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Psycho II (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) | Jerry Goldsmith |

Rol Nombre
Art Direction Joe Sikoryak
Bass David Young (8)
Bass Edward Meares
Bass John Hornschuch
Bass Milton Kestenbaum
Bass Peter Mercurio
Bass Susan Ranney
Cello Dane Little
Cello Dennis Karmazyn
Cello Earl Madison
Cello Eleanor Slatkin
Cello Marie Fera
Cello Nils Oliver
Cello Robert L. Adcock
Cello Robert Martin (10)
Cello Ron Leonard
Composed By Jerry Goldsmith
Conductor Jerry Goldsmith
Contractor Sandy de Crescent
Edited By Kenneth Hall
Engineer [Booth] Mike Rogers
Executive-Producer [CD] Roger Feigelson
Executive-Producer [Executive In Charge Of Music For Universal Pictures] Michael Knobloch
French Horn Art Maebe
French Horn Henry Sigismonti
French Horn Richard Perissi
French Horn Vincent DeRosa
Harp Dorothy Remsen
Liner Notes Douglass Fake
Liner Notes Jeff Bond
Management [Manager Of Digital Sound Transfers, BluWave Audio] Scot Deer
Mixed By Mickey Crofford
Musical Assistance [Editorial Assistant] Frank K. DeWald
Orchestrated By Arthur Morton
Percussion Emil Radocchia
Percussion Ken Watson
Percussion Shelly Manne
Piano Craig Hundley
Piano Mike Lang
Piano Ralph Grierson
Producer [CD] Douglass Fake
Production Manager Regina Fake
Recorded By Mickey Crofford
Transferred By [Analog To Digital Transfers] John Chandler
Viola Carole Mukogawa
Viola Dan Neufeld
Viola Denyse Buffum
Viola Janet Lakatos
Viola Joel Soultanian
Viola Myer Bello
Viola Pamela Goldsmith
Viola Roland Kato
Viola Rollice Dale
Viola Sven Reher
Violin Alexander Murray
Violin Alfred Breuning
Violin Arkady Shindelman
Violin Assa Drori
Violin Bill Hybel
Violin Connie Kupka
Violin Daniel Shindaryov
Violin David Montagu
Violin Dorothy Wade
Violin Erno Neufeld
Violin George Kast
Violin Gregory D. Moore
Violin Haim Shtrum
Violin Harold Wolf
Violin Herman Clebanoff
Violin Jack Pepper
Violin Jennifer Small
Violin Jennifer Woodward
Violin John Sambuco
Violin Josef Schoenbrun
Violin Lya Stern
Violin Nathan Ross
Violin Reginald Hill
Violin Ron Clark
Violin Stanley Plummer
Violin Stuart Canin
Woodwind David Schifrin
Woodwind Dominick Fera
Woodwind Gary Gray (5)
Woodwind Jim Kanter
Woodwind John Lowe
Woodwind Julian Spear
Woodwind Ralph Williams (4)
Woodwind Roy D'Antonio
CD, Album
Stage & Screen
Recorded December 13, 14, 15, 18 & 19, 1982, at Universal Pictures Scoring Stage, Hollywood, CA. Produced by Douglass Fake. Tracks 3-6, 8-12, 14-17, 20, 21, 24 and 26-31 (c) (p) 1983, 2014 Universal Studios, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Tracks 1, 2, 7, 13, 28, 22, 23 and 25 (p) Geffen Records. All Rights Reserved.
Sellos Discográficos:
Principal: Intrada
Rol Nombre
Copyright (c) Universal Studios, Inc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) Universal Studios, Inc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) Geffen Records
Manufactured By Universal Music Enterprises
Published By USI B Music Publishing
Play Posición Título Duración
1 The Murder 0:59
2 Psycho II - Main Title 1:39
3 The House 1:51
4 Mother's Hand 1:54
5 Old Weapons 0:41
6 Cheese Sandwich 0:31
7 Mother's Room 2:05
8 Out To Lunch 2:00
9 No Note 1:05
10 The Peep Hole 1:47
11 Toomy's Death 1:11
12 Peep Hole #2 (Revised) 0:55
13 Mother's Room #2 4:28
14 Basement Killing 1:18
15 New Furniture 0:44
16 It's Starting Again 0:40
17 A Night Cap 1:08
18 Blood Bath 4:01
19 Don't Take Me 5:39
20 She's Not Dead 1:16
21 Hello Mother 2:52
22 The Cellar 4:48
23 It's Not Your Mother 5:11
24 Expected Guest 2:44
25 Psycho II - End Title (Revised) 4:18
The Extras
26 Sonata #14 [Moonlight], Op. 27, No. 2 - 1st Mvt 1:51
27 Sonata #8 [Pathétique], Op. 13 - 2nd Mvt 1:04
28 Peep Hole #2 (Original) 0:56
29 Mother's Room #2 (Alternate No. 1) 4:28
30 Mother's Room #2 (Alternate No. 2) 4:28
31 Psycho II - End Title (Original Version) 4:18
Descripción Tipo Código
Barcode 7-20258-52732-5