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Serenade | Neil Diamond |

Rol Nombre
Art Direction, Design Ron Coro
Bass Emory Gordy, Jr.
Drums Dennis St. John
Engineer Armin Steiner
Engineer [Assistant] Linda Tyler
Guitar Richard Bennett
Keyboards Alan Lindgren
Keyboards David Paich
Leader [Orchestra Master] Sidney Sharp
Musician [Orchestra] Abe Luboff
Musician [Orchestra] Alan Estes
Musician [Orchestra] Allan Harshman
Musician [Orchestra] Anne Goodman
Musician [Orchestra] Armand Kaproff
Musician [Orchestra] Arnold Belnick
Musician [Orchestra] Assa Drori
Musician [Orchestra] Bill Perkins
Musician [Orchestra] Bud Brisbois
Musician [Orchestra] David Duke
Musician [Orchestra] David Schwartz
Musician [Orchestra] Dennis Budimir
Musician [Orchestra] Gary Coleman
Musician [Orchestra] Gene Cipriano
Musician [Orchestra] Harold Diner
Musician [Orchestra] Harry Bluestone
Musician [Orchestra] Harry Hyams
Musician [Orchestra] Harry Shlutz
Musician [Orchestra] Henry Ferber
Musician [Orchestra] Henry Sigismonti
Musician [Orchestra] Israel Baker
Musician [Orchestra] James Getzoff
Musician [Orchestra] Jan Hlinka
Musician [Orchestra] Jerome Kessler
Musician [Orchestra] Jesse Erlichman
Musician [Orchestra] Joy Lyle
Musician [Orchestra] King Errisson
Musician [Orchestra] Leonard Malarsky
Musician [Orchestra] Lew McCreary
Musician [Orchestra] Louis Kievman
Musician [Orchestra] Milton E. Nadel
Musician [Orchestra] Murray Adler
Musician [Orchestra] Myer Bello
Musician [Orchestra] Myron Sandler
Musician [Orchestra] Norm Forrest
Musician [Orchestra] Oliver Mitchell
Musician [Orchestra] Paul Shure
Musician [Orchestra] Peter Mercurio
Musician [Orchestra] Plas Johnson
Musician [Orchestra] Ralph Schaeffer
Musician [Orchestra] Ray Kelley
Musician [Orchestra] Robert Konrad
Musician [Orchestra] Robert Ostrowsky
Musician [Orchestra] Robert Sushel
Musician [Orchestra] Ronald Folsom
Musician [Orchestra] Samuel Boghossian
Musician [Orchestra] Selene Hurford
Musician [Orchestra] Tibor Zelig
Musician [Orchestra] Tom Hensley
Musician [Orchestra] Tommy Tedesco
Musician [Orchestra] Vince Charles
Musician [Orchestra] Vincent DeRosa
Musician [Orchestra] William Kurasch
Photography By Suzanne Ayres
Producer Tom Catalano
Written-By Neil Diamond
Reel-To-Reel, 3 ¾ ips
Reel-To-Reel, Album
Soft Rock
Play Posición Título Duración
A1 I've Been This Way Before 3:50
A2 Rosemary's Wine 2:40
A3 Lady Magdelene 6:57
A4 The Last Picasso 4:23
B1 Longfellow Serenade 3:50
B2 Yes I Will 4:35
B3 Reggae Strut 3:35
B4 The Gift Of Song 2:22