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Rol Nombre
Arranged By Harold Wheeler
Art Direction Phyllis Chotin
Autoharp [Auto-Harp] Gene Bianco
Autoharp [Auto-Harp] Laup Ekliss
Bass Francisco Centeno
Bass Neil Jason
Bass Retsim Steab
Cello Het Mogen
Cello Jesse Levy
Cello Mijmy Nernie
Cello Ralry Leicher
Drums Allan Schwartzberg
Drums Gerald Jackson
Drums Jimmy Young
Drums Pete Jackson
Drums Rafael Charres
Drums Ralph Rolle
Drums Rickey Mangum
Drums Yhtac Truax
Engineer Bill Scheniman
Engineer Bob Clearmountain
Engineer Don Berman
Engineer Neil Dorfsman
Engineer Scott Litt
French Horn Fred Griffin
French Horn Jim Buffington
French Horn John Clark (8)
French Horn Mali Nyl
French Horn Peter Gordon (8)
French Horn Raula Lujei
Graphics Edward Beckett (2)
Guitar Atten Lessik
Guitar Bobby Mann
Guitar Cliff Morris
Guitar Lance Quinn
Guitar Trini Lopez
Keyboards Harold Wheeler
Keyboards Meco Monardo
Keyboards Pat Rebillot
Mastered By Greg Calbi
Percussion Butchie
Percussion David Carey
Percussion Nyto Bongo
Percussion Retsim Ocem
Percussion Ynned Lessik
Photography By Chris Callis
Producer Harold Wheeler
Producer Meco Monardo
Producer Tony Bongiovi
Reeds Dave Tofani
Reeds Eddie Daniels
Reeds George Marge
Reeds Phil Bodner
Synthesizer [Moog] Richard Trifan
Trombone Eddie Bert
Trombone Meco Monardo
Trombone Paul Faulise
Trombone Retsim Ocem
Trombone Sonny Russo
Trombone Tom Malone
Trombone Wayne Andre
Trumpet Danny Cahn
Trumpet Joe Shepley
Trumpet Jon Faddis
Trumpet Meco Monardo
Trumpet Randy Brecker
Trumpet Robert Millikan
Viola Odew Royam
Viola Richard Maximoff
Viola Theodore Israel
Violin Dave Davis (4)
Violin David Nadien
Violin Elliot Rosoff
Violin Guy Lumia
Violin Harry C.
Violin Harry Lookofsky
Violin Irving Spice
Violin John Pintavalle
Violin Kemie Ceedu
Violin Leanie Kranf
Violin Lewis Eley
Violin Mij EuQnic
Violin Nala Lebos
Violin Paul Winter
Violin Simm Amorni
Violin Thatie Notwsin
Violin Tomen Risorm
Vocals Diva Gray
Vocals Ellen Bernfeld
Vocals Lani Groves
Vocals [Lois Lane] Janet Burnham
Written-By John Williams (4)
Vinyl, LP
Vinyl, Album
Funk / Soul
New Zealand
Manufactured for/by and distributed by RCA Limited, Sydney, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand.
Sellos Discográficos:
Principal: RCA Victor
Rol Nombre
Manufactured By RCA Limited Australia and New Zealand
Distributed By RCA Limited Australia and New Zealand
Recorded At Power Station
Mastered At Sterling Sound
Play Posición Título Duración
Themes From Superman 16:21
A1 Main Title Theme
A2 The Destruction Of Krypton
A3 The Trip To Earth
A4 Growing Up
A5 Fortress Of Solitude
A6 March Of The Villains
A7 The Flying Sequence
A8 Can You Read My Mind?
A9 Chasing Rockets
A10 Turning Back The World
A11 End Title Theme
A12 Reprise: Love Theme From Superman
Other Galactic Heroes
B1 The Boy Wonder 3:59
B2 The Caped Crusader 3:07
B3 Lord Of The Jungle 5:13
B4 The Amazing Amazon 3:17