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The Complete Bunny Berigan, Volume III | Bunny Berigan |

Rol Nombre
Art Direction Pietro Alfieri
Bass Hank Wayland
Bass Mort Stuhlmaker
Cover John Robinette
Drums Buddy Rich
Drums Eddie Jenkins
Drums Johnny Blowers
Drums Paul Collins (6)
Executive-Producer Steve Backer
Guitar Allan Reuss
Guitar Tommy Moore
Guitar, Vocals Dick Wharton
Liner Notes Richard M. Sudhalter
Piano Edwin Ross
Piano Joe Bushkin
Piano Joe Lipman
Producer [Reissue] Bob Porter
Reeds Chuck Dimaggio
Reeds Clyde Rounds
Reeds Don Lodice
Reeds George Bohn
Reeds Georgie Auld
Reeds Gus Bivona
Reeds Harry Saltman
Reeds Jack Goldie
Reeds Joe Dixon
Reeds Larry Walsh
Reeds Mike Doty
Reeds Milton Schatz
Reeds Murray Williams
Reeds Stewart Anderson
Trombone Al Jennings
Trombone Andy Russo
Trombone Bob Jenney
Trombone Mark Pasco
Trombone Nat Lobovsky
Trombone Ray Conniff
Trumpet Carl Warwick
Trumpet George Johnston
Trumpet Irving Goodman
Trumpet Jake Koven
Trumpet Joe Aguanno
Trumpet John Fallstitch
Trumpet Johnny Napton
Trumpet Steve Lipkins
Trumpet, Leader Bunny Berigan
Vocals Bernie McKay
Vocals Jane Dover
Vocals Kathleen Lane
Cassette, Compilation
Big Band
Play Posición Título Duración
A1 Ten Easy Lessons 3:27
A2 When A Prince Of A Fella Meets A Cinderella 3:23
A3 Livery Stable Blues 3:26
A4 Let This Be A Warning To You, Baby 3:04
A5 Why Doesn't Somebody Tell Me These Things? 2:53
A6 High Society 2:45
A7 Father, Dear Father 2:49
B1 Simple And Sweet 3:13
B2 Button, Button 2:43
B3 I Won't Tell A Soul I Love You 3:12
B4 Rockin' Rollers' Jubilee 2:39
B5 Sobbin' Blues 3:19
B6 I Cried For You 3:18
B7 Jelly Roll Blues 3:22
B8 'Deed I Do 2:46
C1 In A Mist 3:08
C2 Flashes 2:49
C3 Davenport Blues 3:18
C4 Candlelights 3:11
C5 In The Dark 2:44
C6 Walkin' The Dog 3:05
C7 Patty Cake, Patty Cake 3:29
C8 Jazz Me Blues 3:09
D1 Ya Had It Comin' To Ya 3:27
D2 There'll Be Some Changes Made 2:59
D3 Little Gate's Special 3:04
D4 Gangbusters' Holiday 3:18
D5 Peg O' My Heart 2:55
D6 Night Song 3:03
D7 Ain't She Sweet 2:37
D8 Ay-Ay-Ay 3:28
Descripción Tipo Código
Barcode 7683599534