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Predator (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) | Alan Silvestri |

Rol Nombre
Cello Armand Kaproff
Cello Barbara Hunter
Cello Christina Soule
Cello David Shamban
Cello Dennis Karmazyn
Cello Douglas Davis
Cello Gloria Strassner
Cello John Walz
Cello Marie Fera
Cello Nils Oliver
Cello Robert L. Adcock
Cello Steve Erdody
Compiled By [Assembled By] Michael Matessino
Composed By [Music], Conductor [Music] Alan Silvestri
Double Bass [Basses] Arni Egilsson
Double Bass [Basses] Bruce Morgenthaler
Double Bass [Basses] Chuck Domanico
Double Bass [Basses] Richard Feves
Double Bass [Basses] Robert Stone (2)
Double Bass [Basses] Susan Ranney
Drums, Percussion Alan Estes
Drums, Percussion Bob Zimmitti
Drums, Percussion Daniel Greco
Drums, Percussion Emil Radocchia
Drums, Percussion Joe Porcaro
Drums, Percussion Larry Bunker
Drums, Percussion Steve Schaeffer
Drums, Percussion Tom Raney
Edited By [Music Editor] Michael Tronick
Edited By, Mastered By Dan Hersch
Executive-Producer Robert Townson
Guitar Arthur D. Richards
Guitar Jerry Best
Harp Ann Stockton
Harp Dorothy Remsen
Horn Art Maebe
Horn Calvin Smith
Horn David Duke
Horn Gale Robinson (2)
Horn Henry Sigismonti
Horn James Thatcher
Horn Richard Perissi
Horn Vincent DeRosa
Mixed By [Music Scoring Mixer] Dennis Sands
Orchestra [Performed By] Hollywood Studio Symphony, The
Orchestrated By [Orchestrations By] James B. Campbell
Other [Soundtrack Executive For Twentieth Century Fox] Tom Cavanaugh
Piano, Keyboards Ralph Grierson
Piano, Keyboards Randy Kerber
Piano, Keyboards Randy Waldman
Piano, Keyboards Richard Marvin
Producer [Album] Nick Redman
Programmed By [Audio Programming By] David Bifano
Strings [Violins / Violas] Arnold Belnick
Strings [Violins / Violas] Assa Drori
Strings [Violins / Violas] Bernard Kundell
Strings [Violins / Violas] Bill Hybel
Strings [Violins / Violas] Bonnie Douglas
Strings [Violins / Violas] Bruce Dukov
Strings [Violins / Violas] Daniel Shindaryov
Strings [Violins / Violas] Darius Campo
Strings [Violins / Violas] David Schwartz
Strings [Violins / Violas] Debra Price
Strings [Violins / Violas] Denyse Buffum
Strings [Violins / Violas] Diana Halprin
Strings [Violins / Violas] Dixie Blackstone
Strings [Violins / Violas] Donald Palmer
Strings [Violins / Violas] Dorothy Wade
Strings [Violins / Violas] Francine Walsh
Strings [Violins / Violas] Gerald Vinci
Strings [Violins / Violas] Gwenn Heller
Strings [Violins / Violas] Haim Shtrum
Strings [Violins / Violas] Harold Wolf
Strings [Violins / Violas] Henry Ferber
Strings [Violins / Violas] Herman Clebanoff
Strings [Violins / Violas] Irma Neumann
Strings [Violins / Violas] Israel Baker
Strings [Violins / Violas] Jan Karlin
Strings [Violins / Violas] Janet Lakatos
Strings [Violins / Violas] Kathleen Lenski
Strings [Violins / Violas] Kenneth Burward-Hoy
Strings [Violins / Violas] Linda Lipsett
Strings [Violins / Violas] Mari Tsumura
Strings [Violins / Violas] Marshall Sosson
Strings [Violins / Violas] Marvin Chantry
Strings [Violins / Violas] Michael Nowak
Strings [Violins / Violas] Mihail Zinovyev
Strings [Violins / Violas] Miwako Watanabe
Strings [Violins / Violas] Myer Bello
Strings [Violins / Violas] Myra Kestenbaum
Strings [Violins / Violas] Nathan Kaproff
Strings [Violins / Violas] Oscar Chausow
Strings [Violins / Violas] Pamela Goldsmith
Strings [Violins / Violas] Pat Johnson (2)
Strings [Violins / Violas] Paul Shure
Strings [Violins / Violas] Ralph Morrison
Strings [Violins / Violas] Reginald Hill
Strings [Violins / Violas] Rick Gerding
Strings [Violins / Violas] Ronald Folsom
Strings [Violins / Violas] Samuel Boghossian
Strings [Violins / Violas] Sheldon Sanov
Strings [Violins / Violas] Spiro Stamos
Strings [Violins / Violas] Stanley Plummer
Strings [Violins / Violas] Yoko Matsuda
Transferred By [Music Transfers By] John Davis (25)
Trombone Bill Reichenbach (2)
Trombone Charles Loper
Trombone Chauncey Welsch
Trombone Dick Nash
Trombone Lew McCreary
Trumpet David A. Izzard
Trumpet Gary Grant
Trumpet Jerry Hey
Trumpet Larry Hall
Trumpet Ralph Fera
Tuba James Self
Tuba Tommy Johnson (2)
Woodwind Arthur Hoberman
Woodwind Barbara Northcutt
Woodwind Bob Tricarico
Woodwind Clare Fischer
Woodwind Dave Riddles
Woodwind David Shostac
Woodwind Gary Foster
Woodwind Geraldine Rotella
Woodwind James Walker
Woodwind Jim Kanter
Woodwind Joel Timm
Woodwind John Winter (4)
Woodwind Lee Allen
Woodwind Louise Di Tullio
Woodwind Michael O'Donovan (2)
Woodwind Scott Harris
Woodwind Sheridon Stokes
Woodwind Tom Boyd
CD, Album
CD, Limited Edition
Stage & Screen
Modern Classical
Limited Collector’s Edition of 3000 Copies. Total time: 73:15 Music Transfers at Precision Audiosonics, Culver City, Ca. Assembled at Sharpline Arts, Glendale, Ca. Edited and Mastered at DigiPrep, Hollywood, Ca. Music Recorded at Group IV Recordings, Inc. Photographs courtesy of the Fox Photo Archive. Special Thanks: Robert Kraft, Mary Jo Menella, Ted Spellman, Greg Curtis, Ron Fuglsby, Schawn Belston, Chris Miner, Miles Scott, Rob Easteria and Warren Salyer. Motion Picture Artwork, Photos and Fox Trademarks and Logos TM and ℗©1986, 2003 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. Manufactured by Varèse Sarabande Records, Inc. Printed in the U.S.A.
Sellos Discográficos:
Principal: Varèse Sarabande
Rol Nombre
Recorded At Group IV Recording Studios
Mastered At DigiPrep
Edited At DigiPrep
Engineered At Precision Audiosonics
Engineered At Sharpline Arts
Manufactured By Varèse Sarabande Records, Inc.
Phonographic Copyright (p) Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
Copyright (c) Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
Play Posición Título Duración
1 Twentieth Century Fox Fanfare 0:27
2 Main Title 3:51
3 Something Else 3:34
4 Cut 'Em Down 1:56
5 Payback Time 2:09
6 The Truck 4:22
7 Jungle Trek 1:47
8 The Girl's Escape 6:00
9 Blaine's Death 2:47
10 He's My Friend 1:26
11 We're All Gonna Die 3:32
12 Building A Trap 3:02
13 The Waiting 3:27
14 The Hunt Is On 4:51
15 Dillon Is Disarmed 2:07
16 Billy Stands Alone 2:34
17 Battle Plans 9:24
18 Wounded Predator 4:14
19 Hand To Hand Combat 3:12
20 Predator's Big Finish 3:42
21 The Rescue And End Credits 4:44
Descripción Tipo Código
Matrix / Runout VCL 08031022 1F 01 Y
Mastering SID Code Other IFPI L240
Mould SID Code Other IFPI 4121