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Juke Joint Jump / Struttin' My Stuff | Elvin Bishop |

Rol Nombre
Acoustic Guitar Elvin Bishop
Acoustic Guitar Johnny Vernazza
Backing Vocals Donny Baldwin
Backing Vocals Johnny Vernazza
Backing Vocals Mickey Thomas
Bass Michael Brooks (4)
Congas Donny Baldwin
Drums Donny Baldwin
Electric Guitar Elvin Bishop
Electric Guitar Johnny Vernazza
Electric Piano Philip Aaberg
Guest, Acoustic Guitar Johnny Sandlin
Guest, Acoustic Guitar Stephen Stills
Guest, Backing Vocals Bill Slais
Guest, Backing Vocals Jo Baker
Guest, Backing Vocals June Pointer
Guest, Backing Vocals Ross Hayashida
Guest, Bass Ross Mason (2)
Guest, Electric Guitar Johnny Sandlin
Guest, Harmonica Rick Kellogg
Guest, Organ Michael Keck
Guest, Percussion Johnny Sandlin
Guest, Piano Michael Keck
Guest, Synthesizer Bill Slais
Guest, Tenor Saxophone Terry Hanck
Lead Vocals Elvin Bishop
Lead Vocals Mickey Thomas
Organ Philip Aaberg
Percussion Donny Baldwin
Piano [Acoustic Piano] Philip Aaberg
Producer Allan Blazek
Producer Bill Szymczyk
Producer Johnny Sandlin
Slide Guitar Johnny Vernazza
Synthesizer Philip Aaberg
Synthesizer [Bass WIth Moog Synthesizer] Philip Aaberg
CD, Compilation
Southern Rock
Play Posición Título Duración
Juke Joint Jump
1 Juke Joint Jump 5:30
2 Calling All Cows 4:28
3 Rollin' Home 4:56
4 Wide River 5:53
5 Sure Feels Good 2:47
6 Arkansas Line 3:21
7 Hold On 3:40
8 Crawlin' Kingsnake 3:49
9 Do Nobody Wrong 4:50
Struttin' My Stuff
10 Struttin' My Stuff 4:09
11 Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey 3:30
12 My Girl 3:05
13 I Love The Life I Lead 2:29
14 Fooled Around And Fell In Love 4:35
15 Holler And Shout 3:11
16 Slick Titty Boom 5:00
17 Grab All The Love 2:52
18 Have A Good Time 2:30
19 Joy 4:02
Descripción Tipo Código
Barcode 6 12657 02892 6