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Rol Nombre
Artwork By [Cover & Back Cover] Marie-Elaine Benoit
Artwork By [Graphic Design] Sid Lee
Artwork By [Original Logo] Sue Haynes
Artwork By [Painted Flowers] Carrie Jardine
Co-producer Ivan Evangelista
Co-producer Sara Johnston
Mastered By Dave Collins
Mastered By James DiSalvio
Mixed By Dave Hodge
Performer Chris Opperman
Performer Dave Hodge
Performer Dave Schulz
Performer Guillaume Chartrain
Performer Ivan Evangelista
Performer James DiSalvio
Performer Mathias Schneeberger
Performer Nasser Nasser
Performer Nick Hynes
Performer Papillon (8)
Performer Rob Joanisse
Producer Dave Hodge
Producer James DiSalvio
Vocals [Mcs] Bass (4)
Vocals [Mcs] Bedrock (2)
Vocals [Mcs] Bless (2)
Vocals [Mcs] Bran Man
Vocals [Mcs] Cyrano De Montreal
Vocals [Mcs] Fat Lip
Vocals [Mcs] Jayne Hill
Vocals [Mcs] Kim Bingham
Vocals [Mcs] Kwanza
Vocals [Mcs] Max-A-Million
Vocals [Mcs] Maya Di Salvio
Vocals [Mcs] Mc Mike (2)
Vocals [Mcs] Miss Trinity
Vocals [Mcs] Newsense (4)
Vocals [Mcs] Noel Osborne
Vocals [Mcs] Reality (18)
Vocals [Mcs] Steve "Liquid" Hawley
Vocals [Mcs] Stéphane Moraille
Vocals [Mcs] Vice (5)
Vocals [Mcs] Young C-More
Vocals [Mcs], Performer Gary Mckenzie
Vocals [Mcs], Performer Sara Johnston
Written-By Bran Van 3000
CD, Album
Hip Hop
Pop Rap
Track 22 is not listed on the sleeve, but is in the production credits. "Call Me (I'll Be Around Medley)" contains a portion of "I'll Be Around", written by Thomas Bell/Phil Hurt and a sample of "Float On", written by Arnold Ingram / James Mitchell Jr / Marvin Willis. "House Lights" contains a sample of "Sunshine" written by Earl "16" Daley, performed by Earl "16" Daley, contains lyrics written by Lewis Furey and a sample of "Non je ne regrette rien" written by Charles Dumont / Michel Vaucaire. "Sea of Life" contains a sample of "Chant a Psalm" written by David Hinds. "Stand Up" contains a sample of "Wet N Dry" written by Steve Bug. "Forever" contains a sample of "Rub a Dub Dub", writers and publishers unknown. "Mon Réal" contains a sample of "Fantasy" written by Bobby Orlando, recorded by Bobby Orlando.
Sellos Discográficos:
Principal: Remstar Interaction
Rol Nombre
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Play Posición Título Duración
1 Call Me (I'll Be Around Medley) 6:35
2 House Lights 4:05
3 Feline Fantasy 5:18
4 Da Lion 0:32
5 Sea Of Life 5:01
6 Let It Go 0:46
7 Trees 0:29
8 Beautiful Girl 3:03
9 Stand Up 4:21
10 Rappy Rappy Rappy Rap 0:15
11 So Fine 4:12
12 Palm Springs 0:31
13 Forever 5:43
14 Mon Réal 4:00
15 Rosé 0:39
16 Tony Roman 2:04
17 Sex, Love & Peace 7:42
18 Rainbow Princess 0:28
19 Can You Handle It 1:04
20 I Won't Lie 5:43
21 Our Haze 4:04
22 Kiss 3:40
Descripción Tipo Código
Barcode 0 64027 90172 6