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Rol Nombre
Arranged By [Horns] Jerry Hey
Art Direction Michael Cotten
Art Direction Prairie Prince
Art Direction Roy Kohara
Artwork [Contributor] Bill Burks (2)
Artwork [Contributor] Jim English (2)
Artwork [Contributor] Jim Welch
Artwork [Contributor] Lee Mell
Artwork [Contributor] Matt Leach
Artwork [Contributor] Phil Shima
Artwork [Contributor] Stan Pesket
Artwork [Tube Package], Design [Visual] Cotten/Prince Productions
Bass [Special Musican] David Williams (2)
Bass [Special Musican] Nathan East
Cover [Collaborator] Balfour Patterson
Cover [Collaborator] Paul Knotter
Engineer [Additional] David Cole (4)
Engineer [Additional] Jack Leahy
Engineer [Additional] Jeff Borgeson
Engineer [Additional] Ken Kessie
Engineer [Additional] Stacy Baird
Engineer [Assistant] Barbara Rooney
Engineer [Assistant] Bob Bullock
Engineer [Assistant] Gene Wooley
Engineer [Assistant] Howard Johnston
Engineer [Assistant] Jeff Kliment
Engineer [Assistant] Larry Ferguson
Engineer [Assistant] Marnie Moore
Engineer [Assistant] Niko Bolas
Engineer [Assistant] Roberto Spano
Engineer [Assistant] Steve Schmidt
Engineer [Assistant] Tom Fouce
Engineer [Assistant] Wayne Tanouye
Guitar [Special Musican] Freddie Washington
Guitar [Special Musican] Steve Lukather
Horns [Special] Bill Reichenbach (2)
Horns [Special] Chuck Findley
Horns [Special] Gary Grant
Horns [Special] Gary Herbig
Horns [Special] Jerry Hey
Horns [Special] Larry Williams
Keyboards [Special Musican] David Foster
Keyboards [Special Musican] David Paich
Keyboards [Special Musican] James Newton Howard
Keyboards [Special Musican] Steve Porcaro
Lyrics By [Special Words] Maurice White
Mixed By George Massenburg
Mixed By Greg Ladanyi
Mixed By Humberto Gatica
Mixed By [Additional] Fee Waybill
Percussion [Special Musican] Mingo Lewis
Performer Tubes, The
Performer [Special Musical Contributor] Andy Leeds
Performer [Special Musical Contributor] Bernie Krause
Performer [Special Musical Contributor] Bob Hart
Performer [Special Musical Contributor] Bobby Colomby
Performer [Special Musical Contributor] Jay Graydon
Performer [Special Musical Contributor] Marc Crew
Performer [Special Musical Contributor] Matt Leach
Performer [Special Musical Contributor] Michael Snyder
Performer [Special Musical Contributor] Nicky Hopkins
Performer [Special Musical Contributor] Patrick Gleeson
Performer [Special Musical Contributor] Paul Fox
Performer [Special Musical Contributor] Paul Knotter
Performer [Special Musical Contributor] Rick Nowels
Performer [Special Musical Contributor] Tinda Leventhal
Performer [The Tubes Group] Bill Spooner
Performer [The Tubes Group] Fee Waybill
Performer [The Tubes Group] Michael Cotten
Performer [The Tubes Group] Prairie Prince
Performer [The Tubes Group] Rick Anderson
Performer [The Tubes Group] Roger Steen
Performer [The Tubes Group] Vince Welnick
Photography By [Back Portraits] Cees Van Gelderen
Photography By [Back Tube Model] Mike Hashimoto
Photography By [Contributor] Doug Menuez
Photography By [Contributor] Ira Sandler
Photography By [Contributor] Jonathan Exley
Photography By [Front Head And Eye] Jim McCrary
Producer David Foster
Recorded By Dennis Kirk
Recorded By Greg Ladanyi
Recorded By Humberto Gatica
Vocals [Special] Bill Champlin
Vocals [Special] Bobby Kimball
Vocals [Special] Patti Austin
Written-By Tubes, The
Vinyl, LP
Vinyl, Album
Pop Rock
Recorded at: The Automatt (S.F.), Capitol Studios (L.A.), The Complex (L.A.), Davlin Studios (L.A.), Different Fur Recordings (S.F.), Lion Share Recordings (L.A.), The Manor (L.A.), Record One (L.A.), Russian Hill Recording (S.F.), Tubesound (S.F.) Mixed at: The Complex (L.A.), Lion Share Recording (L.A.), Record One (L.A.)
Play Posición Título Duración
A1 She's A Beauty
A2 No Not Again
A3 Out Of The Business
A4 The Monkey Time
A5 Glass House
B1 Wild Women Of Wongo
B2 Tip Of My Tongue
B3 Fantastic Delusion
B4 Drums
B5 Theme Park
B6 Outside Lookin' Inside