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Hot Shot | Karen Young |

Rol Nombre
Backing Vocals Brian Phipps
Backing Vocals Karen Dempsey
Backing Vocals Karen Hawkins
Backing Vocals Karla Garrison
Backing Vocals Lorenzo Wright
Backing Vocals Sonia Lonon
Backing Vocals Steve West
Backing Vocals Willie Mae Kidd
Bass Vince Fay
Cello Larry Gold
Cello Paul Eves
Clarinet, Saxophone Larry McKenna
Clarinet, Saxophone Michael Pedicin, Jr
Clarinet, Saxophone Ron Kerber
Congas, Drums Daryl Burgee
Design [Jacket, Logo] Peter Davis (12)
Engineer Andy Kahn
Engineer Kurt Borusiewicz
Engineer Larry Bynch
Engineer Lorenzo Wright
Engineer Wally Hayman
Engineer Walter Kahn
Executive Producer Walter Kahn
Guitar Lorenzo Wright
Handclaps Andy Kahn
Handclaps Chris Tortu
Handclaps Darryl Adderley
Handclaps Karen Young
Handclaps Kurt Borusiewicz
Handclaps Robert Brown
Handclaps Sonia Lonon
Handclaps Troy Dougherty
Handclaps Willie Mae Kidd
Maracas Troy Dougherty
Mastered By Dave Moyssiadis
Mixed By [Assistant] Billy Kennedy
Mixed By [Assistant] Frank Sestito
Mixed By [Assistant] Troy Dougherty
Mixed By [Assistant] Valeria Luzi
Mixed By [Assistant] Wayne Geftman
Percussion Sahaba Daku
Photography By [Cover] Stephen Murri
Piano, Electric Piano [Rhodes] Andy Kahn
Producer, Arranged By Andy Kahn
Producer, Arranged By Kurt Borusiewicz
Tambourine Dennis McTigue
Tambourine John Anderson
Timbales Ted Dormor
Trombone Edward Cascarella
Trombone Lee Southall (2)
Trombone Roger DeLillo
Trumpet Evan Solot
Trumpet Jack Wilson
Trumpet Richard Posmontier
Trumpet Robert Hartzell
Viola Anthony Sinagoga
Viola Davis Barnett
Violin Americus Mungliole
Violin Charles Apollonia
Violin Charles Parker
Violin Chris Reeves
Violin Don Renaldo
Violin Gov Hutchinson
Violin Joseph Bonaccorse
Violin Leonore Walaniuk
Violin Rudolph Malizia
Cassette, Album
Funk / Soul
Recorded & mixed at Queen Village Recordings Studios, Philadelphia, PA. Mastered at Frankford/Wayne Recording Labs, Philadelphia, Pa. Credits on sleeve thanks Nick Martinelli "for bringing everyone together". The album is dedicated to brother Paul.
Play Posición Título Duración
A1 Bring On The Boys 5:40
A2 Where Is He 6:00
A3 Baby You Ain't Nothing Without Me 6:50
B1 Hot Shot 8:40
B2 God Knows I'm Just A Woman 4:25
B3 Beau 4:03