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The Complete Works For Piano | Scott Joplin | Dick Hyman |

Rol Nombre
Art Direction J. J. Stelmach
Composed By Scott Joplin
Engineer [Recording] Paul Goodman
Graphics Ralph Keefe, Inc.
Liner Notes Rudi Blesh
Piano Dick Hyman
Producer Neil Warner
Vinyl, LP
Sellos Discográficos:
Principal: RCA Red Seal
Rol Nombre
Copyright (c) RCA Records
Pressed By RCA Records Pressing Plant, Indianapolis
Play Posición Título Duración
Rags: 1899-1901
A1 Maple Leaf Rag
A2 Original Rags
A3 Swipesy
A4 Peacherine Rag
A5 The Easy Winners
A6 Sunflower Slow Drag
Rags: 1902-1903
B1 The Entertainer
B2 Elite Syncopations
B3 The Strenuous Life
B4 A Breeze From Alabama
B5 Palm Leaf Rag
B6 Something Doing
Rags: 1903-1905
C1 Weeping Willow 4:30
C2 The Chrysanthemum 3:45
C3 The Cascades 2:46
C4 The Sycamore 2:40
C5 The Favorite 3:09
C6 Leola 3:47
Rags: 1905-1907
D1 The Ragtime Dance 3:17
D2 Eugenia 4:37
D3 Lily Queen 4:30
D4 Gladiolus Rag 3:46
D5 Nonpareil 3:38
D6 Heliotrope Bouquet 4:16
Rags: 1907-1909
E1 Search-Light Rag 3:43
E2 Rose Leaf Rag 4:26
E3 Fig Leaf Rag 4:04
E4 Pine Apple Rag 3:49
E5 Solace 4:18
E6 Sugar Cane 3:00
Rags: 1909-1911
F1 Stoptime Rag 2:56
F2 Euphonic Sounds 2:57
F3 Country Club 3:40
F4 Wall Street Rag 4:22
F5 Felicity Rag 3:02
F6 Paragon Rag 3:29
Rags: 1912-1917
G1 Scott Joplin's New Rag 3:24
G2 Silver Swan Rag 4:13
G3 Kismet Rag 3:30
G4 Magnetic Rag 5:02
G5 Reflection Rag 4:15
H1 Antoinette 2:45
H2 Cleopha 3:10
H3 March Majestic 2:23
H4 Combination March 2:15
H5 Rosebud 2:55
H6 Great Crush Collision 3:23
H7 Great Crush Collision (Ragtime Version) 1:42
H8 Schyool Of Ragtime 7:48
I1 Bethena 4:50
I2 Binks' Waltz 4:02
I3 Pleasant Moments 3:11
I4 Augustan Club Waltz 4:24
I5 Harmony Club Waltz 4:56
Improvisations By Dick Hyman
J1 The Entertainer 1:58
J2 Heliotrope Bouquet 1:18
J3 Fig Leaf Rag 1:50
J4 Stoptime Rag 1:38
J5 Pleasant Moments 2:15
J6 Gladiolus Rag 1:10
J7 Peacherine Rag 0:48
J8 Elite Syncopations 1:53
J9 A Breeze From Alabama 2:12
J10 Scott Joplin's New Rag 1:55
J11 Something Doing 3:18
J12 The Chrysanthemum 1:44
Descripción Tipo Código
C-Side Label Matrix / Runout CRL5-1106-2-C
D-Side Label Matrix / Runout CRL5-1106-2-D
E-Side Label Matrix / Runout CRL5-1106-3-E
F-Side Label Matrix / Runout CRL5-1106-3-F
G-Side Label Matrix / Runout CRL5-1106-4-G
H-Side Label Matrix / Runout CRL5-1106-4-H
I-Side Label Matrix / Runout CRL5-1106-5-I
J-Side Label Matrix / Runout CRL5-1106-5-J
C-Side Runout Etching Matrix / Runout CRL5 1106C 2 I A2
D-Side Runout Etching Matrix / Runout CRL5 1106d 2 I A2
E-Side Runout Etching Matrix / Runout CRL5 1106E 2 I A1
F-Side Runout Etching Matrix / Runout CRL5 1106F 1 I A2
G-Side Runout Etching Matrix / Runout CRL5 1106G 1 I B2
H-Side Runout Etching Matrix / Runout CRL5 1106H 2 I A2
I-Side Runout Etching Matrix / Runout CRL5 1106I 1 I B1
J-Side Runout Etching Matrix / Runout CRL5 1106J 3 I B1