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14 Shades Of Grey | Staind |

Rol Nombre
Arranged By [Strings] David Khane
Arranged By [Strings] Josh Abraham
Art Direction Gayle Boulware
Art Direction, Design Gregory Burke
Edited By [Dvd] Yurchen Minutz
Engineer Ryan Williams
Engineer [Additional] Anthony Valcic
Engineer [Assistant] Darren Venditti
Engineer [Assistant] Joey Paradise
Engineer [Assistant] Jonas G
Engineer [Assistant] Mark Valentine
Engineer [Assistant] Scott Gutierrez
Engineer [Third] Jon Berkowitz
Film Producer Paulette D. Clark
Film Producer [Executive] Dane Venable
Film Producer [Executive] Gayle Boulware
Keyboards Fu (4)
Keyboards Josh Abraham
Keyboards Tony Reyes
Lyrics By Aaron Lewis
Mixed By Andy Wallace
Mixed By [Assistant] Steve Sisco
Mixed By [Pro Tools] Josh Wilbur
Music By Staind
Photography By Anthony Mandler
Producer Josh Abraham
Programmed By Fu (4)
Programmed By Josh Abraham
Recorded By [Assistant] Brandon Belsky
Recorded By [Assistant] Jeff Philips (2)
CD, Album
CD, Copy Protected
Alternative Rock
Nu Metal
Limited edition with bonus DVD including a behind the scenes documentary entitled "Homegrown", which includes footage of the band during their early years. Mixed at Soundtrack, Studios, NYC. Recorded at NRG Studios, North Hollywood, CA, Pulse Recordings, Los Angeles, CA, South Beach Studios, Miami Beach, FL, and Henson Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA. DVD.1 edited at Sunset Editorial. Catalog # on spine: 62821-2 Catalog # on CD: 62882-2 Catalog # on DVD: 62821-2 Catalog # on barcode: 75596 28212
Play Posición Título Duración
CD-1 Price To Play 3:36
CD-2 How About You 3:59
CD-3 So Far Away 4:05
CD-4 Yesterday 3:48
CD-5 Fray 5:04
CD-6 Zoe Jane 4:38
CD-7 Fill Me Up 4:25
CD-8 Layne 4:26
CD-9 Falling Down 3:56
CD-10 Reality 4:38
CD-11 Tonight 4:26
CD-12 Could It Be 4:44
CD-13 Blow Away 6:16
CD-14 Intro 4:30
Bonus DVD
DVD-1 Homegrown 41:46