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Back To Mono (1958-1969) | Phil Spector |

Rol Nombre
Accordion Frank Rosolino
Arranged By Jack Nitzsche
Artwork By [Art Direction & Cover Design] Mick Rock
Artwork By [Art Direction] Iris Keitel
Artwork By [Cover Design] Judt Virsinger
Backing Vocals B.J. Baker
Backing Vocals Blossoms, The
Backing Vocals Cher
Backing Vocals Clydie King
Backing Vocals Edna Wright
Backing Vocals Gracia Nitzsche
Backing Vocals Lenny Bruce
Backing Vocals Ohma Herd
Backing Vocals Sonny Bono
Backing Vocals Waters, The (2)
Banjo Henry Diltz
Bass Barry Rillera
Bass Bill Van Buskirk
Bass Buddy Clark
Bass Douglas Farthing Hatlelid
Bass Jimmy Bond
Bass Mel Pollan
Bass Pat Smith (8)
Bass Ray Brown
Bass Ray Pohlman
Bass Red Callender
Bass Robert Haynes (2)
Bass Robert West (2)
Bass Wallick Dean
Bass [Fender] Carol Kaye
Bass [Fender] Ray Pohlman
Cello Jesse Ehrlich
Cello Joseph Saxon
Double Bass Hyman Gold
Double Bass James Bordon
Double Bass Jimmy Bond
Drums Chuck Blackwell
Drums Earl Palmer
Drums Edward Hall
Drums Ervan Coleman
Drums Frank Guerrero
Drums Gary Chester (2)
Drums Hal Blaine
Drums Jerry Williams
Drums Jessie Sailes
Drums Jim Gordon
Drums John Clauder
Drums Nino Tempo
Drums Richard Frost
Drums Sandy Nelson
Drums Sticks Evans
Drums Sweet Louie
Electric Bass Joseph Parker
Engineer Larry Levine
Flute George Poole
Flute William Green
French Horn William Hinshaw
Guitar Al Casey
Guitar Al Hendrickson
Guitar Art Munson
Guitar Barney Kessel
Guitar Barry Rillera
Guitar Bernie Kaai Lewis
Guitar Bill Pitman
Guitar Billy Strange
Guitar Bucky Pizzarelli
Guitar Charlie Macy
Guitar David Roberts (2)
Guitar Del Kacher
Guitar Dennis Budimir
Guitar Don Peake
Guitar Gene Estes
Guitar Glenn Ross Campbell
Guitar Herb Ellis
Guitar Howard Heitmeyer
Guitar Howard Roberts
Guitar Ike Turner
Guitar Irving Rubins
Guitar Jerry Riopelle
Guitar Jerry Yester
Guitar Jim Helms
Guitar Louie Shelton
Guitar Louis Morell
Guitar Lyle Ritz
Guitar Mike Deasy
Guitar Nick DeCaro
Guitar Nino Tempo
Guitar Phil Spector
Guitar Robert Haynes (2)
Guitar Russ Titelman
Guitar Thomas Campbell
Guitar Tommy Tedesco
Guitar Tony Mottola
Guitar [Lead] Harvey Trees
Harmonica Tommy Morgan
Harp Dorothy Remsen
Harp Stella Castellucci
Horns Dennis Woodrich
Horns Freddie Hill
Horns Herb Alpert
Horns Jay Migliori
Horns Lou Blackburn
Horns Roy Caton
Horns Steve Douglas
Horns Virgil Evans
Keyboards Al De Lory
Keyboards Billy Preston
Keyboards Brian Wilson
Keyboards Don Randi
Keyboards Gene Garf
Keyboards Harold Battiste
Keyboards Harry Nilsson
Keyboards Joseph "Mike" Patterson
Keyboards Larry Knechtel
Keyboards Mac Rebennack
Keyboards Michael Spenser
Keyboards Michel Rubini
Keyboards Mike Lang
Keyboards Nino Tempo
Keyboards Russell Bridges
Keyboards Vini Poncia
Mandolin Lyle Ritz
Mastered By [Digitally Remastered] Larry Levine
Mastered By [Digitally Remastered] Phil Spector
Mastered By [In Analog Under Phil Spector's Supervision] Jody H. Klein
Mastered By [In Analog Under Phil Spector's Supervision] Larry Levine
Other [Book Design] Lloyd Ziff Design Group, Inc.
Other [Concept] Lenne Allik
Other [Essays] David Hinckley
Other [Essays] Tom Wolfe
Other [Liner Notes] Phil Spector
Percussion Bob Krasnow
Percussion Cal Tjader
Percussion Emil Richards
Percussion Ervan Coleman
Percussion Frank Capp
Percussion Frank DeVito
Percussion Gary Coleman
Percussion Jack Nitzsche
Percussion James Gardner (7)
Percussion Jerry Williams
Percussion Joe Porcaro
Percussion Julius Wechter
Percussion Lawrence Levine
Percussion Lenny Bruce
Percussion Milt Holland
Percussion Nick Pelico
Percussion Phil Capp
Percussion Sonny Bono
Percussion Terry Gibbs
Percussion Walter Anderson
Performer [Musician] Alan Weight
Performer [Musician] Andrew Johnson (4)
Performer [Musician] Bernie Mattinson
Performer [Musician] Billy Russell
Performer [Musician] Bobby Ray
Performer [Musician] Brinn Davies
Performer [Musician] Cappy Lewis
Performer [Musician] Clark Maffitt
Performer [Musician] Corneli Ross
Performer [Musician] Cornelius Sullivan
Performer [Musician] Emil Brians
Performer [Musician] George Fooke
Performer [Musician] Graham M. Turnbull
Performer [Musician] Herb Wilson
Performer [Musician] James E. Heems
Performer [Musician] Jerry Kolbrak
Performer [Musician] Jesse Knight
Performer [Musician] Joe Lichter
Performer [Musician] John Donohue
Performer [Musician] Joseph Quadri
Performer [Musician] Lee Farell
Performer [Musician] Louis Leon, Jr.
Performer [Musician] Mel Pollan
Performer [Musician] Mike Birnum
Performer [Musician] Norman Botnick
Performer [Musician] Rayfield Devers
Performer [Musician] Robert Gerstlauer
Performer [Musician] Robert Shearer
Performer [Musician] Steve Mann (7)
Performer [Musician] Thomas Norwood
Performer [Musician] V.W. Kuehn
Performer [Musician] Victor C. Smith
Performer [Musician] William King (3)
Piano Al De Lory
Piano David Duke
Piano Don Randi
Piano Gene Page
Piano Jack Wilson
Piano Jerry Riopelle
Piano John Audino
Piano Leon Russell
Piano Phil Wright
Producer Phil Spector
Saxophone Art Pepper
Saxophone Barry Rillera
Saxophone Bill Perkins
Saxophone Clifford Solomon
Saxophone Jay Migliori
Saxophone Jim Horn
Saxophone Joe Maini
Saxophone John H. Anderson
Saxophone John Kelson
Saxophone King Curtis
Saxophone Nino Tempo
Saxophone Plas Johnson
Saxophone Steve Kreisman
Saxophone William C. Baker
Saxophone William Green
Saxophone William Hindman
Strings Irving Baxon
Strings Joe Ligmeer
Strings John De Voogdt
Strings Johnny Vidor
Strings Nathan Gershman
Strings Ralph Schaeffer
Strings Sidney Sharp
Strings Tibor Zelig
Trombone Bob Edmondson
Trombone Frank Rosolino
Trombone Gail Martin
Trombone Harry Betts
Trombone Herman Relf
Trombone John Ewing
Trombone Kenny Shroyer
Trombone Milt Bernhart
Trombone Phil Teele
Trombone Thomas Shepard
Trumpet Anthony Terran
Trumpet John Audino
Trumpet Lenny Mitchell
Trumpet Lew McCreary
Trumpet Lou Blackburn
Trumpet Oliver Mitchell
Trumpet Ronnie Ossa
Trumpet Roy Caton
Trumpet Roy V. Mitchell
Trumpet Tonni Kalash
Trumpet Virgil Evans
Tuba Robert Hartley
Viola Alexander Neiman
Viola Harry Hyams
Violin Ambrose Russo
Violin Arnold Belnick
Violin Bernard Kundell
Violin Bobby Bruce
Violin Darrel Terwilliger
Violin Elliott Fisher
Violin Gareth Nuttycombe
Violin George Poole
Violin Gerald Vinci
Violin Irving Lipschultz
Violin Israel Baker
Violin Jack Shulman
Violin Jerome Reisler
Violin John De Voogdt
Violin Joseph Livoti
Violin Leonard Malarsky
Violin Lou Raderman
Violin Myron Sandler
Violin Otis Maphis
Violin Paulo Alengae
Violin Stanley Plummer
Violin Walter Wiemeyer
Violin William Kurasch
Cassette, Compilation
Cassette, Mono
Funk / Soul
Doo Wop
Pop Rock
Rhythm & Blues
CD 1 to 3 is titled "Back To Mono (1958-1969)" (P) & (C) 1991 Phil Spector Records, Inc. CD 4 is titled "A Christmas Gift For You" (P) 1963 and (C) 1989 Phil Spector Records, Inc.
Play Posición Título Duración
1.01 To Know Him Is To Love Him
1.02 Corrine, Corrina
1.03 Spanish Harlem
1.04 Pretty Little Angel Eyes
1.05 Every Breath I Take
1.06 I Love How You Love Me
1.07 Under The Moon Of Love
1.08 There's No Other Like My Baby
1.09 Uptown
1.10 He Hit Me (It Felt Like A Kiss)
1.11 He's A Rebel
1.12 Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah
1.13 Puddin' N' Tain
1.14 He's Sure The Boy I Love
1.15 Why Do Lovers Break Each Others Hearts
1.16 (Today I Met) The Boy I'm Gonna Marry
1.17 Da Doo Ron Ron
1.18 Heartbreaker
1.19 Why Don't They Let Us Fall In Love
1.20 Chapel Of Love
1.21 Not Too Young To Get Married
1.22 Wait Til My Bobby Gets Home
1.23 All Grown Up
2.01 Be My Baby
2.02 Then He Kissed Me
2.03 A Fine, Fine Boy
2.04 Baby, I Love You
2.05 I Wonder
2.06 Girls Can Tell
2.07 Little Boy
2.08 Hold Me Tight
2.09 (The Best Part Of) Breakin' Up
2.10 Soldier Baby Of Mine
2.11 Strange Love
2.12 Stumble And Fall
2.13 When I Saw You
2.14 So Young
2.15 Do I Love You?
2.16 Keep On Dancing
2.17 You, Baby
2.18 Woman In Love (With You)
2.19 Walking In The Rain
3.01 You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'
3.02 Born To Be Together
3.03 Just Once In My Life
3.04 Unchained Melody
3.05 Is This What I Get For Loving You?
3.06 Long Way To Be Happy
3.07 (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons
3.08 Ebb Tide
3.09 This Could Be The Night
3.10 Paradise
3.11 River Deep, Mountain High
3.12 I'll Never Need More Than This
3.13 A Love Like Yours (Don't Come Knockin' Everyday)
3.14 Save The Last Dance For Me
3.15 I Wish I Never Saw The Sunshine
3.16 You Came, You Saw, You Conquered
3.17 Black Pearl
3.18 Love Is All I Have To Give
4.01 White Christmas
4.02 Frosty The Snowman
4.03 The Bells Of St. Mary
4.04 Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
4.05 Sleigh Ride
4.06 Marshmallow World
4.07 I Saw Momma Kissing Santa Claus
4.08 Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
4.09 Winter Wonderland
4.10 Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers
4.11 Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
4.12 Here Comes Santa Claus
4.13 Silent Night