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CD, Compilation
Acid House
Copied from inside sleeve: Hip House is now the most successful form of House. Because of this, everybody wants to take the credit for creating it. When Fast Eddie's LP "Jack To The Sound" came out in 1988, Hip house was born. Reviewed as "History In The Making: The Next Step In Music," Fast Eddie was able, in "Yo Yo Get Funky," to combine House and Hip Hop in a way that created a whole new style called Hip House. Tyree was right there to create the second Hip House record (Turn Up The Bass) when he invited Kool Rock Steady to rap on his new record, which went pop in the United Kingdom at #8. Those who would try to take credit, remember this: The word "Hip House" was not used to label music until Eddie did it. He wanted to combine audiences of House and Hip Hop together. A rap on a House record does not make Hip House. The very first House records had rap on them in '84-'85. That, and the later recordings from England, are House raps. This is a compilation of the first and latest of Hip House. Hip House: A style that will be around a long time! All cuts are original DJ International recordings made at Underground Studios, Chicago, IL and are published by Popstar Publishing, Inc.(P)(C)1989 / BMI.
Sellos Discográficos:
Principal: D.J. International Records
Rol Nombre
Distributed By Quantum Distributors
Recorded At Underground Studios, Chicago
Published By Popstar Publishing
Play Posición Título Duración
1 Get Up 4:52
2 Yo Yo Get Funky 5:13
3 Hip House 4:15
4 Hardcore Hip House 4:29
5 Ain't We Funky Now 4:20
6 Move Your Body 5:27
7 Turn Up The Bass 4:57
8 Dig This 4:58
9 Let's Get Hyped 4:36