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Beautiful Noise | Neil Diamond |

Rol Nombre
Acoustic Bass Bob Boucher
Acoustic Guitar Neil Diamond
Acoustic Guitar Richard Bennett
Arranged By [Strings, Horns] Bob James
Arranged By [Strings, Horns] Nick DeCaro
Artwork [Hand Lettering] Michael Manoogian
Backing Vocals [Background Singers] Carolyn Willis
Backing Vocals [Background Singers] Clydie King
Backing Vocals [Background Singers] Gerald Garrett
Backing Vocals [Background Singers] Jesse Kirkland
Backing Vocals [Background Singers] Jim Gilstrap
Backing Vocals [Background Singers] Joe Greene
Backing Vocals [Background Singers] Julia Waters
Backing Vocals [Background Singers] Mildred Lane
Backing Vocals [Background Singers] Mona Lisa Harrington
Backing Vocals [Background Singers] Oma Drake
Backing Vocals [Background Singers] Oren Waters
Backing Vocals [Background Singers] Venetta Fields
Backing Vocals [Background Singers] Verlene Rogers
Design [Album] Bob Cato
Drums Dennis St. John
Effects [Sound Effects] Freddy Demann
Effects [Sound Effects] Hank Altman
Effects [Sound Effects] Sue Roberts
Electric Bass Bob Boucher
Electric Guitar Richard Bennett
Electric Piano [Rhodes] Larry Knechtel
Engineer [Mastering] Kent Duncan
Engineer [Mastering] Rick Collins
Engineer [Mixing] John Calder
Engineer [Mixing] Neil Brody
Engineer [Recording] Ed Anderson (2)
Engineer [Recording] John Calder
Engineer [Recording] Nat Jeffrey
Engineer [Recording] Neil Brody
Engineer [Recording] Tim Kramer
Horns Art Maebe
Horns Bernie Fleischer
Horns Bill Perkins
Horns Bob Findley
Horns Bobby Bryant
Horns David Duke
Horns Don Menza
Horns Don Waldrop
Horns Ernie Watts
Horns Eugene Young
Horns Gary Grant
Horns Gene Cipriano
Horns Harold Garrett
Horns Hugo Raimondi
Horns Jack Nimitz
Horns Jack Redmond
Horns Jerome Richardson
Horns Lew McCreary
Horns Maurice Spears
Horns Norman Benno
Horns Oscar Brashear
Horns Paul Hubinon
Horns Ralph Lee
Horns Steve Madaio
Lead Guitar Richard Bennett
Percussion Dennis St. John
Photography By Reid Miles
Photography By [Director Of Photography] Ron Coro
Piano Alan Lindgren
Piano Larry Knechtel
Producer Robbie Robertson
Rhythm Guitar Neil Diamond
Strings Armand Kaproff
Strings Bernard Kundell
Strings David Hungate
Strings Dennis Karmazyn
Strings Elliott Fisher
Strings Glenn Dicterow
Strings Harold Dicterow
Strings Harry Bluestone
Strings Harry Shlutz
Strings Henry Ferber
Strings Herschel Wise
Strings Isabelle Daskoff
Strings James Getzoff
Strings Jay Rosen
Strings Jesse Ehrlich
Strings Joy Lyle
Strings Michael Nowak
Strings Murray Adler
Strings Paul Shure
Strings Ray Kelley
Strings Ronald Folsom
Strings Samuel Boghossian
Strings Selene Hurford
Strings Sidney Sharp
Strings Stanley Plummer
Strings Tibor Zelig
Strings William Kurasch
Strings Yukiko Kamei
Synthesizer [Arp Bass] Bob Boucher
Synthesizer [Moog] Alan Lindgren
Written-By Neil Diamond
CD, Album
CD, Reissue
Soft Rock
Manufactured in Australia by Sony Music Entertainment (Australia) Limited. Don't know when this was released but is a reissue of original 1976 album.
Play Posición Título Duración
A1 Beautiful Noise 3:27
A2 Stargazer 2:42
A3 Lady-Oh 3:52
A4 Don't Think... Feel 3:26
A5 Surviving The Life 3:43
A6 If You Know What I Mean 3:42
B1 Street Life 2:59
B2 Home Is A Wounded Heart 2:42
B3 Jungletime 3:10
B4 Signs 4:20
B5 Dry Your Eyes 3:22
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Barcode 9399708