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The Matrix Revolutions: Music From The Motion Picture | Various |

Rol Nombre
Choir Hollywood Film Chorale
Concertmaster Clayton Haslop
Contractor [Hollywood Film Chorale Contracted By] Sally Stevens
Contractor [Orchestra Contracted By] David Sherr
Crew [Scoring Crew] Damon Tedesco
Crew [Scoring Crew] Tom Steel
Design [Package Design] Flem, The
Engineer [Technical] Bill Talbott
Executive Producer [Album] Andy Wachowski
Executive Producer [Album] Guy Oseary
Executive Producer [Album] Larry Wachowski
Executive Producer [For Wmg Soundtracks] Danny Bramson
Liner Notes [Sanskrit Translation], Other [Coaching] Andrew Glass
Liner Notes [Translation] Mascaro (2)
Mixed By [Music Scoring Mixer] Armin Steiner
Mixed By [Synthesizers] Larry Mah
Orchestrated By Conrad Pope
Orchestrated By Don Davis (4)
Orchestrated By Erik Lundborg
Other [Album Business Affairs] Dan Butler
Other [Album Business Affairs] Keith Zajic
Other [Album Business Affairs] Ronnie Dashev
Other [Executives In Charge Of Music For Warner Bros. Pictures] Doug Frank
Other [Executives In Charge Of Music For Warner Bros. Pictures] Gary Lemel
Other [Music Administration For Warner Bros. Pictures] Debi Streeter
Performer [Orchestra] Alan Estes
Performer [Orchestra] Alan Grunfeld
Performer [Orchestra] Alexander Shlifer
Performer [Orchestra] Alvin Veeh
Performer [Orchestra] Amy Hershberger
Performer [Orchestra] Amy Wilkins
Performer [Orchestra] Anatoly Rosinsky
Performer [Orchestra] Armen Garabedian
Performer [Orchestra] Berj Garabedian
Performer [Orchestra] Bette Byers
Performer [Orchestra] Brad Warnaar
Performer [Orchestra] Brian Dembow
Performer [Orchestra] Brian O'Connor (2)
Performer [Orchestra] Bruce Dukov
Performer [Orchestra] Bruce Morgenthaler
Performer [Orchestra] Bryan Pezzone
Performer [Orchestra] Carole Castillo
Performer [Orchestra] Carrie Holzman Little
Performer [Orchestra] Cecilia Tsan
Performer [Orchestra] Chet Swiatkowski
Performer [Orchestra] Christian Kollgaard
Performer [Orchestra] Christina Soule
Performer [Orchestra] Claudia Parducci
Performer [Orchestra] Clayton Haslop
Performer [Orchestra] Dan Neufeld
Performer [Orchestra] Darius Campo
Performer [Orchestra] Dave Riddles
Performer [Orchestra] David Duke
Performer [Orchestra] David Johnson (6)
Performer [Orchestra] David Shamban
Performer [Orchestra] David Speltz
Performer [Orchestra] David Walther
Performer [Orchestra] Dennis Karmazyn
Performer [Orchestra] Denyse Buffum
Performer [Orchestra] Diane Muller
Performer [Orchestra] Don Williams (5)
Performer [Orchestra] Donald E. Green
Performer [Orchestra] Doug Tornquist
Performer [Orchestra] Douglas Davis
Performer [Orchestra] Drew Dembowski
Performer [Orchestra] Earl Dumler
Performer [Orchestra] Edith Markman
Performer [Orchestra] Edward Meares
Performer [Orchestra] Emily Bernstein
Performer [Orchestra] Endre Granat
Performer [Orchestra] Erik Lundborg
Performer [Orchestra] Evan Wilson
Performer [Orchestra] Frances Senger
Performer [Orchestra] Franklyn D'Antonio
Performer [Orchestra] Galina Golovin
Performer [Orchestra] Gary Bovyer
Performer [Orchestra] Gary Gray (5)
Performer [Orchestra] Gary Woodward
Performer [Orchestra] George Burnette Dillon
Performer [Orchestra] George Thatcher
Performer [Orchestra] Gloria Cheng
Performer [Orchestra] Gloria Lum
Performer [Orchestra] Grant Gershon
Performer [Orchestra] Greg Goodall
Performer [Orchestra] Haim Shtrum
Performer [Orchestra] Harvey Newmark
Performer [Orchestra] Herbert Ausman
Performer [Orchestra] Horia Moroaica
Performer [Orchestra] Irma Neumann
Performer [Orchestra] Jackie Brand
Performer [Orchestra] James Self
Performer [Orchestra] Janet Lakatos
Performer [Orchestra] Jim Atkinson
Performer [Orchestra] Jim Kanter
Performer [Orchestra] Jim Sawyer
Performer [Orchestra] Joan Elardo
Performer [Orchestra] Jodi Burnett
Performer [Orchestra] Joe Meyer
Performer [Orchestra] John A. Reynolds
Performer [Orchestra] John Steinmetz
Performer [Orchestra] John Van Houten
Performer [Orchestra] John Walz
Performer [Orchestra] John Wittenberg
Performer [Orchestra] Jon Lewis
Performer [Orchestra] Julie Feves
Performer [Orchestra] Julie Gigante
Performer [Orchestra] Karen Jones (2)
Performer [Orchestra] Katia Popov
Performer [Orchestra] Kazi Pitelka
Performer [Orchestra] Keith Greene
Performer [Orchestra] Kenneth Yerke
Performer [Orchestra] Kerry Walsh
Performer [Orchestra] Kimaree Gilad
Performer [Orchestra] Larry Bunker
Performer [Orchestra] Leslie Lashinsky
Performer [Orchestra] Leslie Reed
Performer [Orchestra] Lily Ho Chen
Performer [Orchestra] Loren Marsteller
Performer [Orchestra] Lyndon Taylor
Performer [Orchestra] Lynn Angebranndt
Performer [Orchestra] Malcolm McNab
Performer [Orchestra] Marcia Dickstein
Performer [Orchestra] Mari Tsumura
Performer [Orchestra] Maria Newman
Performer [Orchestra] Mark Baranov
Performer [Orchestra] Mark L. Adams
Performer [Orchestra] Mark Robertson (3)
Performer [Orchestra] Mark Zimoski
Performer [Orchestra] Marlow Fisher
Performer [Orchestra] Matt Funes
Performer [Orchestra] Meredith A. Snow
Performer [Orchestra] Michael Fisher
Performer [Orchestra] Michael Hoffman (6)
Performer [Orchestra] Michael Markman
Performer [Orchestra] Michael Nowak
Performer [Orchestra] Miran Kojian
Performer [Orchestra] Miwako Watanabe
Performer [Orchestra] Nancy Stein-Ross
Performer [Orchestra] Nico Abondolo
Performer [Orchestra] Norda Mullen
Performer [Orchestra] Pat Johnson (2)
Performer [Orchestra] Paul Cohen (2)
Performer [Orchestra] Paula Hochhalter
Performer [Orchestra] Peter Limonick
Performer [Orchestra] Polly Sweeney
Performer [Orchestra] Rachel Purkin
Performer [Orchestra] Rafael Rishik
Performer [Orchestra] Ralph Sauer
Performer [Orchestra] Ralph Williams (4)
Performer [Orchestra] Raymond Burkhart
Performer [Orchestra] Rebecca Bunnell
Performer [Orchestra] Richard Altenbach
Performer [Orchestra] Richard Feves
Performer [Orchestra] Richard Rintoul
Performer [Orchestra] Richard Todd
Performer [Orchestra] Robert Becker
Performer [Orchestra] Robin Olson
Performer [Orchestra] Roger Lebow
Performer [Orchestra] Roger Wilkie
Performer [Orchestra] Rose Corrigan
Performer [Orchestra] Rowena Hammill
Performer [Orchestra] Samatha K. Lee
Performer [Orchestra] Sara Schoenbeck
Performer [Orchestra] Scott Higgins
Performer [Orchestra] Shari Zippert
Performer [Orchestra] Simon Oswell
Performer [Orchestra] Steve Erdody
Performer [Orchestra] Steve Kujala
Performer [Orchestra] Steve LaFever
Performer [Orchestra] Sungil Lee
Performer [Orchestra] Susan Ranney
Performer [Orchestra] Suzanna Giordano
Performer [Orchestra] Tamara Hatwan
Performer [Orchestra] Tiffany Yi Hu
Performer [Orchestra] Tim Barr
Performer [Orchestra] Tim Landauer
Performer [Orchestra] Tim Morrison (2)
Performer [Orchestra] Tom Boyd
Performer [Orchestra] Tommy Johnson (2)
Performer [Orchestra] Vicki Miskolczy
Performer [Orchestra] Vicki Ray
Performer [Orchestra] William Booth
Performer [Orchestra] Yvonne S. Moriarty
Recorded By [Recordist] John Rodd
Score Editor [Assistant Music Editors] Brenda Heins
Score Editor [Assistant Music Editors] Julie Pearce
Score Editor [Music Editors] Barbara McDermott
Score Editor [Music Editors] Joe E. Rand
Score Editor [Music Editors] Steve Galloway (3)
Soprano Vocals, Soloist [Boy Soprano Soloist] Zachary Biggs
Supervised By [Music Supervisor] Jason Bentley
Voice [Men's Voices] Amick Byram
Voice [Men's Voices] Bob Joyce
Voice [Men's Voices] Craig Copeland
Voice [Men's Voices] David Joyce
Voice [Men's Voices] Dick Bolks
Voice [Men's Voices] Dick Wells
Voice [Men's Voices] Dick Williams (7)
Voice [Men's Voices] Dwayne Condon
Voice [Men's Voices] Ed Zajac
Voice [Men's Voices] Gary Stockdale
Voice [Men's Voices] Gene Merlino
Voice [Men's Voices] George Stern
Voice [Men's Voices] Gerald White
Voice [Men's Voices] Gregory Geiger
Voice [Men's Voices] Guy Maeda
Voice [Men's Voices] Ian Freebairn-Smith
Voice [Men's Voices] Jerry Whitman
Voice [Men's Voices] Jim Gilstrap
Voice [Men's Voices] Jody Golightly
Voice [Men's Voices] John Beeney
Voice [Men's Voices] John Duykers
Voice [Men's Voices] Jon Joyce
Voice [Men's Voices] Jonathan Mack
Voice [Men's Voices] Kenneth Knight
Voice [Men's Voices] Kerry Katz
Voice [Men's Voices] Michael Geiger
Voice [Men's Voices] Michael Mishaw
Voice [Men's Voices] Mitchel Moore
Voice [Men's Voices] Oren Waters
Voice [Men's Voices] Randy Crenshaw
Voice [Men's Voices] Reid Bruton
Voice [Men's Voices] Rick Logan
Voice [Men's Voices] Roger Freeland
Voice [Men's Voices] Sean McDermott
Voice [Men's Voices] Stan Farber
Voice [Men's Voices] Stephen Grimm
Voice [Men's Voices] Steve Amerson
Voice [Men's Voices] Steven Dunham
Voice [Men's Voices] William Edwards
Voice [Women's Voices] Andrea Robinson
Voice [Women's Voices] Angie Jaree
Voice [Women's Voices] Ann White
Voice [Women's Voices] Bobbi Page
Voice [Women's Voices] Carmen Twillie
Voice [Women's Voices] Carol Lombard
Voice [Women's Voices] Christie Lawrence
Voice [Women's Voices] Cindy Bourquin
Voice [Women's Voices] Clydene Jackson
Voice [Women's Voices] Darlene Koldenhoven
Voice [Women's Voices] Debbie Hall
Voice [Women's Voices] Deborah Dietrich
Voice [Women's Voices] Diane Freiman Reynolds
Voice [Women's Voices] Donna Medine
Voice [Women's Voices] Edie Lehmann Boddicker
Voice [Women's Voices] Elin Carlson
Voice [Women's Voices] Jeannine Wagner
Voice [Women's Voices] Joan Beal
Voice [Women's Voices] Karen Harper
Voice [Women's Voices] Kerry Walsh
Voice [Women's Voices] Laura Bohn
Voice [Women's Voices] Leanna Brand
Voice [Women's Voices] Linda Harmon
Voice [Women's Voices] Luana Jackman
Voice [Women's Voices] Mary Hylan
Voice [Women's Voices] Maurita Thornburg
Voice [Women's Voices] Melissa Mackay
Voice [Women's Voices] Morgan Ames
Voice [Women's Voices] Myrna Matthews
Voice [Women's Voices] Patricia Ann Walsh
Voice [Women's Voices] Sally Stevens
Voice [Women's Voices] Samela Beasom
Voice [Women's Voices] Sandie Hall
Voice [Women's Voices] Scottie Haskell
Voice [Women's Voices] Sheri Izzard
Voice [Women's Voices] Susan Boyd
Voice [Women's Voices] Susie Stevens-Logan
Voice [Women's Voices] Teri Koide
Voice [Women's Voices] Terry Harriton
Voice [Women's Voices] Virenia Lind
Written-By Ben Watkins
Written-By, Composed By, Conductor Don Davis (4)
CD, Enhanced
Stage & Screen
Modern Classical
Enhanced CD contains: The Matrix Revolutions™ trailer The Matrix™ comic book preview The Matrix Revolutions™ Tunnel Recon Video Game Maverick Recording Company, 9348 Civic Center Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210-3606; 75 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10019-6908. Manufactured and distributed by Warner Bros. Records Inc. Warner Music Group, an AOL Time Warner Company. Motion picture artwork and photography ⓒ 2003 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. for the U.S., Canada, Bahamas and Bermuda. ⓒ2003 Village Roadshow Films (BVI) Limited for the rest of the world. ⓒⓟ2003 Maverick Recording Company.
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Principal: Maverick
Principal: Warner Sunset Records
Rol Nombre
Copyright (c) Maverick Recording Company
Copyright (c) Village Roadshow Films (BVI) Limited
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Play Posición Título Duración
1 The Matrix Revolutions Main Title 1:22
2 The Trainman Cometh 2:43
3 Tetsujin 3:21
4 In My Head 3:47
5 The Road To Sourceville 1:25
6 Men In Metal 2:18
7 Niobe's Run 2:49
8 Woman Can Drive 2:42
9 Moribund Mifune 3:48
10 Kidfried 4:50
11 Saw Bitch Workhorse 3:59
12 Trinity Definitely 4:15
13 Neodämmerung 6:00
14 Why, Mr. Anderson? 6:11
15 Spirit Of The Universe 4:51
16 Navras 9:09
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