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Going Where The Music Takes Me | Amazing Blondel |

Rol Nombre
Bass Mick Feat
Bass Guitar Dave Pegg
Bass Guitar, Vocals Craig Austin
Bass, Crumhorn, Bass Recorder, Flute Terence Alan Wincott
Classical Guitar John David Gladwin
Classical Guitar, Dulcimer, Vocals Paul Empson
Conductor Peter Burness
Drums Dave Mattacks
Drums Steve Cox (10)
Drums William Murray
Harmony Vocals, Guitar Terence Alan Wincott
Harpsichord, Woodwind, Bowed Psaltery Adrian Hopkins
Lead Guitar Tim Renwick
Lead Guitar, Vocals Jeff Tindall
Lead Vocals John David Gladwin
Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar John David Gladwin
Lead Vocals, Classical Guitar John David Gladwin
Piano, Keyboards Clodagh Simonds
Piano, Keyboards Tony Cox
Producer John Glover (3)
Producer Max Hole
Producer Phil Brown
Rhythm Guitar, Vocals Terence Alan Wincott
Slide Guitar Bryn Haworth
Twelve-String Guitar Noel Skelton
Vocals, Guitar Edward Baird
Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards Terence Alan Wincott
CD, Compilation
Folk Rock
Live & studio archive recordings from the 60's to the 80's, featuring material by Amazing Blondel and solo material by John David Gladwin, Eddie Baird, and Terry Wincott. CD1-1 and CD2-7 recorded 1974. CD1-2, 6, 11, CD2-1, and 5 recorded circa 1973/74. CD1-3 and CD2-2 recorded 1978. CD1-4-5, 8, CD2-8-9, and 11-12 recorded 1977. CD1-7 and CD2-6 recorded 1973. CD1-9, 12-13, 16-17, CD2-3-4, and 15-16 recorded live, 1975. CD1-10, 18, CD2-13-14, and 17 recorded 1977-1979. CD1-14 recorded 1977/1978. CD1-15 recorded circa 1967. CD1-19 recorded 1976. CD2-10 recorded in the late 1980's. CD2-18 recorded circa early 1980s. CD2-19 recorded 1977. Barry Whitfield and his band Regency play on CD2-10 in an unspecified capacity. DVD interview conducted by "Jet" Martin Celmins and filmed at Market Stainton, Lincolnshire 3 May 2002.
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CD1-01 Queen 3:19
CD1-02 Airport Song 3:36
CD1-03 Fine Knacks For Fair Ladies 3:00
CD1-04 Chinatown 3:02
CD1-05 Funny 3:14
CD1-06 Beautiful Torture 3:01
CD1-07 Charades 4:44
CD1-08 Power Of Love 2:47
CD1-09 Love Must Be The Best Time Of Your Life 2:27
CD1-10 Pavan 3:16
CD1-11 No Ordinary Love Affair 3:39
CD1-12 Sad To See You Go 3:22
CD1-13 See'em Shining 2:32
CD1-14 Kemp's Jig 0:59
CD1-15 That's The Way Love Goes 3:41
CD1-16 All I Can Do 2:37
CD1-17 Dedication To Felix 2:14
CD1-18 Celestial Light 4:50
CD1-19 Old Man 3:26
CD2-01 Going Where The Music Takes Me 4:08
CD2-02 Rendezvous 3:20
CD2-03 The Leaving Of The Country Lover 4:21
CD2-04 Nocturne 2:44
CD2-05 Care For You 3:28
CD2-06 Requiem 2:58
CD2-07 I've Got News For You 2:59
CD2-08 Never Gonna Fall In Love Again 3:25
CD2-09 Walkin' Throught The Night 3:03
CD2-10 Makin' Love On The CB 2:24
CD2-11 Crazy Woman 3:22
CD2-12 Hangover Love 3:10
CD2-13 Dolor Dulcis 3:31
CD2-14 Shepherd's Song 5:09
CD2-15 The Lovers 1:50
CD2-16 So Long 3:29
CD2-17 Spring Season 3:24
CD2-18 All Right By Me 3:49
CD2-19 Fantasia Lindum (Rehearsal Excerpt) 3:27
DVD-1 Interview With Amazing Blondel 56:29
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