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The Private Collection: Volume Five, The Suites, New York 1968 & 1970 | Duke Ellington |

Rol Nombre
Alto Saxophone Johnny Hodges
Alto Saxophone, Clarinet Russell Procope
Alto Saxophone, Flute Norris Turney
Artwork By [Illustration] Nancy Stahl
Baritone Saxophone Harry Carney
Bass Jeff Castleman
Bass Joe Benjamin
Drums Rufus Jones
Executive Producer Herb Moelis
Executive Producer Mel Fuhrman
Executive Producer Mercer Ellington
Executive Producer, Liner Notes Stanley Dance
Glockenspiel Walter Rosenberg
Piano Duke Ellington
Producer Duke Ellington
Tenor Saxophone Harold Ashby
Tenor Saxophone Paul Gonsalves
Timpani [Tymps] Elayne Jones
Trombone Booty Wood
Trombone Chuck Connors
Trombone Julian Priester
Trumpet Alan Rubin
Trumpet Cat Anderson
Trumpet Cootie Williams
Trumpet Dave Burns
Trumpet Fred Stone
Trumpet Mercer Ellington
Trumpet Money Johnson
Trumpet Willie Cook
Written-By Duke Ellington
Xylophone, Marimba Dave Fitz
Big Band
"This is one in a series of ten albums that, taken together, is the definitive collection of the significant compositions written by Duke Ellington and some other songs long associated with his body of work. These recordings were personally produced by Duke Ellington himself and have remained in his private collection since their completion. Documenting a large portion of his musical work, some of which have never been commercially released, these private recordings are being made available by Ellington's family for the first time." The Degas Suite is an original movie score, the film has never been finished. Recorded 1968 in New York. November 6: 1 to 6, 8 to 11 December 3: 7 The River is an original ballet score. Recorded 1970 May 25 in Chicago: 12 to 17, 23 June 3 in New York: 18 to 21 June 15 in New York: 22 (p)1987 LMR Records (c) 1988 Wea International. A Warner Communications Company. Manufactured in Germany. Pressé en Allemagne. TELDEC Record Service GmbH
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The Degas Suite 27:23
1 Introduction - Opening Titles
2 Race
3 Racing
4 Piano Pastel
5 Improvisation - Marcia Regina
6 Piano Pastel
7 Daily Double
8 Drawings
9 Promenade
10 Sonnet
11 Race
The River 43:46
12 The Spring
13 The Run
14 The Meander
15 The Giggling Rapids
16 The Lake
17 The Falls
18 The Whirlpool
19 The River
20 The Neo-Hip-Hot Kiddies Community
21 The Village Of The Virgins
22 Her Majesty The Sea
23 The Spring