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Rol Nombre
Bassoon Allen M. Savedoff
Bassoon Andy Radford (2)
Bassoon Rose Corrigan
Cello Armen Ksajikian
Cello Dane Little
Cello Dermot Mulroney
Cello John Acosta (2)
Cello Kevan Torfeh
Cello Stefanie Fife
Cello Steve Richards
Cello Suzie Katayama
Cello Vage Ayrikyan
Cello Victor Lawrence
Clarinet Don Markese
Clarinet Michael Vaccaro
Clarinet [Clarinet Contra Bass] John Mitchell (4)
Composed By Michael Giacchino
Concertmaster Clayton Haslop
Conductor Tim Simonec
Contractor [Choir] Bobbi Page
Contractor [Orchestra] Reggie Wilson
Coordinator Andrea Datzman
Copyist [Music Preparation] Booker White
Creative Director Steve Gerdes
Crew [Scoring And Mix Stage Crew] David Marquette
Crew [Scoring And Mix Stage Crew] Greg Loskorn
Crew [Scoring And Mix Stage Crew] Jamie Olvera
Crew [Scoring And Mix Stage Crew] Julianne McCormack
Crew [Scoring And Mix Stage Crew] Mark Eshelman
Crew [Scoring And Mix Stage Crew] Ryan Robinson
Design Steve Sterling
Double Bass [String Bass] Charles Nenneker
Double Bass [String Bass] Dave Stone (2)
Double Bass [String Bass] Edward Meares
Double Bass [String Bass] Karl Vincent
Double Bass [String Bass] Nico Abondolo
Double Bass [String Bass] Norman Ludwin
Double Bass [String Bass] Peter Doubrovsky
Double Bass [String Bass] Tim Emmons
Edited By Stephen M. Davis
Edited By [Additional Music Editor] Jonathon Stevens
Engineer [Assistant Scoring Engineer] Mike Aarvold
English Horn Joseph Stone
Flute Dick Mitchell
Flute Robert Shulgold
Flute Steve Kujala
French Horn Brad Warnaar
French Horn Brian O'Connor (2)
French Horn Joe Meyer
French Horn John A. Reynolds
French Horn Phil Yao
French Horn Richard Todd
French Horn Steve Becknell
French Horn Steven Durnin
Guitar [Featured Musician] George Doering
Harp [Featured Musician] Gayle Levant
Management [Assistant Orchestra Manager] Constance Boylan
Mastered By Patricia Sullivan
Mixed By Dan Wallin
Musical Assistance Dave Martina
Oboe John Yoakum
Orchestrated By Andrea Datzman
Orchestrated By Cameron Patrick
Orchestrated By Ira Hearshen
Orchestrated By Mark Gasbarro
Orchestrated By Norman Ludwin
Orchestrated By Peter Boyer
Orchestrated By Tim Simonec
Organ [B3] Mark Levang
Other [Additional Music Preparation] Jeff Kryka
Other [Additional Music Preparation] Nicholas Jacobson-Larson
Other [Executive In Charge Of Music And Soundtracks For The Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Group And The Disney Music Group] Mitchell Leib
Other [Monitor] Andrea Datzman
Other [Music Business/Legal Affairs For The Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Group] Don Welty
Other [Music Business/Legal Affairs For The Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Group] Scott Holtzman (2)
Other [Score And Mix Recordist] Adam Michalak
Other [Score And Mix Recordist] Tom Hardisty
Other [Soundtrack Production Director] Desirée Craig-Ramos
Other [Technical Music Assistant] Alexandra Apostolakis
Percussion Alex Acuña
Percussion Bernie Dresel
Percussion Daniel Greco
Percussion Emil Radocchia
Percussion Walter Rodriguez
Piano Mark Gasbarro
Producer Michael Giacchino
Producer [Music Production For The Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Group] Monica Zierhut
Recorded By Dan Wallin
Technician [Digital Workstation Operator] Vini Cirilli
Timpani Don Williams (5)
Trombone Alan Kaplan
Trombone Alex Iles
Trombone Steven Holtman
Trombone [Bass Trombone] Bill Reichenbach (2)
Trombone [Bass Trombone] Phil Teele
Trumpet Jeff Bunnell
Trumpet Malcolm McNab
Trumpet Paul Salvo (2)
Trumpet Rick Baptist
Tuba Doug Tornquist
Tuba John Van Houten
Viola Alan Busteed
Viola Caroline Buckman
Viola Darrin McCann
Viola Evan Wilson
Viola Harry Shirinian
Viola Jorge Moraga
Viola Karen Elaine Bakunin
Viola Karie Prescott
Viola Marda Todd
Viola Maria Newman
Viola Pamela Goldsmith
Viola Richard Rintoul
Violin Aimee Kreston
Violin Alexander Shlifer
Violin Alyssa Park
Violin Anatoly Rosinsky
Violin Barbra Porter
Violin Belinda Broughton
Violin Cameron Patrick
Violin Carolyn Osborn
Violin Charlie Bisharat
Violin Darius Campo
Violin Eve Butler
Violin Galina Golovin
Violin Gina Kronstadt
Violin Haim Shtrum
Violin James Sitterly
Violin Joel Derouin
Violin John Wittenberg
Violin Josefina Vergara
Violin Larry Greenfield
Violin Mark Robertson (3)
Violin Norman Hughes
Violin Peter Kent (2)
Violin Rafael Rishik
Violin Razdan Kuyumjian
Violin Rebecca Bunnell
Violin Ron Clark
Violin Shalini Vijayan
Violin Shari Zippert
Violin Sid Page
Violin Tereza Stanislav
Violin Terry Glenny
Violin Tiffany Yi Hu
Violin Vladimir Polimatidi
Violin [Principal 2nd Violin] Kenneth Yerke
Vocals [Featured Vocalist] Azam Ali
Wind [Ethnic Wind Instrument] [Featured Musician] Pedro Eustache
CD, Album
Stage & Screen
Sellos Discográficos:
Principal: Walt Disney Records
Rol Nombre
Phonographic Copyright (p) Walt Disney Records
Copyright (c) Disney Enterprises, Inc.
Published By Walt Disney Music Company
Published By Wonderland Music Company, Inc.
Recorded At Sony Scoring Stage
Mixed At The Eastwood Scoring Stage
Mastered At Bernie Grundman Mastering
Play Posición Título Duración
1 A Thern For The Worse 7:40
2 Get Carter 4:26
3 Gravity Of The Situation 1:21
4 Thark Side Of Barsoom 2:56
5 Sab Than Pursues The Princess 5:34
6 The Temple Of Issus 3:25
7 Zodanga Happened 4:03
8 The Blue Light Special 4:13
9 Carter They Come, Carter They Fall 3:55
10 A Change Of Heart 3:06
11 A Thern Warning 4:04
12 The Second Biggest Apes I've Seen This Month 2:36
13 The Right Of Challenge 2:23
14 The Prize Is Barsoom 4:40
15 The Fight For Helium 4:35
16 Not Quite Finished 2:07
17 Thernabout 1:20
18 Ten Bitter Years 3:13
19 John Carter Of Mars 8:54
Descripción Tipo Código
Barcode 0-50087-24490-3