 I Should Be Dancing 4:16
B2 Where Is Your Love? 3:57
B3 The Movie 4:10
B4 Layed Back 3:08
B5 Yes,I Am 4:04