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The Voice Of The Big Bands | Helen Forrest |

Rol Nombre
Arranged By Eddie Sauter
Arranged By Fletcher Henderson
Cello Elias Friede
Clarinet Artie Shaw
Clarinet Benny Goodman
Double Bass Artie Bernstein
Double Bass Sid Weiss
Double Bass Thurman Teague
Double Bass Walter Loos (2)
Drums Buddy Rich
Drums Cliff Leeman
Drums Dave Tough
Drums Harry Jaeger
Drums J.C. Heard
Drums Jo Jones
Drums Mickey Scrima
Drums Nick Fatool
French Horn Fred Waldron
French Horn Phil Palmer (2)
French Horn Willard Culley
Guitar [Acoustic] Al Avola
Guitar [Acoustic] Arnold Covey
Guitar [Acoustic] Ben Heller
Guitar [Acoustic] Charlie Christian
Guitar [Acoustic] Dave Barbour
Guitar [Acoustic] Mike Bryan
Piano Al Lerner
Piano Bernie Leighton
Piano Bob Kitsis
Piano Johnny Guarnieri
Piano Les Burness
Piano Teddy Wilson
Reeds Johnny McAfee
Reeds Sam Sachelle
Saxophone [Alto] Bob Snyder
Saxophone [Alto] Buff Estes
Saxophone [Alto] Claude Lakey
Saxophone [Alto] Gene Kinsey
Saxophone [Alto] Gus Bivona
Saxophone [Alto] Hank Freeman
Saxophone [Alto] Jimmy Horvath
Saxophone [Alto] Les Robinson
Saxophone [Alto] Sam Marowitz
Saxophone [Alto] Skip Martin
Saxophone [Alto] Toots Mondello
Saxophone [Baritone] Clint Davis
Saxophone [Baritone] Skip Martin
Saxophone [Tenor] Bus Bassey
Saxophone [Tenor] Corky Corcoran
Saxophone [Tenor] Dave Matthews (2)
Saxophone [Tenor] Georgie Auld
Saxophone [Tenor] Jack Henderson
Saxophone [Tenor] Jerry Jerome
Saxophone [Tenor] Pete Mondello
Saxophone [Tenor] Ronnie Perry
Saxophone [Tenor] Tony Pastor
Trombone Cutty Cutshall
Trombone Dalton Rizzotto
Trombone George Arus
Trombone Harry Rodgers
Trombone Hoyt Bohannon
Trombone Les Jenkins
Trombone Lou McGarity
Trombone Ray Heath
Trombone Red Ballard
Trombone Russell Brown
Trombone Si Zentner
Trombone Ted Vesely
Trombone Vernon Brown
Trumpet Alec Fila
Trumpet Alex Cuozzo
Trumpet Bernie Privin
Trumpet Billy Butterfield
Trumpet Chris Griffin (3)
Trumpet Chuck Peterson
Trumpet Claude Bowen
Trumpet Cootie Williams
Trumpet Harry Geller
Trumpet Harry James (2)
Trumpet Irving Goodman
Trumpet Jimmy Campbell (6)
Trumpet Jimmy Maxwell
Trumpet John Best
Trumpet Nick Buono
Trumpet Vinnie Badele
Trumpet Ziggy Elman
Viola Bill Spears
Viola Herschel Burke Gilbert
Viola Victor Stern
Violin Abraham Hochstein
Violin Alex Nieman
Violin Alex Pevsner
Violin Bill Spears
Violin Gene Lamas
Violin Hal Korn
Violin Jack Gootkin
Violin John De Voogdt
Violin Leo Zorn
Violin Manny Moss
Violin Sam Caplan
Violin Sindel Kopp
Vocals Benny Goodman
Vocals Cootie Williams
Vocals Dalton Rizzotto
Vocals Dick Haymes
Vocals Harry James (2)
CD, Compilation
Big Band
23: personnel unknown, conductor Toots Camarata. 24: personnel unknown, conductor Victor Young. Dates: 1 New York, 17 November 1938 2 New York, 12 March 1939. 3 Hollywood, 12 June 1939. 4 New York, 19 August 1939. 5 New York, 26 October 1939. 6 New York, 11 November 1939. 7 New York, 7 February 1940. 8,9 Chicago, 1 March 1940. 10 New York, 10 April 1940. 11 New York, 29 November 1940. 12 New York, 20 December 1940. 13 New York, 28 January 1941. 14 New York, 5 May 1941. 15 New York, 4 June 1941. 16 New York, 29 October 1941. 17 New York, 11 December 1941. 18 New York, 29 January 1942. 19 Hollywood, 5 June 1942. 20 Hollywood, 22 July 1942. 21 Hollywood, 31 July 1942. 22 Hollywood, ? November 1943. 23 Hollywood, ? February 1944. 24 Hollywood, ? August 1944. Compiled by Joop Visser.
Play Posición Título Duración
1 Deep In A Dream 3:21
2 Deep Purple 3:14
3 Comes Love 3:17
4 Day In, Day Out 3:37
5 All The Things You Are 3:15
6 Moonray 3:05
7 How High The Moon 2:59
8 Shake Down The Stars 2:52
9 It Never Entered My Mind 3:01
10 I'm Nobody's Baby 2:45
11 Taking A Chance On Love 3:11
12 Yes, My Darling Daughter 2:53
13 Bewitched 3:29
14 I Found A Million Dollar Baby 3:12
15 When The Sun Comes Out 2:55
16 The Devil Sat Down And Cried 2:45
17 I Don't Want To Walk Without You 2:53
18 Skylark 3:26
19 He's My Guy 3:21
20 I Had The Craziest Dream 3:25
21 I've Heard That Song Before 3:00
22 Close To You 2:32
23 Long Ago And Far Away 3:28
24 It Had To Be You 3:12