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Letting Go The Hatchet | Charlie McAlister |

Folk, World, & Country
Play Posición Título Duración
A1 Rollercoaster
A2 Popcicle Melt
A3 Why Has It Come To This?
A4 The Killer/My Premium Is Due
A5 Two Astronauts
A6 This Halloween
A7 Liquor Store/Long Walk Through Suburbia
A8 Down To Davy Jones
B1 Spirit Of The Dead Indians Entering My Home
B2 The Heavy Rains
B3 Guy Who Committed Suicide
B4 Letting Go The Hatchet
B5 I'll Never Know Who
B6 Suburban Hercules
B7 Oh Would You!
B8 Chinese Pencils
B9 The Way Life Goes