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Winter, So Unsagbar Winter | Adversus |

Rol Nombre
Acoustic Guitar, Guitar Thomas Steuer
Bagpipes [Great Highland, Border, Small] Thomas Zöller
Double Bass Carsten Hundt
Edited By Claudia Reiher
Flute [German] Susanne Stitz
Producer Rosendorn
Producer Thomas Steuer
Violin Sabeth Köhler
Vocals Voland
Vocals, Composed By, Lyrics By, Artwork By Rosendorn
Vocals, Flute [German] Susanne Stitz
CD, Album
Modern Classical
Black Metal
Goth Rock
Composed and written 1999 - 2002. Recorded in Frankfurt 2002. Short Description: Adversus is a unique combination of orchestral, gothic-electro, dark metal, neo-folk, medieval and renaissance music elements Adversus is the name of a headstrong project of different musicians lead by the German artist Rosendorn alias Torsten Schneyer. With great devotion and commitment this band, originated in the area around Frankfurt/Germany, produces an own mixture of styles taken from darkwave, romantic and electro as well as gothic and even classical music, added with a good portion of metal. After having released an early version of the song "Seelenwinter" on a compilation CD in 2001, that became a club hit in the german gothic scene, and a first demo CD, Adversus released their long-awaited debut album "Winter, so unsagbar Winter..." in early 2003. After sellout of the first edition, this album was reissued in 2005 as a remastered Edition. On "Winter, so unsagbar Winter..." the listener is not faced with a typical arrangement of songs. It is a sophisticated concept-album telling a story like an arrangement of poems would. There are 11 songs of epic length linked by nine short interludes, each song being a further chapter of the whole story. Alltogether the album contains 20 tracks exceding a typical albums length noticeably. The music itself does not comply to the usual standards of dark/gothic style music and is not meant to meet contemporary dancefloor trends. But nevertheless a huge crowd of German dark-club audience likes Adversus tracks on the dancefloor, also. Nested electronically generated sounds blend with medieval music influences, darkmetal, folk and classical arrangements. Set before this stage are Susanne Stitz, contrasting Rosendorns vocals of melodic song, theater style speech and aggressive black metal and electroshouting with her mezzosoprano. Listeners enjoying sophisticated morbid sounds with historic-romantic and aggressive-metal influences are going to welcome this album as a new way to deal with these methods of expression.
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Erstes Kapitel
1 Auftakt 1:29
2 Präludium Adversi 5:40
3 Dämon, Allzutief In Dir 7:54
4 Schwester Der Wahrheit 2:04
5 Des Regens Kälte 7:04
Zweites Kapitel
6 Zimmer Im Kopf 1:30
7 Mein Hass Treibt Nadeln 2:57
8 An Dies' Kind 0:48
9 Klingentanz 6:23
10 Stirb In Mir 3:10
Drittes Kapitel
11 In Teile Geträumt 0:45
12 Berühr' Mich Nicht 6:09
13 Wie Klingt Dein Herz Von Innen? 1:59
14 Seelenwinter 7:45
15 Eiswand 0:58
Viertes Kapitel
16 Katharsis 6:12
17 Unser Beider Babylon 7:11
18 Sturmschwingen 0:49
19 Schwarzer Vogel, Flieg! 5:53
20 Ausklang 1:15
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Barcode 7 03513 80012 8
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